Monday, July 27, 2009

Yes, I am

My mind was no longer confused and chalky...
Until somebody... -bazookas-
have to add fuel and explosives to the compliment. >///<

Homg. -fans self-

Oh yeah.. It alright!
I shall buy donuts for everyone tmr. >D

Gah... When people expect a lot from a small person.. Its really flattering.

Uh... and finally, i might be teaching small art classes.

I hope i won't frighten the poor kids. Huhuhu~
After it attaches to sleep, I want me to love please in the same place in an age different because it awakes by me different at one time.

These eyes that cannot be permitted cannot go and, perhaps, it go to the place that this sky shows to make that sky always seen dirty in this blood.

The dream leaves and the hesitation is thrown away every day.

Yes I am Oh Yes I am
The night that cried as destruction if it embraces closely each other is exceeded.
Even tears ..Yes I am Oh Yes I am We are in love.. black : because it swears that two people become evil.
Lips of mouth are piled up before it dries up.

Passing away every day
Under the moon that doesn't reach

Even ..wanting acceptance of me.. sleep and such a fact : Yes I am Oh Yes I am me.
Even the solitude of Yes I am oh Yes I am I 'm in the dark1000 that is not seeing it dirty
It is told a gentle pain.

Do you want to fly away by a heavy wing?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Cosfest day 1 is over.
Head down there for a short moment, before going down to YOG, at Iluma.

Im exhausted now. The event isnt as 'amazing' as how i had imagined it would be...

Im totally feeling like an uke now.

Cannot wait for day 2. This time, im going to cosfest.