Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hai hai hai!

STGCC drawing so close. Love Live invasion! Hahahaha first store bought costume finally! Generic series characters usage. The blazer is so comfortable. Tho a bit restricting on the shoulders and armpits. Luckily took a size bigger. Damn it if only there was 2 sizes bigger. The skirt is really nice! BUT. Hahahha its wayyyyy too short. It is lacking the underskirt too. Damn. The set came with the bows, and since I picked Nozomi set, I got the hair ties included too. The hair ties is exactly the material I wanted. Lol lucky for that too. But still had to modify the hair ties to a little more fluff ties.
Only today realised that Nozomi uses thigh high socks. Oh crap. Thats fine. Daiso trip tomorrow! And still lacking shoes and green lenses.

Hahahaahah I have a plan with that pink Ao no Exorcist skirt. Hurr~ and yay found my Uniqlo women top. Aahhh Uniqlo stuff are so much raburabu. Tried to do the tarot cards but I have seriously no idea how to do vectors on Gimp. Loser sia me.

Still contemplating if I wanna go on Sunday or not. I wanna do Thrandy DOS but but the lens and haven't fix the crown yet.