Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Celebration after 1 report down.
1 more to go.
1 more will be added tmr.


摩天楼オペラ-murder scope

Sunday, October 23, 2011

So monochrome...

I unintentionally wore my initial garyuu pieces to training today. 
But not all. Almost. 
Now I think grey wig will still work in garyuu outfit. 

And that hair clip. 

The characters that you cosplayed... slowly fuse themselves with you. Or is it that I feel like I can relate to that character that, that is why I chose to do him/her. It felt both ways to me now.

Life not so fucked up now eh?

I still have report to do. 
But I am watching videos and busy with despair to care.
I still want to do report though... but I don't know how to do them is turning the report mood off.

Man I suck at calculations.

Now I wished that Gokudera's genius will really rub on me.


Vistlip- Drop note

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Screw destiny

This picture, is waayyyy back from Comifest 2. 
Only manage to summon the mind power to edit a few more. Oh my gosh. I still have Rin's picture from Mizu to edit. Only manage to edit 1 from the latest shoot stash.

The wonders of procrastination.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Salut Shamisen~

Finally, Shamisen is now done!
well, not exactly. Ahaahha
All its left with is the bottom piece. Which now... Its half built. 

 This is the side  view if the right. The tuning knobs are turn-able ;D
 This is the left side view of the uh...left tuning knob. Haha
 This is the back of the head.
 This is the neck of the shamisen. The wires....are not straight. 
 This is the 95% completed body. Haha. I placed the tail thing slanted. And so... The wires turned quite slanted. But not really noticeable. 
 The most most tedious part of the entire shamisen.
The bloody head. The head itself cost more than $10.
What the...
 This is the process. 2 nights ago. Unstringing the shamisen. Because wires are going to be used instead. 
Lalala... If the wires snapped -lol, that cannot happen- I can still string my shamisen. 
The knobs end. Just rolled up newspaper. Cone + cylinder + wires + masking tape + podge + paint

Yay~ Now I can move on to the armor. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Props update

Last Saturday, did a Rin shoot. At Dampsey Hill with Yuu and Mizu.
I feel awkward actually being the only one being shoot. Lol.
I definitely have to work at character expression, portrayal etc.
so basically, I still sucks. HAHA

So now, while school schedule is a little empty, and EOY is in 2 months! 
Oh my gosh. Hurried up with the shamisen. Its around 80% completed now. 
The head is left and the 'tail'. Actually, I totally forgot about the bottom-most piece.

The body after clothing in red velvet. Velvet from Mizu. Thanks dude. 
Looking and feeling nice. 

Next! The super duper nice scaly gold yellow cloth. 
Oh mai. Oh mai. I like this cloth so so much...

And after wrapping a little of the side, I have to cut out some irregular leaves and petals.
Paste them on the body. 
Haha. Miranda at the reflection. 

Not forgetting to paste the sides too. 

 So now... This is the progress so far. 
Pictures of the head won't load. So I post them up next time. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taped neck done!

Surprisingly, more then 1 roll of PVC tape was used up for the neck. 
I am quite reluctant to use PVC tape initially(the thin version) but the existence of a thick one is nil. Except for duct tape, which is totally a huge NO NO! This tape is... not sticky at all. which is really great. I don't have to worry about any residue from the sticky back. 

Well, here is the taped neck. 

Will add the red velvet body skin next. Not now because I realised that I haven't cut the gold flowers yet. 
The head will be done last.