Sunday, November 18, 2012


Day 1 did Shinya Kougami form Psycho pass.
Thats Thelindra and  Jo InuXBokuSS. And Kiyo FMA.

Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist- Movie Version.
Yay~ Found a Yukio there <3 p="p">
This year, cleared a lot of missions at AFA.
Saturday was like hell. Soooo many people. There are Q lines EVERYWHERE! Omg feel like burning the place down.
Saw Kaname and Reika. Didn't get to catch Mikoto.   D:
Day 2 saw all of them + Yukari~
Kyahahhhaaah they are all darn amazing. -twirl in happiness-

I wish I got the concert ticket. Watching LIVE from Niconico is... still awesome but wish could be there in body.

And so darn broke. I have now $12 for the rest of the year. Yes it includes autumn budget. OTL
Whai I spent 100+ at AFA. ;___;

Oh this is my final outfit for Autumn. Must NOT change again. Ahax.

This one below, was the initial. Since I cannot get soo many chiffon, became the ^
The hair will be the same. Oh the shoes is armor front. And claw blade (Zhang He!!)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Almost done and readyy

Rin's mask. I realllyyy like it a lot! Felt -hearts-
I did 4 masks. 2 for Yukio. 2 for Rin. 
But in the end, only 1 is completed. The other Rin I spill gold paint on the ears. 
My mother saw me wearing this mask.. and she did some neko sound and almost a dance. ROFL. 
Oh yes, I was doing Rin collar, and a do and redo is until I lost count how many times. In the end, I was just going to stick to the horrible collar which I made. As usual, I showed her my final product to ask her opinion. She goes 'NO! NO! No!!  No no no' When she saw the ugleh collar. I told her I forgot how to do it already. And she said, 'I will do it for you. Only a while. Very fast one'
So she did it for me. I sat beside her and study. While my game is playing.
Then she did the frist time wrong. Inside out. LOL.
Then the second time she did it right but one side very very obviously much longer than the other. Haha

The final one is right. (She was frustrated already at the mistakes) 
So Rin is done now except for the last button. Friday night can sew. Thank you mom.
Oh she also hem the remaining area for me. She asked why I didn't sew this part. I said 'No blue thread. But forgot to buy so friday i going to just sew it.'
And then, she did it for me.    (^w^)V

Today I painted the details on. It looks nice in picture. Ahax.

Then I added glow in the dark coat over the design. The colour is now to the greener side.

My eyelids cannot open anymore.
I am...

playing hard. OTL

And also doing the lab questions.

Ah I shoudl type in LJ but so lazy to log in. Lawl.

AFA is sooo sooooo soooooooooooooo close. Rin left with the rope on collar, buttons and the design at the back. Oh yes and the mask too.
Shinya left with the gun details.


Exp token limit up. I am going to sleep now.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post reserve because too giddy to stay up and type post

Sooo freaking tired.

Finally did Lithci today with Kiyo as Kanon. GAhhh My head is still giddy from today.  @________@

Met Kiyo at Ion then to change and cab to location. The driver is so smooth. Hahaha
There were some people shooting there (gunner versionnnnn) and we shoot photo version.
Manage to finish transformin into all of the club members. It is mentally draining. 
Then Yuu joined us later. We had lunch and finished up the last 3rd or 4th chara. 
Note to self: get 7 torches and diff coloured lens filter or something. 
After shoot, cab by magic to Taka and changed out. I am now going to bbring makeup remover to events. 
Its feels soooo bloody great to wash face after tired day with cold water.
Overall, it was a fun fun day. 

Thanks guys~!

Ah this is AFA's progress. Rin outfit.
Collar and lacing left. But I kept the sewing machine already. So lazy to start back to do Rin's outfit.