Friday, December 26, 2014

2nd crown done!

Thranduil's crownlet WIP. Its was done... 2 days before. Aahahha. And finished with a layer of silver spray and podge right before i stepped out to wear the crown. 

Crown consists of wire, polymer, and a starlight gem.

Minimal makeup I beg your pardon. Its quite thick. Maybe will make a finer crown. Someday...


The most anticipated movie:

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

So we accidentally went to the marathon. Its was a chance after a photog shared an event, where costumers are called to arms, dressed and stand to sit for the marathon. Oh mai gawddd yesh, so we signed up. Initially wanted to watch, but its expensive and... confirm parents don't let. But somehow can go in the end. hahaha wtf.
Kiyo went as Legolas, I went as Thranduil. No props, because... lazy. Hahaha its great to meet more awesome fans. And marathon is sooo goooooooddddd!
Accidentally won 2nd prize for a competition I didn't enter. Lol. But 1st prize was where eyes are all upon. Bloody hell.

I think this guy was the guy handing out people's polariod prints. 

Elfie!!! Its difficult yea... shld have used timer.

Family Elfie~ rofl.
Swag 3D

Prizes: Mug, metal bookmark, tattoo, carabeiner, drawstring bag, leather bracelet with Thorin shield, AND THE SHIRT WHICH I REALLY WANTED COS GOT SWORD OF THRANDUIL IN THE SLEEVES /HYPERVENTILATING. Polaroid and the map are complimentary. 

And BOFA is just... hammering my kokoro. Wait for the extended version to judge more. Now I just need to rewatch LOTR.
It ended short of 4am. or as it 3.30am? Can't remember.

Then the next day... we watched with Nick.

Hahahah backstage outfit with BOFA battle crownlet.

Friday, December 19, 2014

AFA I guess shld post something up

AFA Event log! Totally forgot abt it. But to summarise it all. both days are (as usual) very enjoyable. Looking forward very much to the second day, Sunday!

Because The Hobbit.

Legolas CN Mizurei
Thranduil CN Akiwatari

Picture by Tan Lum Hoe

Picture by VIVID+
My ring has shineeee /zapzapzap lol idk why

I feel my Thraduil is pretty bad. I don't even know how to pose. So its just... look at camera. Haha Meanwhile Legolas so cool. Hurr~ 

But had a lot of fun, because many people channeling their feels, and you can feel them all. Its really awesome.

Day 1, Saturday, it is a recos. Gundam Seed Destiny. Representatives.
I likeeee...... uniforms!!!

But I still so blehhhh as Lacus. So lame forgive me  OTL 

Cagalli CN Mizurei
Lacus CN Akiwatari

Oh I haven't find pic yet. I think no have. But we did took at the Canon booth. 
Next time must take picture at all of the backgrounds.

I am such a bother omg sorry everybody. Lemme shiok sendiri.    D':

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Last prop pre AFA post

Oh yeahh the rings and brooch are all done and completed. Actually, only the stone and that snakey ring thingy I did them. The rest of the rings (brooch included) I import them. Hurr they are so expensive, especially shipping. Vomit blood. Have to use pre-saved AFA funds for them. The irony...
The self made one are... horrendous.
Since the rings are wayyy bigger then my size, had to insert another ring with adjustable band (from Mizu's stock de. Hehehe)

 Yes I bought 2 of this.

The staff are all done too. Wig tested. The added side comb are sick on my hair line, so won't have to use them.

Crap, not feeling especially well.   /dizzy spells and nauseous

Straight shoot

Another Shigeki no Kyojin shoot.
Its sort of a premature shoot, because the skies decide to cry on our dirty gears.
Sasha can't join us, so its up to just us 4.
Akiwatari @ Levi
Xuyun @ Armin
Yukio @ Jean
Yuui @ Misaka

Into the woods~

(Okay I haven't been able to edit pictures, and the ones from my phone camera is on Fb.)

Very excited for this shoot more than the SnK. No gearing up required, just... Lots of makeup. Which still melts soon enough, as I stepped outdoors. Took hours for quite simple beings |||OTL
Representative version so cool~

Akiwatari @ Lacus
Mizurei @ Cagalli

Next week is AFA already. Have to finish everything by this week, cos mid week going relax on beach yo~ then get tan and dark.  /sobs