Saturday, October 27, 2012

Them circles

AFA is going to be in 2 weeks time (or less!) and I am so not very ready. 

Rin's progress is NOT progressing at all~ still have 40+ semi-circles to sew. And the base lining and the details.


Day 2, probably going to do Psycho-pass. 
Just started on the gun. I accidentally made the base extension TOO big, so I am going to do the 'while it is transforming' mode. LOL
Paralyser---> Lethal Execution.
My shower pipe is the EXACT shade of those glowing luminous lines.   (*A*)  
but of cos' I cannot use it. Hopefully, the glow in the dark paint MIGHT work (still have yet to try it out).

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gira gira

Beware! Ah hey I realised its really bad without make up. But sunlight help to lessen the eyeburn.
Actually its the lipstick!
LOL     /slaps self

Litchi's lipstick. Its quite alright.

Meanwhile, I am fretting about AFA. 

I have decided to do Rin's that super detailed (half)Gi version. 
Need to get cloth and stuff tomorrow. Byebye money. I already told my mother I want money for AFA, so I guess I can spend a little on costume now. (I have $25 budget OTL)

I am so freaking 'rich'

Ahhh still need to get for autumn. Which I will settle after AFA. 

Going to start on Rin's half-mask now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Almost there yet not there yet

Almost there. I tried to make my eyes look smaller. It is not enough. Will improve on this make-eye-small makeup. Rawr its difficult. Don't feel sinister at all. 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Beginning

Watched Tiger and Bunny movie with Kiyo last Friday. It was so cool. The story sort of in a little different way being put but still the same story pretty much. So all fans have to do now, is to wait for the second movie to be released. 
Kiyo's plush :Wild Tiger Jr. watched for free since he is still a few days old. Ahax. 

Got Zera's glasses and Oogami's gloves. But forgot Mao's hide. 

I wonder if Cyborg, Ao no Ex and Stardriver is going to be shown in theaters...  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Star sewn on

Done with the hat modification!

Left to find glasses. If not, will have to use James's glasses an re-bent it to suit 2 characters.

Oh dear, my 'seifuku' is not in Rei's mode. I must shoot Rei first. Holy dung.   >(

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All them buttons

Yo went to Chinatown to get stuff again before school last night. 

I actually bought super DUPER thick green cotton from Sorceress aunty. I didn't want it initially because of two factors:
1) I am making a coat with lining. Its going to be sauna if use that material. 
2) $4/m is $1.50 over budget.

But she gave me $3.50 instead and so I got the cloth. I cut down from 2.5m to 2m because it is 60'' too. So I guess overall it is okay. And the heat I have to live with it. The black cotton I got hopefully will help a little.
In the end, I am $0.50 below budget ^^~  Kyahaha~~

Then got gold buttons. 

$3.80 for plain buttons. ($1.20 below budget)
$1 for 2 star buttons. When I only needed 1. Impulse buying. ($0.50 above budget)

Will have to break the circle circumference. The stars are so nice man!

So I am below budget for once! By so little only. Pfft---

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Defined strike!

Have been ages since I posted here. There is suppose to be STGCC update, but I am still half way through the pictures! About 30% filter left. Nyahhh this is not good. 

Oga is most happy with this picture.
Jajajaja Kotetsu-san! 

If you noticed, in the end, walking the the DIY soles are impossible. They are like suction pads. Hahaha

Some time after STGCC, we went to the Harry Potter exhibition again. That makes it two times. 
This time, we went with more people. Kiyo and her two sisters, Daidaro and Xuyun. I went with both of my brothers. 

Pictures really not edited yet! So next time will continue with the picture update.

Meanwhile, I have been doing Litchi stuff. 
Slow progress. I still need 8 gold buttons and a gold star. Zera's glasses and another guy's glasses.

 The Black star 'flag' is a real pain to paint. SO FREAKING BIG!
Urgh, the gloves for Zera. The most easiest. 

Took ages to find this hat for them. Still need to fix the star and gold buttons at the sides. Its cotton made and the visor thing is not shiny as it should be. Lets see if I can stick a PVC sheet on it for the shine. 
ts only $5! And I only spend 10 minutes in Bugis. (Letting legs bring me somewhere and I saw this hat. And no argument at all Hahhaha)

Also doing Hei's mask. I don't know what to do about the uneven-ness. 
Bought Hei's black coat cloth. After AFA will sew it. Still need the green lining.