Thursday, March 19, 2015


Uhh I cleared some pictures from Google drive, and that includes pictures from Blogger. So, bear with the unsightly missing pictures in posts.

Last weekend was J-Obsession. Initially wanted to test cos Narukami, but change of plans. On Saturday, Gundam Wing day.
With Gackttt-kun, and Kiyo doing Duo.

I rike this picture. But but but its epic if got ppl running in background. Hahahah what the hell. 

Standard model poses.

Attempt a Trowa Barton. Okay fat face and terrible man. Just totally unsuitable. Forever don't know how to do poses is the first trouble. Uh-ohh. Dang, I shouldn't be in teams, because definitely will drag everybody else down lor.
So depressing.

Still waiting for some sort of picture from Gackttt. Heh. My phones camwhores mostly blurry. Zzz damn I suck. Kiyo doing Kuneida.

Sunday is Babu~ Actually wanted to do with hopes to be able to rope in Kanzaki to do together. But in the end Kanzaki not available. Damn sad. But okay at least Aoi there.
And Beel~! Nyahahaha Beel~~ This time... I feel too like myself. So disturbing.

No idea what else to type. All feelings vanquished.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I've meant to get a hot water bottle or at least a tummy warmer (are they even called that), for eons ago, but still have yet to grab them into shopping cart. The times that I actually went shopping lately (Daiso and cloth trips don't count) decreased exponentially (HAHAHA) eversince taobao search bar magic intruded my life. So now basically, I almost always at home. (Wipes my glasses). I firmly believes that the internet was created (or desperately founded) by a dude who is actually deep deep inside his kokoro an extreme hikikomori. The sites founders are the same too.
But, only those social games that requires interaction or pleading with other player for resources and help are schemed by hikikomori outliers (Ahahahaha).

Actually i totally forgot the of this post. Damn it.

Tumble and out.

Monday, March 9, 2015


 Wig 1 have arrived. The colour is a little (very much actually) disappointing. For Narukami.

 I  cannot remember my choices for Trowa. But this wig isn't bad. Except that it shed fibers every time I combed it.
 Cutting in progress. Straightened it beforehand of cos.

 1st round. The back was cropped pretty short, that I might as well gotten myself a short wig and extensions for the fringe instead. The back was chopped really ugly yo. Thin wig. Thin wig.

Front view after 2nd round of trimming.

3rd round of trimming. I inserted a secret prop under my fringe. Hurr~

Sorry no make up face. Ahahaha