Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hai hai hai!

STGCC drawing so close. Love Live invasion! Hahahaha first store bought costume finally! Generic series characters usage. The blazer is so comfortable. Tho a bit restricting on the shoulders and armpits. Luckily took a size bigger. Damn it if only there was 2 sizes bigger. The skirt is really nice! BUT. Hahahha its wayyyyy too short. It is lacking the underskirt too. Damn. The set came with the bows, and since I picked Nozomi set, I got the hair ties included too. The hair ties is exactly the material I wanted. Lol lucky for that too. But still had to modify the hair ties to a little more fluff ties.
Only today realised that Nozomi uses thigh high socks. Oh crap. Thats fine. Daiso trip tomorrow! And still lacking shoes and green lenses.

Hahahaahah I have a plan with that pink Ao no Exorcist skirt. Hurr~ and yay found my Uniqlo women top. Aahhh Uniqlo stuff are so much raburabu. Tried to do the tarot cards but I have seriously no idea how to do vectors on Gimp. Loser sia me.

Still contemplating if I wanna go on Sunday or not. I wanna do Thrandy DOS but but the lens and haven't fix the crown yet.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


EOY 2015 just passed 2 days ago (last weekend).

Emergawdd the sudden realisation that my keyboard is really dirty! Hahahah brb lemme clean Heine. Oh shit the screen dusty and metal parts rusted. Damn this living by the sea. Rusty salty wind all the time.

Okay back! While cosplaying Gundam is so suitable for Barrage events, the heat and sun gives us BBQ. Not really surprised at the lack of cosplayers presence there. And the variety of series is just sad. Lets just wait for bigger events, more chances of seeing older stuff. I think I prefer EOY when it was still the event at Expo.
Lots of gundam plans huh this year, AFA's still idk gg to happen or not. Shld already be halfway tru if wanna do now ler.

Picture:  Willy Lim
Duo: Mizurei
Trowa: Akiwatari

Whattt... I just pulled out a long strand of hair from under the keys. Eewww.

My horrible short legs and body. ( ; 3 ; )
ok ok ok ok bear with this. /Tank mode on look tru pictures
But yay some ppl recognise GW. Ahhh my first Gundam series, I rmbr watching at computer lab on myspace or some other china bridge sites. Lol.
Heero come to us pls. Duo needs Heero. Relena also need Heero leh. Why main chara always missing. Zzz heheh Duo's nice butt hahahahahah

And thats day 1.
Day 2 was an SnK movie outing and EOY just after thought. To watch the movie a second time M18 this time. The gore and more bloody scenes are honestly disappointing. Just soazzing at Jean and Eren more. Kufufufu~

Sadly most of my camwhores with random ppl are crap. Off focus, somebody either half closed their eyes etc. Lmao.
Hahahh I think this is the first time, I actually tapped ppl shoudlers and ask for camwhore. Well I wld want together full body or smth, but very troublesome if ask somebody take for us. Sorry asking for your time for a pic already killing me inside because I'm so troublesome. Ahhh Im sorry everybody I'm such a bother. Don't wanna do this anymore because its so crap to do this. (sobs)

But movie pic I have a bit I think. Gotta dl from Zephyr first. Tututuduuu /dl-ing/

Yuuchan whai u neh do Mikasa ( ; __ ;)

Siao Armin da ( @ 0 @ )

Ok! And the watch online quality is making eye bleed, sis managed to dl a HD one. OML ily sis! She woke me up By like roaring in my ears in my cage bed 'TITANSSSSS COME EAT!! //ROAR ROAR ROAR ORAORAORA//' Ah gdi my ears quiet already. And my bro everytime come home will make Bert's titan sounds So basically everybody turned titans now.
Hahhaha back to event, ok ate Nasi Lemak. Nth happen on day 2 I really don't rmbr.

Somehow Im ready to quit cosplay. There parents... You all happy? But I will clear off the backlog plans first. Okay maybe not fully quit, but just do room cosplays, just for myself is fine totally, saev ppl from premature brain damage hurr~. Yeah like that is absolutely fine.

Looking at ppl all happy have the same feeling as doing good things for yourself. So no loss there. Baka me just realise this. ;D All I need then is Pingu and Piyo. And the mecha and wait.... lol still the same shit. /shotshotshot/ Like all the gorgeous LL cosers shiawaseshiawase

And I wonder when the Touken will stop. Because what happen to merchandises then? Ish sad.

Still waiting for a miracle Thrandy robe cloth yo. Ikd even where I put all the crowns. Gahhh STGCC drawing closer sia. FML /poops from coffee/

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To the Docks


Because jackets are smexah...

Embroidery draft. Because patches are non-existent. You've gotta do them yourselves. 
On a 50 cents piece of canvas. Which is hell for my thick needle to poke through. The thin needles, misplaced immediately after taking them out. Hahahaha
All the threads. Bought in excess. Hahahah baka.

And cannot find a WIP picture of the jacket. Thought I took some. 

Finally done! I even bring them out to teach and sew during the breaks. And in the train. Also to granny's place. Hahahah They turn out pretty ugly. Lol. Only the star patch I like. Heh.

Zips and metal stuff. Yayy non-functional pockets

Test test test

And the real reason why the rush, isn't for a cosplay event. Its for own personal whim. Bahahaha

Its as satisfying or slightly more satisfying than cosing to event. But the downperk is that no solo HQ pic lah. But but but Duo's quanta phone is sugoi. Hahahah There is Duo and Trowa in fron tof a Zaku 2. Hahah I am missing the Docks very much. (Sobs)

Everybody is rushing stuff for cosfest! I hope can attend both days. Will just be taking pictures. Gotta expect a sudden influx of Touken ranbu coser. Here I am... just kirakira over LoveLive. Honestly I did wanna play it, but then server can log in. So... bleghhh stick to my moprg. Oh ohh ohhh I wanna see Bleach cosers pls pls pls. Gimme Ulqiorra and Girmmjaw gahhh (I bet their names spelt wrong there hahah)
Hope for Bakumatsu and KOEI cosers too. Buahahaha 
I wanna breakfast outside that weekend, but but sis's and bro's birthday man. Remind me to get satay home for them. Heh gonna be a surprise! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Early to mid June events

2 events passed in 2weeks.
Marina regetta to see Dat-baka. Tessie was there too. They did DBS original character. Lmao DBS!

Pictures from Kiyo's awesome Edge.  :'D

Then the week aft, its Funan Anime Matsuri. Dropped by on Sunday only.
Litchi! Because of the backdrop there. So fitting~
Okay I haven't back up pictures to G+ yet.

Next week is Chara Expo!
And fasting month will resume yay.
Must finish Preventor jacket asap.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Contact lens update

Opps its time to update lens history.

LUXURY 17 Grey lens

Yellow center burst! Yeshhh many likes. 

Left: View from inner curve of lens. Right: View from the right side of the lens.

I got this lens before, but it was in Violet. So had the similar 'Obviously visible' effect. 
Comfortable but get dry really fast. Sometimes the lens feel great yet sometimes its very very uncomfortable. 
Used for Thranduil during AFA, and Lacus, and other random coses in between August-December2014.

Pic taken by BTH Photography.

Next lens:


Got this lens but don't plan to wear it. It was quite disappointing. The design not what I expected at all. Ahahaha. The black rim is too thick to my liking. Can imagine eyes looking beady moemoe and slightly bright in the center. Nahhh i might as well wear freaking loli skirt. Pfft.
It boast a 17mm diameter. AHAHAHA! No wayyy. I think it meant to give your eyes look like its 17mm. Yes I measured it in the vial. 

Left: View from the right side of the lens. Right: View from inner curve of lens.

Next lens:

Honestly I just found this lens in my lens casing box. Oppsie... my stuff everywhere. Damn.
Wanted to try this lens since forever. But nvr got the chance to get it because somehow, item oos or degree not available. /flips table/

IFairy MoeMoe Brown

Another lens that says 16.2mm. Haven't tried it on yet, so... not sure about the comfort level, or how it looks like. But 55% water content ought to be comfortable enough. 

Look at those pretty yellow burst! 

This pair of lens is almost entirely made up of yellow burst! Ans the sides are translucent brown.

Expecting eyes to look very visible and almost pale gold~
Hahah I hope this isn't going to be an over-expectation. 

So in summary... I wear very little lens. And I uses grey lens for almost everybody. Oh they all have grey eyes actually. Going to get more. Ouch my moolehhh...

Friday, April 3, 2015


Next costume(not for me though). Thats 7m of thick cloth. Hnghhh making me wanna swim and cuddle up like a kitten. Ahahaha. Unleashed bargain power to get $2/m cheaper. Boohoo so in the end overbudget by an amount.

Still hunting ard for Tharnduil's robe cloth. So difficult to find the perfect cloth type. Something more classy than the AFA's robe material please. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Uhh I cleared some pictures from Google drive, and that includes pictures from Blogger. So, bear with the unsightly missing pictures in posts.

Last weekend was J-Obsession. Initially wanted to test cos Narukami, but change of plans. On Saturday, Gundam Wing day.
With Gackttt-kun, and Kiyo doing Duo.

I rike this picture. But but but its epic if got ppl running in background. Hahahah what the hell. 

Standard model poses.

Attempt a Trowa Barton. Okay fat face and terrible man. Just totally unsuitable. Forever don't know how to do poses is the first trouble. Uh-ohh. Dang, I shouldn't be in teams, because definitely will drag everybody else down lor.
So depressing.

Still waiting for some sort of picture from Gackttt. Heh. My phones camwhores mostly blurry. Zzz damn I suck. Kiyo doing Kuneida.

Sunday is Babu~ Actually wanted to do with hopes to be able to rope in Kanzaki to do together. But in the end Kanzaki not available. Damn sad. But okay at least Aoi there.
And Beel~! Nyahahaha Beel~~ This time... I feel too like myself. So disturbing.

No idea what else to type. All feelings vanquished.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I've meant to get a hot water bottle or at least a tummy warmer (are they even called that), for eons ago, but still have yet to grab them into shopping cart. The times that I actually went shopping lately (Daiso and cloth trips don't count) decreased exponentially (HAHAHA) eversince taobao search bar magic intruded my life. So now basically, I almost always at home. (Wipes my glasses). I firmly believes that the internet was created (or desperately founded) by a dude who is actually deep deep inside his kokoro an extreme hikikomori. The sites founders are the same too.
But, only those social games that requires interaction or pleading with other player for resources and help are schemed by hikikomori outliers (Ahahahaha).

Actually i totally forgot the of this post. Damn it.

Tumble and out.

Monday, March 9, 2015


 Wig 1 have arrived. The colour is a little (very much actually) disappointing. For Narukami.

 I  cannot remember my choices for Trowa. But this wig isn't bad. Except that it shed fibers every time I combed it.
 Cutting in progress. Straightened it beforehand of cos.

 1st round. The back was cropped pretty short, that I might as well gotten myself a short wig and extensions for the fringe instead. The back was chopped really ugly yo. Thin wig. Thin wig.

Front view after 2nd round of trimming.

3rd round of trimming. I inserted a secret prop under my fringe. Hurr~

Sorry no make up face. Ahahaha

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New cards with horrible design.

New coscards. They are so ugly. Extra ugly. I overwrite the old template. So.. uh... came up with something worse. Its nearly 1am. Okay brain dead used up all mana for work earlier on. So, well yeah. Unforgivable.

No really. Its horrible but I am printing them anyways. Those honeycombs. Just because I was eating stuff. Sobs. What the hell.

Edit: Slightly different edit. Slightly better.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Getting most headache choosing a wig for him. Look at all the difference in colour under different lighting. In the end got the bottom set pic right most. Even though I really like the thickness and versatility of wig no. 3.
 Well, if its lighter, can always dye it darker. Hmmm...

Quatre. Hurr~ No. 1 is nice and stylo. Hahah Not suitable of cos, lazy to search tru the pages again. 

No. 1.

I like no. 5 and 4 a lot. But but... I cannot get them. No. 2 it is. Hello Boris <3 p="">
Hnghh tempted to get the glasses for him too. 

With these... there is much damage to wallet. Die lor.
Cloth to get also. Ehh I need to clear awat my old wigs too. It just keep on pilling. There is no turnover. Hahaha

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Post number 795

A blue print.
Because too much time spent on idle mode.

Wig hunting for:

Good luck.