Thursday, February 5, 2015

New cards with horrible design.

New coscards. They are so ugly. Extra ugly. I overwrite the old template. So.. uh... came up with something worse. Its nearly 1am. Okay brain dead used up all mana for work earlier on. So, well yeah. Unforgivable.

No really. Its horrible but I am printing them anyways. Those honeycombs. Just because I was eating stuff. Sobs. What the hell.

Edit: Slightly different edit. Slightly better.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Getting most headache choosing a wig for him. Look at all the difference in colour under different lighting. In the end got the bottom set pic right most. Even though I really like the thickness and versatility of wig no. 3.
 Well, if its lighter, can always dye it darker. Hmmm...

Quatre. Hurr~ No. 1 is nice and stylo. Hahah Not suitable of cos, lazy to search tru the pages again. 

No. 1.

I like no. 5 and 4 a lot. But but... I cannot get them. No. 2 it is. Hello Boris <3 p="">
Hnghh tempted to get the glasses for him too. 

With these... there is much damage to wallet. Die lor.
Cloth to get also. Ehh I need to clear awat my old wigs too. It just keep on pilling. There is no turnover. Hahaha