Thursday, April 14, 2011

On the 4th SOY

SOY arrives

I feel so boring because I couldn't make the katana in time to start a new character.
Rin is soo..... -want to do him badly-
Hahh so I guess I will do him next year SOY. Hmm demon version of cos >D
The flames will be most enjoyable to make XD yay~
Ohoh I go tell about SOY then can move on to palns. U w U

While my brother went to his passing out ceremony... -where ppl faints and passes out-
(Hahah nah... his cohort stepped down)
I waited for the clock to hit 10+
then got dressed and shoved fried rice into my stomach. Met Nick, Kai and uh...Shuyun? i forgto how to spell her name. Ahaha.
Then 57min bus journey begins. ZZzzzz~

Its was sorching hot, like roasted bacon strips we head to the event venue.
There are already swarms of crowds and people. efinately more cosplayers than EOY. \O/

The usual event happening. Rot and rot around. Haha.
Suppose you are waiting for pictures? Sad to say, I didn't snap many pictures. Most pictures I took are blur. =D

I just realised that Haku is totally Soldier Blue. Haha so blind. -stabs mah eyes-
From hair colour, to eye colours, to... white headphones.
Hmmm but Idk if Skrei is really doing Haku here. Haha I don't keep up with the rocketing Vocaloid outfits varieties. So lucky these characters can change into many clothes. But just imagine the amount of laundry. Hahaha you see... remember Doraemon?
They practically do not have any clothes/outfit variety... but Nobita's mother is ALWAYS either cooking, DOING LAUNDRY, or sitting around. -face palms-
Yeah... Their closet are actually made up the same outfit! \ O /


Ah... Haku is a picture above you Zabuza. Lol.
This is good man. -coughs-

Okkkkiiiittttaa~ Yeshh... there are few other Okitas around. O_Q
Okita. ; A ;
This is the nicest Okita there obviously. (Thats why I took picture XD )

I don't know who that crap is at the left of this picture... But yeah.
We are Allen Walkers. >O

Didn't bought many stuff. The next day going to watch movie.. still have to pay for wigs.. so must be mindful. :)

Thanks Yuui for the Whitening NIVEA.

Oh I tried it on, on Monday shoot. Its nice to wear!
Not greasy at all. Idk if it really works. Will be difficult to judge, because I will for certain be thinking that I am still very dark XD
And my sister will kept saying that I can camouflage with the wall. HUrr~
I want to be bleached paper fair >)

haha when I reached home from SOY. My grandma was overnighting here.
This grandma is okay. -phew-
So I just casually walk in with wig and make up. Then she laughed. So I said... I am back from 10 years study at Europe. HAHAHA. Then I went and bathe. When I and back to myself, then I greet her properly. Not that I am taking advantage of amnesia but...sometimes, its really convenient. UoU

Shall not blog about the movie here.
But oh I do so really want to talk about SuckerPunch O_Q
Its a sad movie U.U
The animation rox!

Comifest 2011

and... after that New year...
I couldn't remember what else that happen.

Only horrible vivid memories of toutured units and down with lots of tests.
Ah now I remember why I barely touched the net ;D

Oh I remembered Gin's birthday. Uh its was sooo odd and strange. Because his friends seem familiar to me. Ah I see... we meet or glanced or stare or something before. Rofl.
But thanks for the truffle. I couldn't stay awake for tha long after consuming it. D:

Then... Comifest.
Yeah thats right. Hahaha Its quite placed at the back of my huge blank head.

Hmm it clashed with the Angela and Flow aniflux at RP. But the tickets...too broke to get anyways. Hurr~ cannot watch Angela then. Blegh~
Hmm meet them at Esplanade Xchange.
Mizu did Little Prince.I did a $0 cos. >D

With existing stuff I have... Allen Walker before exorcist version.
Now I feel like doing the uniforms. -Whheewww- Cannot lah. So many plans to last 2 years.
But Timcappy is soo noms-able XD

Finally get to see Bishiounen XD
Thats Kenneth~

The people there...tsk tsk. I sort of feel like hurling. It feels sooo new atmosphere.
Maybe the Bridal event sorta contributes to the not-very-nice feel.

Whats after?
SOY I guess. (Y)

Blooming New Year

Well well well. I admit that I had cast this place for a really long time. Haha Not the first time I have done this though =D Things didn't stop at the Jan Tai/Taki shoot =X On February, 0A gathering at Sentosa. A Chinense New Year event. After that, off to oogle at the Vaneltino exhibition after a small picnic. Memories of that day is not really fuzzy yet.

School's Day Out!

Lunch time~
Ah damn... Heine cannot input Japanese char. O_Q
After nomnoms, went around to Universal Studios.

all misty there ;D
The crowd got worse. Ah I should tell, our mission was to head to the Sentosa spring flowers exhibition. Well....we walked and walked. But the flowers are nowhere in sight. All the covers the ground are HUMANS.
urgh, and foreigeners. My eyes are tearing, from the lens T_T
Sensei's shoes are hurting her feet. Pfft Disappear people adn crowds -Poof and they multiplied OTL-

In the end, we sat at the Forum. Had a little rest before entering Valentino exhibition.
Its is soooo amazing. All his works. Well, its not porfessional for nothing eh? Haha.

There were some zodiac. Since I am a snake, well... took picture of the Snake. XD

Another round at the exhibition, we head to Vivo then home. Whew. So sleepy that the journey home felt like it was only a couple of minutes.