Monday, June 28, 2010

Ah great~

Blast and bang ;D

Taigong was at 90%
Then after shoot today (just now) it down to 80%

* EVERYTHING must be water proof
* Umbrella is important

and i forgot more.

Shinn still left with the cutain thingy.
and Jenn left with the hat and skirt.

Ah damn. Too tired to start now.
Shall resume tmr asap. After refilling my mana and xp.


-to be continued-

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To not be safe


Eh, Taigong stuff getting nearer and nearer to completion.
The accessories I meant.

Uh, should put some pictures here too.

This is supposedly the beads and the purple precious stone thingy.
HAha paper mached and clay then paint over, and added a coat or white glue as lacquer.

This thing here is the scroll thingy at the back of Tai.
Haha Kinda reminds me of Tenten shippunden.
But not yet completed, still have to wind some black rope around the gold boards. Then it will be completed. Yay~

Those coccoon like stuff are the earrings.
Clay + paint + white glue coating
The segments kept breaking, but due to laziness, I just glue the broken segments together.
Hurr~ =DD

Uh my Favourite.. Haha
Like the gold and black ;D
Clay + paint(gold, black and white)
No white glue coating this time.

Meant to drop by art friend today after registration for PBS, but orchard flood.. so... next time ar drop by. Hah, glue and high density foam need to wait.

Ah teh PSB registration,
ore wa honto de baka de arimasu OTL
I forgot to put in a photocopy of my Diploma cert. Lol.
So, I just email them when I reached home. Then ar, when scaning, the stupid scanner cannot be detected by the computer. OTL
OMG, what to do.. I lazy go down back there to give the cert, but if no choice, then no choice ar need to go...
Then ar I had an idea.
I go paste my cert on my wall, then I took a few pictures.
And photoshop works th rest.
Straighten teh picture, crop it.. and use Photocopy effect on it.
Taadaa.. adjust the contrast and the I layer some shadows and effect.
It looks exactly like i really use my scanner. Hurr~

Then I go email it to the agent, and I got a wth reply.
She is out of office and on vacation. OTL
Wonder when my mail will be read, and hopefully they haven't forgot about it after.


Oh and dont mind the background change.
This is the safest i cant allow myself to pick.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hahha to balance it out~ Right after a cosplay post, here will be TEH POST OF DESPAIRING ;D Jen Jeng Jneggg -piano music, on a dark and stormy night plays- Went to that talk at that academy recently. Not that bad ar the place. The modules etc seems really tough. Duh~~~ As its gets higher, its ALWAYS and DEFINATELY harder to breathe. OTL And not only the hard and tough modules... The mooleh and fees etc shit will be a GREAT challenge too. Im sooo...-not- up for this.. -looks ard, shifty eyes- Oh confound it all! -throws both hands up in the air- As bad as it sounds, its as baddd as it will/can get. I feel like a dented ping pong ball. Floating on ice water...


and rock from side to side in spasms adn fit or horror and despair.

Like Nish said:
'After ten years of self-analysis, Nish knew his own character intimately, but he coundn't do anything about his biggest failing, despair.'

-claps hands-

And i still have costumes to sew and props to do.

Updates. ;D
Though I am guilty of not doing much too. =X

The ROD.

It need a name.
Its shall be... Johnny!


Stormy Day

Whoa whoa whoa~

I realised that I hd terribly left this place alone with ZERO (0) updates. Heh~
-rolls around in guilt-

Right, sometime ago.
Had Bel X Jil
Rasiel was apparently the main char soo says Belphy. =A=
Lol~ say whut? .__.

Hiked Mt Faber in paltforms D:
Lesson learnt, wasting $$ on cab fare is more practical XD
-thats what the security guarsd says too!-

Up Up Up we hike~
and had shots.
I havent edited anymore pictures than what I had upload on facebook =X
im such a lazy thing -shakes head in disbelief-

Well, here are the repeats -chuckles-

Akiwatari: Rasiel TYL
Mizu: Belphegor TYB

and~ some off-moments shoots too ;D

When the hair is not in the way, this is how Rasiel looks like! -bricks self till face swells-

I have to find/ get a mouse to edit more photos.
This feels like a half-assed post.... again. -not surprised-