Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rabuly treated wig

Its terrifying that I just chucked the wig into the bag and never took it out after EOY last year until, today. Look at the horrible state. My skills are still green (well now a  bit browner LOL but still not pro) then, all those tangles and curls are really frightening. That don't wanna do Lacus even because... shiver the horrible state of wig. 

But now, look! Look at this beautiful baby! Washed and treated and it took about 30minutes only to get this final beauty. Recured it with a generous amount of detangler, and its airing outside my house now. Such silky smoothness even my own hair is put to shame. Hahaha actually no big deal. I am just feeling accomplished and happy that the wig is healthy again now. Will have to recurl it after trying it up. Now thats a problem. I suck at trying up wigs. Should I get wig extension for Lacus? The colour though... difficult. 

Also washed all the other wigs at once. Everything is fresh and great now. Air drying~