Sunday, April 12, 2015

Contact lens update

Opps its time to update lens history.

LUXURY 17 Grey lens

Yellow center burst! Yeshhh many likes. 

Left: View from inner curve of lens. Right: View from the right side of the lens.

I got this lens before, but it was in Violet. So had the similar 'Obviously visible' effect. 
Comfortable but get dry really fast. Sometimes the lens feel great yet sometimes its very very uncomfortable. 
Used for Thranduil during AFA, and Lacus, and other random coses in between August-December2014.

Pic taken by BTH Photography.

Next lens:


Got this lens but don't plan to wear it. It was quite disappointing. The design not what I expected at all. Ahahaha. The black rim is too thick to my liking. Can imagine eyes looking beady moemoe and slightly bright in the center. Nahhh i might as well wear freaking loli skirt. Pfft.
It boast a 17mm diameter. AHAHAHA! No wayyy. I think it meant to give your eyes look like its 17mm. Yes I measured it in the vial. 

Left: View from the right side of the lens. Right: View from inner curve of lens.

Next lens:

Honestly I just found this lens in my lens casing box. Oppsie... my stuff everywhere. Damn.
Wanted to try this lens since forever. But nvr got the chance to get it because somehow, item oos or degree not available. /flips table/

IFairy MoeMoe Brown

Another lens that says 16.2mm. Haven't tried it on yet, so... not sure about the comfort level, or how it looks like. But 55% water content ought to be comfortable enough. 

Look at those pretty yellow burst! 

This pair of lens is almost entirely made up of yellow burst! Ans the sides are translucent brown.

Expecting eyes to look very visible and almost pale gold~
Hahah I hope this isn't going to be an over-expectation. 

So in summary... I wear very little lens. And I uses grey lens for almost everybody. Oh they all have grey eyes actually. Going to get more. Ouch my moolehhh...

Friday, April 3, 2015


Next costume(not for me though). Thats 7m of thick cloth. Hnghhh making me wanna swim and cuddle up like a kitten. Ahahaha. Unleashed bargain power to get $2/m cheaper. Boohoo so in the end overbudget by an amount.

Still hunting ard for Tharnduil's robe cloth. So difficult to find the perfect cloth type. Something more classy than the AFA's robe material please.