Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The base that is done some time ago. Added the 'waves' and butterflies. The waves took the entire noon till 11pm. Pfft. Sooo tedious, and I redid it twice because I sew it mirror image the first time. Cut the sleeves half of body length. Ah I actually did the sleeve wrong I know. But its... quite not wrong still. 

And it took me 2 days (with a lot of break) to do 3 different stamp types of butterflies. Its BEAUTIFUL!

The final finished Shinsuke's yukata~!
I really really like the butterflies. I omit out 3 butterflies because there is no space. But I doubt anybody would notice. >D

So now, I have to sew the obi and... make the pipe. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gold flutter bys~

Last night... we (Kiyo and I) had a night shoot.
Its 1.23am now and I am not thinking right. Cutting butterflies and wings and the details in the wings to make a stencil. -tears hair off head-

I am going mad.

Ah carry on with the shoot. Night shoot with flash, but in the end, pictures used full Auto mode on Mika turns out better. Sooooo darn lazy to test night on Mika and adjust setting. Ahax. 

Haven't edit the pictures yet. Heck editing, haven't filter even! Hah. 

Giving priority to Shinsuke's costume now.
-claws face- 

Contact lenses are here already. Geta are still on the way.
Zura is nice enough to lend his geta and immortal katana. Wonder how he going to uprise against the government without his samurai soul. LOL.   /bricks

I smell my mother reheating cream and cheese pasta in the kitchen. -stomach growls-

Shall go back to my costume. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


The cloth loot from recent trip to Chinatown. Only the collar's dark dark purple is from zero's plushie leftovers. Nyahahah. 

And the next night after the cloth loot, measureing and cutting up of the main yukata base for shinsuke. 

Well, its almost done now. At 50% completion.
I will have to do the designs and obi then its all set. 

Butterfly gold prints

As in my LJ post. The Harry Potter exhibition is so damn amazing. 
Pictures are up at facebook so I won't repeat posting them again. 

Meanwhile, sewing up Shinsuke's yukata. Done with the base and left with the obi and the designs on the yukata. The sandals, I have placed order at GMarket and wig is due for collection. Hmm the sandals, if it won't reach in time, I will have to loan from Zura. 
BOOYEAH. I have Zura at disposalll- rolls ard- Awww I wish got Gintoki too. I really want the team of the old war. The uniform, I plan to do for next year.
So, I have to get a katana. A general purpose katana.