Monday, December 28, 2009

Eh Oh Why~ 2009

Did Gokudera Hayato, not even sure if this version have a name. Rofl. I reused prototype dynamites. The new ones cmi lah. =3 =

I have already posted an entry at my LJ, heh~
and im too lazy to retype and resort my brain... so yeah.. go read my LJ. Rofl.

Was in the toilet, i saw full length mirror, i saw good lighting, i saw opportunity to up XP points.
See, i phailed in up-ping XP. Im not even centre. OTL

No smoking.
Right... I do not have any cigaratte, but.. I do have un-explosive dynamites.
Im at a dead end too. XD

I don't know when she snapped this picture. But I like this the most can.
= w =

And I supposedly bending down to get a 'hair forward' effect i suppose =X
I like this one too.

And from this picture, I just realised that I am for once, tall. XD
but not tall enough.
I am like 158... the boots and 10.5cm.
so... I STILL HAVENT REACH 170?! Wth.

Manage to get a shot with Naoya~ TYL Hibari. XD

Before we went home and walk ard in Bugis junction, had an Xmas shoot. Heh~

Awaiting more pictures.

Be tuned in @__@

Friday, December 25, 2009

EOY eve

EOY 2009 is tomorrow.
And my boots are torn. T__T
So, I wont have Gokudera's height lah tmr. Damn sad lah, but I will take them to the cobbler first before heading to EOY. Maybe if the cobbler can repair fast XD then i can wear them. Yay.

Well, see how it goes tomorrow.

Must head there with camera.. charged with SD Card.

and... take pics with many people.. and of many nice things.

Wonder how it will be like, in a library.

Im 50-50 about the event location actually.

Eh, and my amazing mother bought a black lipstick. That we can share(Lol~)

Aww, tmr shall pop by here again~~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

19 December 2009

The tea party is finally over.
Well, phase 1 at least, cos we haev decided that we want more shoot according to the story line.
Its Alice in Wonderland story line... and reshifted a little.


Alice | The White Rabbit | The Mad Hatter | The March Hare | The Cashire Cat |
The Queen of Hearts

The March hare was me~ XD

So, they came over to my house. and we had a shoot near by first followed by the Tea party itself later on.

Its quite rushed, cos we are pressed for time.

Here are some of teh pictures;

And~ its was so fun... Like.. can EAT + nomnomnomssss

Kyaa~ > w <

And... im putting up camwhore pictures;

Like... all my expressions are the same ..|..

Tsk... waits for my mood to cool down.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Finally have a photo editing software. Phew~

so~ i get to my fingers and edited some pictures...
Light editing only lah. Since, it is not appropriate to beautify ugly things.
Just making it bearable.

Still need to improve on many areas and get used to the editing software.

Here are some, that i tried to edit:

Fail, i know. But.. i dont think its that bad lah.

Brighten the pics.. and ahem.. erase my MASSIVE eyebags. >///<

And another of teh same pic... im not sure if i liek it.. but just experimenting with teh layers. =D

Hmm thats all for now.
I would want to put some props and costume pictures, but somebody stole Mika's batteries.

Maybe tomorrow~

Good night everybody~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have no right to say

have to halt all Cosplay plans and props making for the moment.
zOmg, cant even believe that Im even blogging now.
But just soem update, to prove that im still living well...

Here is the 'box' waepon in progress.
its 4.3cm and its a cube... XD

Must make more soon.
But after my tests, which are like.. next week~

I have to thank everybody who actually took the trouble to make me feel uncomfartable and really awkward on that day.
Seriously, i dislike birthdays celebration.
Even if people are just giving me gifts. I really feel that im not worth that much of whatever they gave.
But just a wish would already meant a LOT to me. -hugs everybody-
For a moment, i feel like Lacus. OTL
But Im a little sad that my father just gave me cash. =(
I dont want your money... just once in my lifetime...
say a word or sentence of praise and that im not a disappointment~
i would be really happy.
Its not like my father never praise me or anything before... But its just that he is never serious when saying it... same goes for you mother.
thats is disappointing and sad really.

A child never worth a sincere word of good.

and this is the reason, why my younger sister IS the elderst in teh family.
So, in the end, nobody is to blamwe but myself. but, i will move forward. hopefully. =3

+ I am a disappointment. -I wont change myself, I have my reason for doing things, and teh world doesnt need to know ;D-
+ My future is cloudy...