Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trinity Dust


MY active LJ

My LJ link is at the LINK-list....
im on Goolge... OTL


Im... twisted.


anyways... i will still be posting here... If i feel like using blogger.

Why oh why cant LJ have tagboards. -sob-

oh yeah...
this MIGHT be my next cosplay. -might-

Had been wanting to do Trinit blood since... god-knows how long ago it aired.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scouting Lemon XD

Today will be my 2nd last day of attachment! Woots. Finally, i will be sent to hell for Final Year Project. OTL

And, the Investigator team treat me lunch today. I feel kind of bad. Im only there for 3 months, and they are making it sound as if i had been there since dinosaurs roam Pluto. Lawls.
So, we went for lunch at Secret Recipe. (i feel worse.. its expensive there bah) Rachel drives us there. And i see shining-ppl car. *__* Stalking mode up >D

Oh, RedHill area is good for photoshoot. There are nice estates around the Anchorpoint. Plus!! Its near Haw P
ar Villa(spellling?)~

Tomorrow is my last day of attachment... Homg. Finally.. wait.. i already mention this.

Ah, and when people say i have nice eyes, im not really flattered. Its so-so... But when shining-guy says that... Im flattered U__U
Like really.. i can talk forever.. (yeah, sometimes i can talk, sometimes im just too lazy to talk)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Owari to mirai

The world kept spinning... At an alarming faster rate. Oh noes...

The hunt for wood is futile... OTL

Im on the dress... Its going to be... a bloody runway... (i hope =X)

Oh yeahh.. i tried on the fugly cheap legal lens i got.. (its buy 1 get 1 free lol~)
and... It not bad. Although the lens makes my eyes look bigger. I dont care abt that. Sad, its not Versailles silver... Kamijou*_* (us pail to hold nosebleed)
HAh! For the sake of annoying my sister, i will wear these funny useless lens.

Counting down to end of atachment. Then, Streetfest. Still dont know what to do. Probably dress up.
Its going to be snake-skin coat. >D

The ArchKing is back... (if s-he- isnt too broke for CAF and Cosfest)


I lies. Here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


And the law still holds...

Favourite characters always rest in peace.

In memory of the living...