Friday, December 26, 2014

2nd crown done!

Thranduil's crownlet WIP. Its was done... 2 days before. Aahahha. And finished with a layer of silver spray and podge right before i stepped out to wear the crown. 

Crown consists of wire, polymer, and a starlight gem.

Minimal makeup I beg your pardon. Its quite thick. Maybe will make a finer crown. Someday...


The most anticipated movie:

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

So we accidentally went to the marathon. Its was a chance after a photog shared an event, where costumers are called to arms, dressed and stand to sit for the marathon. Oh mai gawddd yesh, so we signed up. Initially wanted to watch, but its expensive and... confirm parents don't let. But somehow can go in the end. hahaha wtf.
Kiyo went as Legolas, I went as Thranduil. No props, because... lazy. Hahaha its great to meet more awesome fans. And marathon is sooo goooooooddddd!
Accidentally won 2nd prize for a competition I didn't enter. Lol. But 1st prize was where eyes are all upon. Bloody hell.

I think this guy was the guy handing out people's polariod prints. 

Elfie!!! Its difficult yea... shld have used timer.

Family Elfie~ rofl.
Swag 3D

Prizes: Mug, metal bookmark, tattoo, carabeiner, drawstring bag, leather bracelet with Thorin shield, AND THE SHIRT WHICH I REALLY WANTED COS GOT SWORD OF THRANDUIL IN THE SLEEVES /HYPERVENTILATING. Polaroid and the map are complimentary. 

And BOFA is just... hammering my kokoro. Wait for the extended version to judge more. Now I just need to rewatch LOTR.
It ended short of 4am. or as it 3.30am? Can't remember.

Then the next day... we watched with Nick.

Hahahah backstage outfit with BOFA battle crownlet.

Friday, December 19, 2014

AFA I guess shld post something up

AFA Event log! Totally forgot abt it. But to summarise it all. both days are (as usual) very enjoyable. Looking forward very much to the second day, Sunday!

Because The Hobbit.

Legolas CN Mizurei
Thranduil CN Akiwatari

Picture by Tan Lum Hoe

Picture by VIVID+
My ring has shineeee /zapzapzap lol idk why

I feel my Thraduil is pretty bad. I don't even know how to pose. So its just... look at camera. Haha Meanwhile Legolas so cool. Hurr~ 

But had a lot of fun, because many people channeling their feels, and you can feel them all. Its really awesome.

Day 1, Saturday, it is a recos. Gundam Seed Destiny. Representatives.
I likeeee...... uniforms!!!

But I still so blehhhh as Lacus. So lame forgive me  OTL 

Cagalli CN Mizurei
Lacus CN Akiwatari

Oh I haven't find pic yet. I think no have. But we did took at the Canon booth. 
Next time must take picture at all of the backgrounds.

I am such a bother omg sorry everybody. Lemme shiok sendiri.    D':

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Last prop pre AFA post

Oh yeahh the rings and brooch are all done and completed. Actually, only the stone and that snakey ring thingy I did them. The rest of the rings (brooch included) I import them. Hurr they are so expensive, especially shipping. Vomit blood. Have to use pre-saved AFA funds for them. The irony...
The self made one are... horrendous.
Since the rings are wayyy bigger then my size, had to insert another ring with adjustable band (from Mizu's stock de. Hehehe)

 Yes I bought 2 of this.

The staff are all done too. Wig tested. The added side comb are sick on my hair line, so won't have to use them.

Crap, not feeling especially well.   /dizzy spells and nauseous

Straight shoot

Another Shigeki no Kyojin shoot.
Its sort of a premature shoot, because the skies decide to cry on our dirty gears.
Sasha can't join us, so its up to just us 4.
Akiwatari @ Levi
Xuyun @ Armin
Yukio @ Jean
Yuui @ Misaka

Into the woods~

(Okay I haven't been able to edit pictures, and the ones from my phone camera is on Fb.)

Very excited for this shoot more than the SnK. No gearing up required, just... Lots of makeup. Which still melts soon enough, as I stepped outdoors. Took hours for quite simple beings |||OTL
Representative version so cool~

Akiwatari @ Lacus
Mizurei @ Cagalli

Next week is AFA already. Have to finish everything by this week, cos mid week going relax on beach yo~ then get tan and dark.  /sobs

Friday, November 14, 2014

Red berries and leaves

So done with crown...

All the berries painfully individually done + painted. Leaves I tried to do some transparent ones, but they seem a little bit too much, so omitting them out. 

Well... nice but but its damn retard to wear. /sobs sobs

So, all thats left to be done are... Everything else. (Excluding the wig of cos)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rabuly treated wig

Its terrifying that I just chucked the wig into the bag and never took it out after EOY last year until, today. Look at the horrible state. My skills are still green (well now a  bit browner LOL but still not pro) then, all those tangles and curls are really frightening. That don't wanna do Lacus even because... shiver the horrible state of wig. 

But now, look! Look at this beautiful baby! Washed and treated and it took about 30minutes only to get this final beauty. Recured it with a generous amount of detangler, and its airing outside my house now. Such silky smoothness even my own hair is put to shame. Hahaha actually no big deal. I am just feeling accomplished and happy that the wig is healthy again now. Will have to recurl it after trying it up. Now thats a problem. I suck at trying up wigs. Should I get wig extension for Lacus? The colour though... difficult. 

Also washed all the other wigs at once. Everything is fresh and great now. Air drying~

Monday, September 29, 2014

Event COC

Capital of cosplay

These small events are good for costesting and just costesting. Ahaha. Suddenly decided to drop by in next plan costest after bumping into Xuyun adn she said that she have school on the very day of the event we planned to go to. But the 'casual' words aren't taken seriously and she was quite unprepared. Aahaha sumimasen.

I tried Heichou. Okay the triple eyelids are creeping me out now. Need more contouring, and eyeborws need to IDGAF more. eyeliner corners... something is wrong also. 

Wow we even have make up on. HAhahaha small costest much.  ;D
She is adorable as Armin. Gahhh so excited for the upcoming shoot. Hopefully.

UNIQLO power lighting. Kiyo did Petra. Xuyun as swag Armin. No particular version.

And smaller younger adorable Petra and Levi! Kufufufufu~ 

While everybody is hyped at the guest cosers, I am dying of boredom. And many other people also came by after they are done with their photoshoot.
I rabu blazers yo.

Very broke. Hahahaha /weak laughter

Friday, September 26, 2014

Clean up clean up every alt day

Cleaning up is the happiest me.
Compression at its best. After airing out my old costumes, into storage they goes.

And Daiso have the rubber balls. Well expensive much. Will be using only 1, so now idk what to do with the 9 other balls. So wasteful. /cries

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SCCS backlog

Kitty bar and Conveyor Belt
Lol Lol lol lol these names. Very right

Because filter is awesome. Fail shouta. I think its just the wig and clothing choice. Okay maybe everything. Lol
back flipped this Allelujah wig to see and experience the holding power of a hairband. Haha Kiyo wore her Void wig from eons ago. Expensive wig cannot throw away de!
Tested it out in a small event SCCS- which is basically a Jojo themed event. now I hope there will be a Saints event. /hnghhh

Hahah like Kitty pointed out. Jojo cosers need to have the build. Yo everybody so bishie and slim how?
And he discovered a pretty Jojo (LOL bigger bewbies?) Hahah now i wanna try and see how. Interesting.
Well okay back to event, its a smaller event but not that small. Just to feed the fandom. Jonathan is still my fave Jojo  :> hurr hurr~ Only camwhored with peeps but not with Neneko. Gahh I came for Neneko man!!! :<
But we dropped by only on the final day. And bumped into familiar faces only towards the later time of the day. Bump into Popcorn at KFC. Wahh miss her very much! Popcornn~~~ /fuwafuwafuwa shooo cuteeee shoooo chiiooooo we only meet sometimes during event.  /sads
Can't wait for photoshoot. November though. Super long time to wait.
Hahah the sequence of events. Jumbled up as usual.

Ah I forgot wanted to do fansigns actaully. Oh wells...

More WIP

WIP WIP WIP time!!!

Ongoing progress for AFA 2014. And end of year movie event i hope. Hnghhhh so much rabu rabu for swag dad. Another daddy character. Bring out your non-existent paternal kokoro.

Props first before wig. Then wig before costume. Hahah so basically costume is leftover budget.

Oh right crown first!

During wiring to get the basic structure. It reminds me of the Nuclear pore basket. Science student much.

Basic and the back 'branches' go go go autumn crown~

And more details. Hahah oh gawd didn't realised my toes are there.

The side view.

And then clay and prime and prime a few more layers. Going to add even more details maybe in October, and then finish it up.

 Anyways, couldn't get a nice real lace front wig, so went for cheaper and much more roundabout method of getting normal wig and transforming it painfully and yet enjoyably into q lace front with hair line and all. Lmao~ Sew sew sew your wig

Left is reverse wafts. Didn't go all the way up but just enough to give a convincing back comb effect. And then on to the side burns. screw that my natural sideburns is a lot,, so will have to cover it. Boohoohoo.

How long is Ada's wig? hahah not too bad with the crown. The crown fits just nice, but the wig is really slippery. Will hafta add a comb to the crown.

Dunndun dun dunn sorry not sorry no makeup. Hahah at least the net covers the shine on may forehead. And those colours are complementary to normal make up when will wear uhhhh when Ada is going to swag partehhh   OTL hahah aomg my face looks long in this wig. I want V-shape and sharper chin can?

Ps: I cant look down on floor in this set up. So will be all high and mighty. Kufufuufufu. Looking down= sideburn wafts Loreal hair shampoo. Ddamn annoying. Hnghhh falling faliing falliinnnggg

Oh yeah... I totally forgot abt the staff. Uh teh clay dropped and it hardens into that 'splat'spherical shape. Rofl.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How a detangle a wig

Before, pretty messy after out from storage. All those waves and devil knots.
After, glad to say that its smooth and tangle free~ 

I find it best to comb out your wig when its quite damp from the wash. I no longer uses a metal brush to comb out wigs. Use a wide toothed plastic comb, which is also what you would to comb out real wet hair. 
Hahaha then part the wig into sections. Start untangling from the bottom and work upwards. When a section is untangled successfully, use a hair iron to iron out the entire section. Now its smooth and ensure that the frizzes (if any) is also straightened. Mind the iron temperature! I set mine to 150 deg Celsius. If your wig can withstand up to 200 or more by all means set to what ever temperature that is convenient. No idea what temperature this particular wig is able to withstand actually. When all is smooth, I sprayed silicone lubricant onto the wig. This will act pretty much like a detangler. Comb the area to even out the lubricant and the finally iron out the section after lubricating. 
Taa-daa all done! Well for this particular section of the wig. Proceed with the rest of the wig. 
Obviously a LOT of patience is required here. I took 6 hours for the entire process including the wash. Of cos, the time varies with length and severity of the wig. 

Ps:  Air out the wig after you are done. The silicone lubricant have an unpleasant odour. Don't inhale the fumes too. Do it outdoors or something, unless you don't mind dying at a young age like me  ;D

Friday, August 15, 2014

How to wash your wigs

Got 150cm long black wig. Not natural black as I would had prefer but still its nice. The fibers are really thin. Like my real hair is many times thicker. Hahah first time dealing with such a length.
So gotta do the usual routine. Wash wig!
Important to me even for new wigs because I am just paranoid if the wig got dusty and stuff like that from storage. Or worse... Hair lice. Even if its new, its still dangerous.

So now with a better phone for picture taking, decided to do steps how I do my washing XD
(Its just something to update this blog with actually.)

I don't have a basin or pail, so thats why I am doing it in the wash basin. And my wash basin do not have the plug either. Lol. 

So the first step, WASH YOUR SINK EVEN IF ITS ALREADY BEEN WASHED YESTERDAY. Wash a small pail too cos you going to need that later. My trusty CIF friend helped me. You may Dettol everything if extra paranoid. Unfortunately I ran out of Dettol, so I just washed my sink 3 times. (OCD much...)

Next, you gotta pour some hot water into the small pail you washed along just now. Warm water is fine too because it will be horrifying if your wig isn't heat resistant. 

Then mix in hair shampoo into the pail of hot water. Until its all bubbly. 

Now you may lay down your wig into the wash basin. Lay it down neatly, extra tangles aren't going to be helpful at all. Run the tap to at least partly submerge your wig, and don't forget to turn the tap off. Save water please. Since my sink have no plug, it never got to the submerge point, but at least I don't have to keep unplugging the cord to drain ;D

I added more shampoo directly on the partly submerged wig. More bubbles!

Next you got to pour in the hot water + shampoo. A little at a time while you gently 'shake' the wig in the water. The bottom most got to be receiving the shampoo and hot water too. Don't use all of the hot water yet.

After that, run the tap again. 'Shake' the wig submerged in cool water now, until very little bubbles is visible. 

Then pour in the rest of the hot water and repeat the previous 2 steps. You can also add conditioner at this stage. I don't even condition my real hair, so I don't own a conditioner. 

When no more bubbles are floating about, rinsed the wig with cool water. Toss is to drain as much water as possible, so it won't be dripping all over the floor later on.

The very last step, towel dry! Like real hair, just gently pat the wig. Pat and pat dry to minimise broken strand, damages, and tangle terror. 

Air dry it completely or use hair dryer if you are impatient. Thats it man. Now you got a clean and nice smelling wig. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


When was the post for the cloth for Takasugi's Joui costume? Hahah freaking long time ago.
EOY was last weekend. Rush down after Sunday's lab class to Marina.
Finally... Get to do Joui! Felt so slack, and I am definitely a bad Shinsuke. HAhah the vest makes it look like i have fat folds under it  ;___; Must pin it to underpants or something so it will be perpetually stretched out. Lmao. But but Zura is looks so right! Lol comfy much huh ;3

Short time spent there. But greatly satisfying.
Adn today I only got to know that Gacktt dropped by EOY also at 530. Urghhhh

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Allelujah wig arrived

Allelujah wig arrived. The colour is... making me laugh. But its still alright, when I kind of look at some artwork version. No its not gradiented. My room lighting is just very nice. Lmao
Its done with cutting now. Tried to do the side-burns. It turned out ugly. Hahaha so will stick to using eyeshadow.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Catch up but still nothing to do

Jio dropped by Singapore for 2 weeks, in time for Cosfest. Catch up session more for Gakk-kun actually, about a year had passed since last had a proper meetup with him. Just met at Compass point. But honestly, nothing to do there. Beautiful places where are you?

Because I missed cosing, even wearing a wig for less than a minute felt... really good. Hahah no filter or edit. Omg my eyebags and, eyeliner so weird shit. The wigs was halfway being dyed and styled for Takuto actually. Back is still uneven cutting and half of the wigs fluffed to a side.
Gahhahah don't think anybody will notice even. Hurr~

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Cosfest over this year. Will be the final year it will be held at DTE until the renovations are over. Such a meaningful event. I can remember going there with no idea what is going on when I was in secondary school, because going to class chalet etc. Now, its something to look forward to every year. Didn't cosplay though for both days, last weekend. And only bought 1 single bookmark when actually planned to get more stuff. Hahaha wth man.
Basically just walked and walked and walked. Sorry I kept walking away, somehow can't seem to stay at a spot! Walking as a civillian is pretty refreshing. Not treated any differently as to when actually cosing. Only no photogs take your pictures of cos. (Not like many take pics when cosing, lmao).

Second day school ended early, do work fast and can drop by DTE~ Only Yuu chan cos on the second day. Didn't recognise who she was doing, even after the cles she gave. Only recognise Ryan who was doing one of the gods from that anime. HAha i didn't watch that anime though. Lasted only till episode 1. Read the manga halfway also. Those BroCon, Diabolik kind of genre. Don't mind the guys at all, but 1 single girl damsel in distress, its bloody annoying. Hahah don't even rmbr the title! /headdesk
Wanted to take a  picture with Reika, but but the Q is kind of long. So its okay, don't add on to her 'long Q' hehe

Went home quite early for both days, because day 1 was my sister's birthday and day 2, just nede to get home on time for break fast.

Pictures are still being edited.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Growing hair

Today, before going. off to school, I sneak a use from my sister's hair iron. Kufufufufu~ 
My last haircut was... Heichou. Yesh with the back slope and all... 

Months before

Hahahha the back grew faster than the fringe! Lol. Such oddly lengthified hair. Without straightening, its just absolute Hobbit bed hair and side flips. Idk man, wavy hair have their own life. 

Might as well style it to Allelujah. Need lots of cutting too. And I feel like I am balding in the front. Orz edited no makeup face. Hahah just take off the oily skin, and > eyebrow too. Sorry never edit lens and eyemakeup in. Just outline eyelid and waterline de. Totally forgot. 

Many levels of eyebleed in a single post.   -bows-

Kay goign to watch Persona now... Or sleep...

Monday, June 23, 2014

mu's rock

Haha I am not surprised that there are already cosers doing the rock metal version for mu's.

Now am awaiting for cosers to do the last live version. Kufufufufu~ Hnghh when you actually watch and play the game, you get them all feels, and the temptation to do either one is so very strong. Arrrhhhh but not idol material so will butcher the chars all if even trying to costest. Lol. Leave this to the pretty people please.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lens post again!

Need to get more new lens to replace the old one. But before everything gets thrown away... must log in some history. Using blog as data base. Hahaha! Very convenient for me.

Okay here I have Luxury 17 in Violet for database review.
Lens water content only 45%. Diameter 17mm. But it doesn't seem to differ much from the 15mm I had for other lens.
Hahaha can still goes 'wide eyed' and taa-daa full lens may just fall out from eyes. Kk that won't happen irl. Lawl lame.
and I freaking rabu rabu lens with yellow burst in the center. I can't remember if it is a 2-tone or a 3-tone lens though. Looks obvious in pictures. Very obvious. But just.. not the colour. 

Hotsuin Yamato Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
Photo: BTH Photography
Editing: Akiwatari

Oh yeshhh Hahaha the 'fashion shoot' OTL actually its fun to tour ppl ard. Hat switch with Kiyo hell yeah! 

Lens is obvious much. Colour not obvious. Probably will get more intense violet coloured ones next time. This can probably pass off as saturated pink (my opinion). Oh the lens make my eye dry really really fast. 
And I get annoyed at people who goes:Wah! Your eyes really dry you know. You should get eye drops. I used eye drops all the time. Balh blah blah -i punch you in my head a lot of time you just don't know- Look at the fucks I am giving.  -rolls eye 360 and back-
I got this in grey too. Unopened still. Hahah 

And this is Luxury 12 in Green review for database history. 
Very very very nice colour! Can't remember the water content for it. But eyes are less dry than the violet Luxury 17. 
Once again, a yellow burst center. But the edges are much finer. This time, trying for colours that seem to 'break into rays'. I still prefer solid even after trying. But nice lens, are nice. Colour close to young grass.
Lens are softer in texture. Almost flimsy. Almost. 

Hahahahah its that ACM Fest picture, because I realised that SnK not that satisfactory. There its not that luminous obvious. Just sort of dusty and just there. 
Used Is for Eren Jeager too.

Using this lens more for casual because its comfortable. Its starting to get itchy though now. Oh wait... 6 months of use.