Friday, August 30, 2013

What is this I don't even

Woots~ Just printed out some more cards~ And wtf idk why Gokudera is there. I thought I put 2 Sion. Hahaha predict it will be depleted quite fast. Need some more new designs quick too. Means must have shoot. But but here is the shit thing...

Upcoming, 3 reports due, 1 test, and final exam.

-claws face-

I want a shoot so damn bad. 1 month never cos already. -hyperventilates-

STGCC this weekend, and Day 1: Hei Day 2: Hotsuin.

I think... some other DS2 cosers going to be there too.
Finally finished Hotsuin's coat for real. Oh wait.. I still have the badge to sew on left. Real functioning buttons too. 

Figured the buttons hole stitch on the machine.

Meanwhile... spazzing over makeup