Friday, September 17, 2010

Violet wind

Finally, moved forward, but just a small step towards completing Claire's outfit for AFA.
I am just more worried about the wig. Hopefully, it will arrive on time for AFA. T^T
My backup plan will be Gokudera Ring conflict I guess. =X

Uh huh~
The timetable for the university is out already.
There are two sets to pick from. I think, this will be during the orientation day itself =X
Hmm not too sure about this.
Urgh, this sucks man. Not having these trival matters to be settled by default by the school. Pftt.
Private sucks man...

Ah yes, and AFA lies wonderfully during examination period for school.
Monday-Tuesday, will be lab practical examination. Hmm, I felt that it will be fine to go for AFA still. Oh and it is during report submission week too.
Sian leh. Then Friday is the main paper examination. Ah fuck it.
Tsk >(

Seems like every term will have to change the schedules/timetable.

But this time, I've learnt from poly life~
I must b econsistant in my school revision. Just like secondary school days. Then, exams won't be that hard ;D


Just returned from CAF training.
Moved on to the mass dance. I brought along Johnny for the walk. And... I made him a little too tall. Nah~ its actually the right height, demo ne~~~ I need to practice with a long rod.
Will be bringing him for eevry walk practice now XD
The Poke-ondo is actually fun! Really.

doom dooommm dommmMM~~
hahaha ^_^

Oh~ This Sunday, will be watching with 0A, the Gundam 00 movie: Awakening of a Trailblazer.
Guess won;t be poping by Senirasai again this year T^T
damn, I've missed both natsu and the open house.
o3 o

Oh well...

Sword summit: TM REVOLUTION