Friday, October 22, 2010

The Least

Waited for the invoice. Che~ Its still not mailed. (=3 =) Pfft~ I need to get going with RG even though it wont be done anytime soon. The boots at least. |||OTL

Wait till Halloween.
To up Halloween pictures. Meanwhile Mukuro will keep this place dust free~ XD

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red for delay

And the cloth to make Claire's vest is bought. Left to sew it. Hand sew I guess, because the sewing machine is not alive anymore. Or at least... Its still working expect there will be this damn loud clicking sound with each revolution. So, its really scary. D:

Yay, got the marooner one instead of the violeter one. Lol. although in the anime, she was wearing the violeter one. Well, I got the wrong colour because it would look much more natural to use this. Its a lovely colour anyways. ;D

The skirt will be using my sister's oversized (its even oversized on me! D:) overall skirt. So, I guess... I saved even more.
And now... The wig is a problem.
The person contacted me, saying that the money I transferred to her is not received. What?! O_O
This is why i dont trust electronic stuff. The money is lost i the circuits? O_o
Or is this a scam? Pfft.
And today, she says that the agant fees will be added. So... additional $16. OTL
I might as well go along with the Express batch from 2 other people...

Fine~ Learn from mistakes.
So... In the end, RG probably during EOY? D:

Oh yeah, I forgot about the boots.
Will go to Bugis first. Then that cheap shop.... I forgot the shopping centre name. ( = o = )'''
Burget will be $25. Lol, it sound really impossible.
$20-35 then. More realistic.

And Halloween coming soon.
Palnned to do cluedo... Yay.
I havent confirm what I am goinng to wear though. >__>

I want Claire's wig NOW~
Damnit >((