Saturday, January 28, 2012


Remember the werewolf wig from a LONG time ago. 
Well, it got a makeover. Now it is a normal wig. 
Hahahahaha! I have no idea if the wig is a heat resistant wig or not, so it went under the almost boiling water treatment >D
The wig didn't turned into fur-ball. So I conclude that it is heat resistant. 

Took it to my room and used the old hair iron (new hair iron strictly for HAIR) and began wig rebonding.

Yay~ This is the result. 
No before picture to compare it with. 


After slight trimming. Its really explosive! I meant it need quite a lot of hair pins to pin down the hair close to head. 

ARGH freaking ugly. Like passport picture. EEeee
Right.. pls don't mind the real w/o makeup face OTL
With basic styling, I can now include.. Lots of brown haired character. 
*__* Nice thick wig~ 

Monday, January 2, 2012

RIP 2011 and terrapin dear

Last year, well on new year's eve actually. 31 December 2011, 0A had a Steampunk Mocktail themed gathering.

It was at fort canning. Didn't take many pictures. And sadly... (points above) is the only picture that I took of myself. Hah.

I enjoyed myself, i hoped that the rest pf the attendees enjoyed themselves as much too.

I am really losing the mood to recall the event. 

A really heart breaking news.
My terrapin died. 
My brother and me buried it. 
I am the only one that cried till I swear tears can turn to blood. 
Because its really very sad.
It lies now at the basement of the block. 
I already visited the grave twice since yesterday.

I bought a green stone amulet ring.
SOUL ring I call it. 
It is to remind me of terrapin. -sobs-

I feel like I am going blind.

Pictures of the sad burial you can check them at my LJ. 
Though I think I will post them not any time soon.
Still have yet to post about the gathering there.