Friday, December 30, 2011

Update for EVE

The coat is finally done. 
EEyeaahh its red and.. too elegant. 
Brrr its the velvet man. Doesn't feel like postman now. The pouch is done too.

The mail bag and pet bird Jack will only be finished by the photoshoot. There is no time to complete them all now. 

Not many respondents to the event. I blame the December timing. Perhaps its New Year's eve too. 

This is the Royal Post logo. 
Hurray. Now, I need to find a way to have this embroidered on my coat.
-wiggle eyebrows-

Monday, December 26, 2011

Whats in so far...

What I have completed so far for this Saturday's gathering~



Ear communicator

Hopefully I can finish coat by Wednesday.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blood and horror

There was blood spilled at the shopping mall. 
Murder or suicide?
I was there. But nothing seemed out of the ordinary. 

Didn't manage to get any of costume and props material today. 
Damn ridiculous, I have to go out another day to hunt around for stuff. 
Che. Bloody hell.

PS These boots are my fav now. Only problem is that it is 2 sizes smaller.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And uf Yea

I am so freaking disappointed with myself.
I failed my fellow allies. 

I screwed EVERYTHING up. This is DESPAIR.

I forgot to do tattoo.
I messed up performance.
Not enough zest and spirit.
I want to die now.



Bad day

Quite a few things to update on. As I mentioned earlier the loathe of whatever celebration relating to me, Gokudera saved me from poundings or bitch slap people. Just pictures-I do not want to remember in particular a lot of things.

Sad origami is a happy creature. Blegh. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

One more week

I am trying hard to finish at least 90% of my costume by Sunday. And I did it! What is left now, is for teh paint to dry and style wig. Which I bet that the wig is going to give me a really hard time.
Well, I would have all done by Sunday, I I don't have to waste precious time to free my hands from Superglue. I hate glue. T^T

I still go out entire day shipping etc. Hurr~ There you go. Well planned time. I have to miss watching the Eclipse because these staring at small  details etc gave a terrible migraine. Well, actually I think not eating for a long time also killed my head  ;D

 at first, I sew them on.. 1 by 1. 
With lots of patience. And then the grumbling starts...
 My mom handed me UHU glue. Oh how I hated the smell and stickyness. But hey, I have to get things done asap. 
 And so... this is 13m of sequins. I ran out 3 times. So, the end product have 3 diff colour and shine. -stabs brain- 
 Yeah, The shine is overpowering. 

Something else other than costume, I want this man! Hello kitty shower gel.
Reminds me soo much of TM Rev. It must be the glasses. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ah Faarrrkk

LJ for non-self promo. Hahaha Lazy to retype here. 

Day 1: Claire Forrest

Haha I think girls characters are hard to pull of. Should have not worn the fake eyelashes. But it won't feel right for Gonzo. Lawl.
Completed the outfit just the night before. 

Day 2: Kai Hiwatari again

The white scarf now is blue again. Damn dye, why you run?!
Triangles too small. Because some Indo cosers are hogging the whole stretch of wash basins and mirror. Though there are only 3 or 4 of them. Tsk tsk. 

Ah now I have to complain.
I really HATE LOATHE DESPISE to have my birthday being celebrate. Just finished raging and really smashing and breaking things because I am really angry that its going to be celebrated. There is a bloody fucking reason why even my own family don't dare celebrate my birthday. I already made it clear when I am still a child. 

I have pictures to prove my hatred and rage on that party.
I won't even appreciate anything. I won't be thankful at all for anyhting.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trial and audition


Today is the audition for EOY. 
It went quite well. Though mistakes that we did, try to cover up cooly. Haha
Met Tachi in the train. Reached Dhody at around 12+
Went to Daiso and then to Popeyes for lunch, or a feast is a much more appropriate word. But when we were going home, I am already very hungry.
Did a couple of runs...

So, we must shorten the Skit. Cut the conversation between Moto and Tachi.Gracia twirls, Knif villlian. They are good man, I must think of more poses etc. I will sleep on this. Skit and poses.

Take note...

When reached home, actually, I am dead tired man.
But I have ti be online, to intercept an email.

-uses toothpicks to keep eyes open-

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

About time, I edit something else other than Rin. Huhuhu~
Well, Halloween is today. Supposedly we are to be doing Marauders again. But, school FML.
Besides, work this entire week. 

Omg. Idk how to finish up the reports.
Do the online test.
And start on revision. 
Other previous units, I am able to finish stuff without depending on others. Its definitely my bad habit to cling around if I am given a chance. Okay man.

I better make a schedule. 
Tmr after work, I will do revision.Until 5pm, where I will head to the library and print out my report. At a really expensive price of $0.30 per page
But the fare to NYP will still fall around the same.

Please... where is Hakimah?
Aki for once, or at least until EOY, lock yourself up in a dungeon.

Woohoo, the colour and font matches James. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Celebration after 1 report down.
1 more to go.
1 more will be added tmr.


摩天楼オペラ-murder scope

Sunday, October 23, 2011

So monochrome...

I unintentionally wore my initial garyuu pieces to training today. 
But not all. Almost. 
Now I think grey wig will still work in garyuu outfit. 

And that hair clip. 

The characters that you cosplayed... slowly fuse themselves with you. Or is it that I feel like I can relate to that character that, that is why I chose to do him/her. It felt both ways to me now.

Life not so fucked up now eh?

I still have report to do. 
But I am watching videos and busy with despair to care.
I still want to do report though... but I don't know how to do them is turning the report mood off.

Man I suck at calculations.

Now I wished that Gokudera's genius will really rub on me.


Vistlip- Drop note

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Screw destiny

This picture, is waayyyy back from Comifest 2. 
Only manage to summon the mind power to edit a few more. Oh my gosh. I still have Rin's picture from Mizu to edit. Only manage to edit 1 from the latest shoot stash.

The wonders of procrastination.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Salut Shamisen~

Finally, Shamisen is now done!
well, not exactly. Ahaahha
All its left with is the bottom piece. Which now... Its half built. 

 This is the side  view if the right. The tuning knobs are turn-able ;D
 This is the left side view of the uh...left tuning knob. Haha
 This is the back of the head.
 This is the neck of the shamisen. The wires....are not straight. 
 This is the 95% completed body. Haha. I placed the tail thing slanted. And so... The wires turned quite slanted. But not really noticeable. 
 The most most tedious part of the entire shamisen.
The bloody head. The head itself cost more than $10.
What the...
 This is the process. 2 nights ago. Unstringing the shamisen. Because wires are going to be used instead. 
Lalala... If the wires snapped -lol, that cannot happen- I can still string my shamisen. 
The knobs end. Just rolled up newspaper. Cone + cylinder + wires + masking tape + podge + paint

Yay~ Now I can move on to the armor. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Props update

Last Saturday, did a Rin shoot. At Dampsey Hill with Yuu and Mizu.
I feel awkward actually being the only one being shoot. Lol.
I definitely have to work at character expression, portrayal etc.
so basically, I still sucks. HAHA

So now, while school schedule is a little empty, and EOY is in 2 months! 
Oh my gosh. Hurried up with the shamisen. Its around 80% completed now. 
The head is left and the 'tail'. Actually, I totally forgot about the bottom-most piece.

The body after clothing in red velvet. Velvet from Mizu. Thanks dude. 
Looking and feeling nice. 

Next! The super duper nice scaly gold yellow cloth. 
Oh mai. Oh mai. I like this cloth so so much...

And after wrapping a little of the side, I have to cut out some irregular leaves and petals.
Paste them on the body. 
Haha. Miranda at the reflection. 

Not forgetting to paste the sides too. 

 So now... This is the progress so far. 
Pictures of the head won't load. So I post them up next time. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taped neck done!

Surprisingly, more then 1 roll of PVC tape was used up for the neck. 
I am quite reluctant to use PVC tape initially(the thin version) but the existence of a thick one is nil. Except for duct tape, which is totally a huge NO NO! This tape is... not sticky at all. which is really great. I don't have to worry about any residue from the sticky back. 

Well, here is the taped neck. 

Will add the red velvet body skin next. Not now because I realised that I haven't cut the gold flowers yet. 
The head will be done last.

Friday, September 30, 2011




Music: Season's call

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This aren't the orbs I wanted

It had been MONTHS since Taigong's shoot. I still have majority of the pictures unprocessed. Haha. 
And I feels like its taking me forever to remember the steps to burn the picture. Lol. 
Well, I really suck at editing effects etc. 
This.... I am still not happy with the 'orbs'. 

How do you edit effects anyways? 
Guess have to learn by trial and practice. Hurr~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


There is a new family member since last Tuesday!

Prince~ The terrapin

Now, I am catching up on my stalled animes. Yay. This feels good. 
Screen shots are no more. Kept forgetting to paste. XD
Yay, Neuhaus is back in Ao no Exorcist. But sadly, he is off again. D:
And I have accumulated 4 episodes of Tiger and Bunny. So... I may watch happily till I must wait for the next episode. Not so happy after all. Aahax. 
Should I consider doing Takuto again. Lol. I just took him off my list. To do Sugata or Takuto.
What a dilemma. 

Progressing with the 80% done Rin. 
Halfway to completing the red bag for Kurikara. Will have to find 4 buckles for the straps. 
Paint some beautiful white motifs on the bag then its all good to go!
After repairing the demon blade, its better but.. still bad. The blade is now.. only secured by a mere piece of paper. Its so flimsy. 

Tomorrow, going hunting. 
Lets hope will progress further with Motochika's. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

To hell

TGX happening from last Friday the 9th till today. 

Went there yesterday to participate in the cosplay competition under request from someone. Lol.
So after visiting my aunt's place, went back home to get stuff. And headed out to Expo. The crowd is.. well.. huge. Since its a games convention, I didn't expect many cosers. The vocaloids are expected. 
Arrived about 2 hours before the competition starts. After putting on Tai's outfit, only an hour is left. Hurr~ It took that long man. 
But I am quite annoyed at the staff there. Not being well informed about the locations and event happening at the convention. I was lead double wrongly to a wrong location to wait for the competition. Haha. What the hell. But thank goodness, some new friends lead us to the right place. All was well. 
Actually I am quite disheartened at the stage and space. If you could even call a 1m X 0.8m space a stage. 
So I used boring moves. The initial planned move set are...sweeping and twirls and turns~ ;D

Oh well. Its a good experience. Kind feel like I am going to turn gasha. And all the balls in the gasha machine are of the same colour and there is no way of telling what you might get next.
Oh but thanks man to Mizu and sarah for dropping by. Haha and them and the new friends for support.

And the public and normal humans for being so supportive. There are people with more positive thinking than me! So glad. 

Side note, I have a complain to make.
Its about physical abuse to cosplayers. I know that you guys probably have heard tons of stories about jiji taking pictures of female cosers in short skirts, where they try to 'get as much from a shot as possible'. I don't know if any would be physically abused (being touched inappropriately etc). Its sounds lame and wtf at the jiji. 
I wonder if having slutty bitches taking photo of you/with you falls in the same category. IT should!
They are more dangerous than hjj. Haha. Well, I have never experience physical abuse before. And actually did experience it...when I am cross dressing OTL -o maybe Tai doesn't count as crossdressing. But he is a guy and all.. ya'know U_U so its still crossdressing-
Before Mizu came, its was worse... They are definitely foreigners. Maybe china bitches? idk. 
I only gave permission for a PHOTO. Not... to touch me everywhere man! Super gross. -cringes-
There are some that wanted to put face close to mine.. when their friend with the camera is standing like...5 feet away. Wth? Lucky got head gear. Those that want to do that, I will just adjust my head so the chopsticks is going to poke their eyeballs. HAHA. LOL. 
But I couldn't accept their retarded actions when there is more than put arm around shoulders. -shifts away uncomfortably- 

C'mon man. I am a stranger. Stupid whores. 

Next time I do spiky amour or something, I probably don't mind impaling some people on it. Hurr~

Didn't take any pictures. No camera. Didn't use Chrome either.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

False hair for eyes

I think I am going to give false eyelashes a go. 
Even though, I think that my eyelashes are fake looking enough with mascara, it will be amazing to unreal them Hurr~ 

Ah didn't rotate this picture. Well anyways, I know that I am suppose to cut them. According to my eye, but how? Cut the sides? I mean...just cut it? Not the length?
Should just give it a go. Actually, I am pretty afraid. The glue. 
How to remove them? I have seen that they turned rubbery after they are dried. Then just peel them off?
How to clean lashes? I am sure that if wigs sometimes need to be washed, lashes too?
Not with water? With... alcohol? 

Cut 1 of the 6 lashes to make the 'ends' of a pair seems to have more volume. 
Hmm.. I don't really like the not-blended-volume look. But oh well, I don't think people will notice the details. -cross fingers-
 And glue them together! Oh crap, I didn't take after picture. Heh~

I have no idea. But I am going to carry on. 
If it fails, then at least I tried. I can try again.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Erased and Replaced

Just started on watching Kamisama Dolls. I think I will follow this anime. Heh, just because there is a silver haired guy in the 1st episode named Aki. Hurr~
Progressing on Tiger and Bunny. <3
On episode 21 now. Its sad that Kotestu is being set up. I always knew that Maverick is such an evil dick. Anime intuition is right. Yosh!
Argh man! I feel like jumping in and save Tiger. -rolls around mad-
Should start catching up on Ao no Exorcist and Bleach. 
Lots of other anime to catch up to eh. Damn my procrastinating self.

Today I bought the PVC for Motochika's armour, boots and wrist armour too. 
and looking at a classmate's sequined bag gave me an idea that I should not paint my costume. Instead, I should make the designs out of sequins!
Hell yeah~

Ah the shamisen is a little complete. 

 The body first. Cardboard power.
Then glued 2 pieces of wood together with epoxy. Secured with tape at 8cm alternate length. Hope will not snap apart or something. 
The two pictures above combo to get this. So now, what is left is the neck. I plan to use high density foam and the tuner-thing with plain rolled paper hardened with white glue.
Need to get the decorations for this dear soon!

EOY is  approaching really soon. -shivers-

Ah crap, sewing machine is busted again.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hollow box?

Props update this time round

Progressing really slowly with EOY's costume and props. I aim to finish the shamisen by end of September. But since today is a holiday, there is no work. Yosh~ So glad. Manage to draft out the proportions for the Shamisen. I admit its fun, but a little confusing.

In the end, the cut out body is not really proportionate to what I measured and planned as I am running out of cardboard! So, I have to halt the progress and wait for the IKEA table to be assembled so that I can use the cardboard box. Hurr~

Just the middle of the dO. Will need 3 more of this piece and a long long board to be the side. Then can attach the wooden sao. 

The challenge is going to be the elaborate head. I plan to make the itomaki actually turns. This will facilitate if there are any need to change the strings. Will be most fun and cool if its actually playable. 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flowy robes + Strips on scarves

"Master, I cannot hear you..."

The Harry Potter shoot with credits to ミズ。Scarves and robes those all~
Well, I don't follow that series at all. Except when I happen to read some of the books...half-way.
Not the right dose for fantasy for me. But I have to really like the movies. I am sure the books are deeper.
Haha look at LOTR, the movie and the book doesn't sync in... length ;D

Anyways, the robe and scarf, are done by her. So for me, its a free cos.
The shoot was fun. Although before we headed to shoot location, Xuyun's wig isn't brought along. So thank heavens, Spotlight have a pretty decent wig!
Ah that reminds me to get the vampire fangs~
After getting the wig, headed off to fort canning park. The day was sooo hot. Oh man, rolls of tissue doesn't work. But with plans, the shoot went on alright.
Indoor shoot in dark places is not OK though. :(

Ended it all around afternoon-ish. Head to PS and grab late lunch and upsize lunch felt so worth it. Hot day and all. Whew. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Plum orange

Today is Streetfest. 
The sad event that clashes with first day of unit lesson.

In the end, didn't get to stay for streetfest. Just when the bands are starting to play, me and Mizu had to drag feet to school. 

Before rotting at Vivo, Yuui offered to aid me to wear uh.... lipstick and gloss. I can't believe that I find them bearable. And she tried to complete my routine. Haha I walked out of my house with 20% make up. But in the end, only did 2 layers not usual routine. Its okay. Not cosing anyways ;D
I need to get another powder. The circle in the current one is growing larger everyday.  \O/

Have to pack for tmr. 

HP shoot. -I didn't even finish reading it-

I am also progressing with Rin's shoot plan.
-beams with joy-

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Different story told


Lest say if you can feel angry air currents in yourself.
And you feel like puking and burping at the same time... But the air just stays in. 

What to do?

Ah this works for me all the time since when I am young. You can chew and nibble at raw small ginger strips.
Or to soothe that terrible stomach, brew a strong pint of tea. Add a few ginger into it.
Ginger tea <3

While in the middle of studying for exams (which is tmr!)

I tried out the eyebrow erasing thing again. 
Not too bad. But its taking a long time. Pity I cannot pluck out my eyebrow. 

Only eyebrow and upper eyelid makeup. Don't mind my normal face. 
I am nothing without makeup yo. ;D

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ka-raaaarrrr-OK! ;D


Arrr... Good pic.
You can only admire the soles here. >O

Fuu~ Its just black laced platforms. >_>

no big deal. Huur~ the insoles in the boots are super... cute. ROFL. Its usagi and pink fluffy.
Omg. OTL

Even though its size 40... Som
ehow its.... smaller. 

Rushing report now. Still have yet to memorise 25 answers for the test. Che~

Scarlet Ballet

Friday, July 15, 2011


It came without a word.

Without a word, it comes and leaves

Rewatching You're Beautiful~
It is making me feel so depressed. Cannot believe that I also feel like krying when the people in it kried. 
Listening to the OSTs makes me even more depressed and damn sad man..

But I really cannot stop the Without Words song from running around in my head like a spoilt record. 
Sure its nice... But I really cannot concentrate on doing my school assignments.
Because what I really want to do is...

Sit in a garden and stare at the clear blue sky.

Ah good life. 

-burst balloon-

Keep dreaming. 

Results of previous unit will be out in 3 days time. >.<

Later meeting seller to get boots. Phew. $30. new 2nd hand. Not bad.
Going to polish them like my old ones ( *`ω´)

하지말걸 그랬어 모른척 해버릴걸
안보이는 것처럼 볼수없는 것처럼
널 아 예 보지말 걸 그랬나봐
도망칠 걸 그랬어 못들은척 그럴걸
듣지 도못하는 척들 을 수 없는 것처럼 아 예 네
사랑 듣지 않을 걸

말도없이 사랑을 알게 하고
말도없이 사랑을 내게주고
숨결하나조차 널 담게 해놓고 이렇게 도망가니까
말도없이 사랑이 나를떠나
말도없이 사랑이 나를 버려
무슨 말을 할지 다문 입이 혼자서 놀란것 같아
말도없이 와서

왜 이렇게 아픈지 왜 자꾸만 아픈지
널 볼수 없다는거
네가 없다는거 말고
모두 예전과 똑같은건데

말도없이 사랑을 알게 하고
말도없이 사랑을 내게주고
숨결 하나조차 널 담게 해놓고 이렇게 도망 가니까
말도없이 사랑이 나를떠나
말동벗이 사랑이 나를버려
무슨말을 할지 다문입이 혼자서 놀란것 같아
말도없이 눈물이 흘러내려 말도없이 가슴이 무너져가

말도 없는 사랑을 기다리고 말도 없는 사랑을 아파하고
넋이 나가버려 바보가 되버려 하늘만 보고우니까
말도없이 이별이 나를찾아 말도 없이 이별이 내게와서
준비도 못하고 너를 보내야하는 내맘이 놀란것 같아
말도 없이 와서

말도없이 왔다가
말도없이 떠나는
지나간 열병처럼
잠시 아프면 되나봐
자꾸 흉터만 남게되니까

-smash head into wall-

Thursday, July 14, 2011

You can't see me

Great. Rewatching Gankutsuou~~~ again. -melts-
Count! Gah the plot~~ Cool sweet shit. O_Q Listening to the OSTs. <3
T w T
So beautiful...

I feel like doing a fanart on it suddenly. \o/
Oh how i wished I had a tablet. HUrr~ 2nd hand also can. =D

Meanwhile... I am on a mad rush on the last lab rep
ort and trying to write notes for the exam. OTL

Why is this unit so.. disorganised and its so... pretty badly spaced. Pfft. 

And my head is racing on Motochika's shamisen and wig. Also for the upcoming streetfest. 


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Begone terrible things!

How I wish! 
The next unit timetable is out. And unfortunately, its no better than the previous units. Oh this just as bad. Saturday lectures from 2 to 5pm. 

So... I guess will be missing on Streetfest. Or- I could really do ageha and change out when going school. But that will be horribly useless. 3hrs in outfit. OTL

-sinks into the hard ground-

I can stick to the usual wadrobe, which I am getting a little tired of already. -But I still like them ^^;-

decisions decisions....

Ageha or whatever-I-wear

Friday, July 8, 2011

Twang twang twang

I need to really improve on my cosplay.
Skills from every sort of angle. Costume or the clothes -coughs!- material and quality.
Piecing them up together. Making the accessories.
BEING THEM! which I so suck. T_T
Hurr~ I am still a little uncomfortable to... step on my pride.
Uwaa.. Idk what is wrong with me. D:
Man I suck.

But most important. Besides really picking a character that suits you.
It is what I believe and does...
Not accuracy.

To bring from screen to physical being ;D

Zomg. This bastard is talking cock like some big shot.
My level is still low. >D


Currently, is doing EOY stuff. Yeah baby~!
The wig is stressing me out. How i wished it could be as thick as my own hair. D:
Now, I need a change in wig planning.
Kai will have to share with Claire. Unfortunately yes dears...
Because Motochika's too long to use Kai's wig. HAH. Blame on my dumbness. I totally forgot to refer to my Book of Outer Space.
Kai is suppose to use with Motochika. But the wig is the long one.
Claire is alone. Then spam dye.
Now...its half of each. BRAVO! -claps claps-

As usual, I will start on the props first before sewing.

Shamisen version will be...

Golden Ginkgo!

So... beautiful *___*
Still at drafting process.

I need to reduce my eyebags ;D

Monday, July 4, 2011

Walked by the old town~

Cosfest X.I

I skipped school to be with Good Day. XD

Day 1.

Packed the remaining items into the bag. The wig already dried. The clay buckle too.
Bathe and get dressed. Ate breakfast before heading out.
But seriously, extra tight binding, I cannot eat more than 10 spoonful of rice. T__T
and the rice is damn nice! -sobs-

Reached DTE exactly at 12noon. At least according to my watch. Ahax.
And my blisters are killing my foot. Damn. The skin really peeled. Ouch.
Sat and get fully dressed at McDonalds. Whee~ got the blue can glass ;D
Yuu-chan helped with the triangles. Hahaha. Need that A4 mirror. Thanks Yuu! for evening out and shading the triangles. Though I moved a lot and couldn't keep still. Haha. ;D

Its an enjoyable day. Really cool. Finally get to meet new people ^^;
Partly because Kai is quite old school I guess. Something else that the creativity sucking stuff (>o<) People still remembered! Naiceee~

I would have loot a lot of things. But I was pretty broke this week. In the end, only got myself a fan with bishies on it. Uh, some fan work.. but the colour tone is nice thats why I got it. Oh not to mention it is super useful during this particularly hot day.
This year, there are 2 tents! One features booths for goodpeople. Another for human booths ^^;
Bahahah. More space. Very very good! >O

Missed out on a lot of people. Sadly, as usual I guess? I wasn't very trigger happy. Barely any camwhore too! D:
Damn sad.

Day 2

Ah. Had been a while since I am not solo-ing on cosplays.
Beelzebub team ;D
Akiwatari= Oga
Mizurei= Aoi
Xuyun= Chiaki

Yosh. So exciting!~ >///<
But still missing on a lot of people. Hurr~ Whad'ya expect...
Yuu-chan did Mugi. From K-on. Really like the striped shirt. It felt all to natural! \ o /

So the routine didn't change much from day 1.
Didn't see that many people either. Whyyy.... are people disappearing.. Oh man. OTL

Ah If you noticed, I had plasters on my left arm. Its totally not accurate. But the XXX marks really won't tango from my arms under concealer T_T
But its lucky that both days characters kind of really suit the plaster theme. Lol.

Bought more loot. Hmm a bookmark. I liked others more, but idk why I got this. O_O;
And a Howl's moving castle and Spirited away big card. I am running out of wall space. Hahaha.

Ah right.

I will tweak some pictures now to post here. Heh.