Monday, September 29, 2014

Event COC

Capital of cosplay

These small events are good for costesting and just costesting. Ahaha. Suddenly decided to drop by in next plan costest after bumping into Xuyun adn she said that she have school on the very day of the event we planned to go to. But the 'casual' words aren't taken seriously and she was quite unprepared. Aahaha sumimasen.

I tried Heichou. Okay the triple eyelids are creeping me out now. Need more contouring, and eyeborws need to IDGAF more. eyeliner corners... something is wrong also. 

Wow we even have make up on. HAhahaha small costest much.  ;D
She is adorable as Armin. Gahhh so excited for the upcoming shoot. Hopefully.

UNIQLO power lighting. Kiyo did Petra. Xuyun as swag Armin. No particular version.

And smaller younger adorable Petra and Levi! Kufufufufu~ 

While everybody is hyped at the guest cosers, I am dying of boredom. And many other people also came by after they are done with their photoshoot.
I rabu blazers yo.

Very broke. Hahahaha /weak laughter

Friday, September 26, 2014

Clean up clean up every alt day

Cleaning up is the happiest me.
Compression at its best. After airing out my old costumes, into storage they goes.

And Daiso have the rubber balls. Well expensive much. Will be using only 1, so now idk what to do with the 9 other balls. So wasteful. /cries

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SCCS backlog

Kitty bar and Conveyor Belt
Lol Lol lol lol these names. Very right

Because filter is awesome. Fail shouta. I think its just the wig and clothing choice. Okay maybe everything. Lol
back flipped this Allelujah wig to see and experience the holding power of a hairband. Haha Kiyo wore her Void wig from eons ago. Expensive wig cannot throw away de!
Tested it out in a small event SCCS- which is basically a Jojo themed event. now I hope there will be a Saints event. /hnghhh

Hahah like Kitty pointed out. Jojo cosers need to have the build. Yo everybody so bishie and slim how?
And he discovered a pretty Jojo (LOL bigger bewbies?) Hahah now i wanna try and see how. Interesting.
Well okay back to event, its a smaller event but not that small. Just to feed the fandom. Jonathan is still my fave Jojo  :> hurr hurr~ Only camwhored with peeps but not with Neneko. Gahh I came for Neneko man!!! :<
But we dropped by only on the final day. And bumped into familiar faces only towards the later time of the day. Bump into Popcorn at KFC. Wahh miss her very much! Popcornn~~~ /fuwafuwafuwa shooo cuteeee shoooo chiiooooo we only meet sometimes during event.  /sads
Can't wait for photoshoot. November though. Super long time to wait.
Hahah the sequence of events. Jumbled up as usual.

Ah I forgot wanted to do fansigns actaully. Oh wells...

More WIP

WIP WIP WIP time!!!

Ongoing progress for AFA 2014. And end of year movie event i hope. Hnghhhh so much rabu rabu for swag dad. Another daddy character. Bring out your non-existent paternal kokoro.

Props first before wig. Then wig before costume. Hahah so basically costume is leftover budget.

Oh right crown first!

During wiring to get the basic structure. It reminds me of the Nuclear pore basket. Science student much.

Basic and the back 'branches' go go go autumn crown~

And more details. Hahah oh gawd didn't realised my toes are there.

The side view.

And then clay and prime and prime a few more layers. Going to add even more details maybe in October, and then finish it up.

 Anyways, couldn't get a nice real lace front wig, so went for cheaper and much more roundabout method of getting normal wig and transforming it painfully and yet enjoyably into q lace front with hair line and all. Lmao~ Sew sew sew your wig

Left is reverse wafts. Didn't go all the way up but just enough to give a convincing back comb effect. And then on to the side burns. screw that my natural sideburns is a lot,, so will have to cover it. Boohoohoo.

How long is Ada's wig? hahah not too bad with the crown. The crown fits just nice, but the wig is really slippery. Will hafta add a comb to the crown.

Dunndun dun dunn sorry not sorry no makeup. Hahah at least the net covers the shine on may forehead. And those colours are complementary to normal make up when will wear uhhhh when Ada is going to swag partehhh   OTL hahah aomg my face looks long in this wig. I want V-shape and sharper chin can?

Ps: I cant look down on floor in this set up. So will be all high and mighty. Kufufuufufu. Looking down= sideburn wafts Loreal hair shampoo. Ddamn annoying. Hnghhh falling faliing falliinnnggg

Oh yeah... I totally forgot abt the staff. Uh teh clay dropped and it hardens into that 'splat'spherical shape. Rofl.