Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Whee~ so today pretty much got most of the stuff to start beading.
And its not funny to get like...$20 worth of beads. Its effing painful to my wallet. Now, must make sure that can make lots of profits.
Hmm actually, profits not really my main aim. Ahax, I just want to give this online business a go. At least I have mark an achievement in my life ^^;


My first piece was an experiment piece.
A pair of earrings with purple beads. Not that bad I would say. Kind of getting a hang at this... wire twisting. Hurr~

i DID typed a whole lot more stuff! And internetz phailed me.. dc and dc.. screw it!

right~ next time shall continued with this post.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today would be a distinction day... If only I had my phone switched off. Hurr~

Woke up at about 9+
And then read the newspaper. I was in a reallllyyyy good mood XDD
Hurr~ =see!
and flipped the pages randomly, and got teh movie adverts. section.
And the list writes itself in my head~

So I get dressed, then went out with my mother... but she go work... i go...

Then too out Lavoisier, and i saw both my earphones under the table... -sobs-
I know i cant survive w/o his songs, so... I went to Popular and purchase a pair if earphones...
satisfied... went back to mrt.. and throw in free coins for donations...
-pastes sticker in wallet-
Reached Vivo and the movie was already on.. so.. i tookk the next slot.
TEKKEN! Woohhoooo Loves *////w///*
So, the movie is at 15:45
And im there at 1.46- the previous movie is 13:40- Lol.
Then I went to Ramen Ten and get horrible Jap food. How can it taste like just rice...
Ahem. And the person mixed my order up.. and I get my food after ALL teh customers there finished their food. Thats also when I have to remind the waitress that I have a pending order. Che~
I don't like the ramen. It is instant i think? .__.
Anyways, here is the Ebi and Salmon nigiri sushi.
Rate: 3/10

I finished all teh wasabi. I think im getting immune to it. =X

Haha enough with the lunch...
its actually my second lunch ^^;
I ate at home before i went out. Hell yes, im famished today.
Ahha finish Ramen ten lunch in less then 30mins total. Rawr!!!
Then walked to Vivo back, and toys r us.. no gasha update there...
Daiso next... Bought needle.
==; idk for what... I wasnt thinking... -chucks it in a corner-

went to PageOne since I have about 15minutes to movie start... and saw a few books, im sooo going to add to my booklist.
Right... with right aura and mood, i headed to GV below.
and leaves a trail of nosebleed to the 6th theatre. *///*

-Tekken tekken tekken tekken-


and im 10minutes early... hurr~
but i can imagine teh movie already. *____* heehhe
so finally it starts...

JonFoo im your fan now OTL




Im literally grinning throghout the entire movie...
I died and get reborn in there infinately... U___U

Im now a fan of Jin
But im quite sad that Sergei HAVE to die T___T
there is no Hwarong or Lee though. -sobs-
Ah if they were in... i would jump into the screen and fanboys like... a super rabid fan.
And teh iron fist matches are even more hearts.

and nina and anna can screw themselves out. I dont see why some scenes are necessary though. Wth.
i give.... the maximum score!!!
Yay... if i have money... i want to watch this again...
i spammed nosebleed in teh theatre.. gomen~

i feel like telling teh whole movie here!
maybe one day... when i am a bit clamer.

sooo... sadly, good stuff doesnt last, so... RAWR~
and then and then i have to rush to the toilet to relief myself... im soo high that -squels!!!- i feel like i have a full bladder a few seconds after that... OTL





and then moved on to... Plaza sing
to turn gasha...
got Reborn and Lambo. Was aiming for Gokudera and Hibari U w U
Oh well... and then went to spotlight to get stuff for mother.



-goes high again-


-rolls around-

The martial arts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



so after PS, went to meet my sister and look for her formal shoes...
then home...

And im seriously high now....

omg and tmr is tokio hotel autogrph at bugis... oh man.. i want to go~~~~

I want to go Singfest too!
I need to see 30STM T____________________________T
I want to see Tokio hotel~~~~~~~~~~ T________________T

soo many things i want to blog...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Must-quit-toes? HAHA WTH

Lol I was laughing my ass off wehn my mother told me that our neighbour thought there are more of us kids in the house.
Reason is because, they sometimes will bump into me going out in costume/different characters or going home...
and its cannot possibly be me. Im soo normal ;D
So they conclude that there is 1 more daughter and son hiding and rarely seen in the house.

Wow. Im now more then 3 people. OTL
Seriously, its really amusing.

There will be all 3 of my favourite char =///=
And the trailer looks alright. Wayyyyyy better than Avatar:The Airbender.
I have nothing against the visual effects etc, but I have a HUGE problem with the cast D:
Poor Zuzu~
Oh that reminds me to try the avatar meal from KFC.
I have a feeling that I mUST get it. But for god knows what reason. -shrugs-

and I will need to shop for,
1. yarns
2. cloth- to sew bag and costumes
3. sewing machine- because I destroyed my current one OTL
4. trinklets- cos my sister wants to open a hand-made jewellery blogshop.
5. shoes- yes, current pair is in a state of emergency!


Oh man~ tmr is going to follow my mother out to go hunting.
damn lazy to drag self out at 7am. =.=;
Uwaa~ But I really cannot sa no to following her, Huurr~ if i did, then she..or they(both father and mother) will complain that how come im soo fired up and enthu about waking up at 6 for Cosplay.. but not biddibg their orders. There you go...
Is a long term investment XDDDDDD

hmmm... definately will go to Dhoby to check out gashas too...

Oh and for Halloween, I need to think of something.

Nothing scary. ^^;

Ah damn, and my sister aleady got teh Lucifer album and SHINee poster with it too....
Nvm nvm... i rather get BigBang *__*

Go! Go! Go! >D

And also waiting for more ABDGSBS * w *