Monday, April 15, 2013

Otoya costest

IMBA costest with Cagalli at the airport. Lmao. Test new lens and outfit for GSD. But I costest Otoya. Wig need to dye darker. Its too orange for Otoya. The eye makeup most importantly seems okay. 
Just edited a few pictures but have yet to resize them yet. So this one first.
Now I wished I had done Lacus instead. The bottom of the outfit is challenging for the entire coordination.

The new Mika lens are alright. But have to got loads and loads of patience to adjust for every SINGLE picture. Hahaha. Vector portrait ftw!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Journey to the deep sea

Tsuitama visit and Aquarium~~ Everything is so jumbled.
Damn school stuff @____@ -confused-

Haru: Mizurei

Yuki: Akiwatari

Natsuki: Yuu

All except 3 of the pictures above are unedited. 

In the end I just combed and lightly tease Yuki wig before wearing and then went out with base makeup to meet Haru who was changing. The toilet floors are different. Yay wooden panels. 
And then Natsu came and changed and we all went to hunt for maki at Cold storage.
Took bus there an ate maki and then took idk random not in character pictures except for Haru and his lure. Hahaha

Then it was bloody hot and finally Q and Natsu bought tix with discount. Yay. And we went in and... 


my head is empty except for 


(* Q *) -drools at food-

There was soo many people in there. The air-con might as well not be on anyways. 

The aquariums are all shooo OMG. SPAZZ. 
The coral and the deep sea with mantra rays etc. Gah!!
Not forgetting the jellyfishies too. Idk why I was expecting turtles and dolphins in the aquarium. 

The souvenir shop is so darn disappointing. Che damn you guys selling shit. At least we turned coins. XD

Then we played water gun until its time to go change out.
and i went school and KO-ed in lecture.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Many many sewing stuff

Takasugi's vest is done. Its quite flimsy because its thin. Didn't have enough cloth for proper one. 
I also did another vest with Hei's inner lining extra cloth. Same flimsy outcome. Lmao.

And shortened the Puff's cloak. Its now... my height and not my brother's. Hahah sorry brother. I under estimate circles again. 

Going to sew a few skirts next. Hurr~

Ah yesh done with the DIY belt for Yuki. Its only $7.50 total. So expensive still. DIY is suppose to cost only abt $3. ahaha asking too much.