Saturday, December 14, 2013

Assorted feels

Clip dried and almost done packing for EOY. 

And to MIDDLE EARTH. I went to Mirkwood and never returning. At Hougang waiting for Galadriel to arrive. 
Finally going to watch Hobbit after 1 year of waiting. I totally looked like I am wearing my PJs out and with my fab bed hair.
I have no words to describe the /feels and /feels tsunami. Hahaha!

 And hello idk why I even want to put this disgusting pic up. Rofl. I am quiet ready for EOY! Nyahahahaha~

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lacus WIP

85% done with Lacus. Finally will be doing this version ever since... the anime episode aired. Hahah thats very very long time ago. The head ribbon, clip, lace trimming below the skirt, the inner sleeve 'white portion' and all the snap buttons to fix obi 'flower' into place are left. Whew. Took 2 days to do this. Not that long. Damn I am fat man. Looks fluffed up. Oh well.

Will be borrowing my mother's shoes if the white boots failed.

Meanwhile painting the gold clip.