Saturday, December 14, 2013

Assorted feels

Clip dried and almost done packing for EOY. 

And to MIDDLE EARTH. I went to Mirkwood and never returning. At Hougang waiting for Galadriel to arrive. 
Finally going to watch Hobbit after 1 year of waiting. I totally looked like I am wearing my PJs out and with my fab bed hair.
I have no words to describe the /feels and /feels tsunami. Hahaha!

 And hello idk why I even want to put this disgusting pic up. Rofl. I am quiet ready for EOY! Nyahahahaha~

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lacus WIP

85% done with Lacus. Finally will be doing this version ever since... the anime episode aired. Hahah thats very very long time ago. The head ribbon, clip, lace trimming below the skirt, the inner sleeve 'white portion' and all the snap buttons to fix obi 'flower' into place are left. Whew. Took 2 days to do this. Not that long. Damn I am fat man. Looks fluffed up. Oh well.

Will be borrowing my mother's shoes if the white boots failed.

Meanwhile painting the gold clip.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dancing titan test and Imma 4eva ugly rofllmaowtf

HAHAHA Omg i am soo sorry if somebody died seeing this. LOL
I cant stop laughing. Was going to do Ymir's makeup test because well... nothing is impossible and its gdi so fun to do make up . Then my phone camera soo sucky and my room lighting too. Lol so the first pic was left and right side diff eye make up. Just thicker and squarer eyeliner. Darker upper eyelid fake crease and lower lid roundifed  and extended. The right side is normal eyeliner drawn on upper eyelid only and 1.5X thicker than the left side. Not 3 shades of fake upper eyelid fake crease. And no mascara cos I lazy remove if I am gonna wear.
The bottom pic is.. well... -rolls eye- I got initiative to draw the hair 'shape' and got carried away. 
Since my eyebrow is too far from my eye, I drew the right distance in. And... what I wld draw if doing Ymir for real. And thank heavens, I am not ever goign to do Ymir. I look so ugly and freckles looks like fucking acne scars. 
Oh pls pls pls freckles ARE NEVER BLACK. Imma slap you if you dotted black spots. I know I did that in first pic. Heh. Learn from mistakes.
Oh gawddamn I am so ugly.     -purge-
I look like the monkey FOB had.   /stabs eyes

Monday, October 28, 2013

Paint over yourself

HAHHAHAH This is what I called pshopped. Just painted over my own self pic. -stares-
What is this... It still looks real. Blebb~

Shall paint over more pic.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

progress shuffled

For day 3.
ALL my plans are poofed.
Day 1 suddenly got work. So I coming after work. MAYBE just maybe I do Hotsuin. Or just wear fairy outfit from ice-skating. Means I can't bring many things to work. Lmao...

Day 2    /Petrafied
'nuf said

Gears left to spray turbine and attach all together. And jacket to do.

Day 3 Rin MINDFUCKED girl ver. Well.... its done! I hope the male white shirt can pass off for female.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cut me open

Surgery is soooo fun and exciting. Hahhahahaha~

I took longer than my estimated time. Because there was a problem with my heart rate. Lol. Unnaturally high. In the end after like almost an hour and a few doctors have to be called in, they have no choice but to carry on with the surgery despite my complications. Have to do some emergency tests too cos my hormone level is also unnatural. Many needles poked on chest and my arms. Lol the team was how many more needles?
My surgeon said, its alright, she is strong. Hell yeah, I told them go on. Do what you must. I am alright. Then the nurse was.. its okay. Her heart rate still as high. Everybody lol-ed and... continue poke needles.
And my hormones is very high. Hahahah oh wow. (Wth does that mean?) Then they draw a few tubes of blood. And more bags of blood comes in from donors...
Then my doctor came and look at me... I told you not to lose any weight right? You lose a lot again.
I am sorry! I tried eating a lot already!! I even ate meat and sweet drink to increase weight unheathily gdi. -cries-
Then more patients waiting outside, called a nurse. My surgery really have to do now, can't delay anymore.
Surgeon says, We will put you to sleep now. And then put more needles and tubes into to you to help stabilise you later. The nurse put the mask on my face, OK breathe in deeply. Askes some qns I answered the first qns but fell asleep already before I can hear the next qns.
Suddenly I saw a light and heard my name being called. Feeling discomfort in various places...
Wth? Whats going on? Where am I? Who.. oh.. nurse... Wait what? Huh? Like a million qns in my head running like movie. Ahahaha.
And the nurse was wiping my wet cheeks and eyes. What is that? I asked.
Oh your tears. Some patients are like this.
Oh wow.. I am some of those weird patient. Hurr~
How you feeling?
Sleppy. Hungry. -and I fell asleep-
Then I woke up again. She came and Oh try to stay awake. Tell your body to be awake.
Right. I tried to fight the sleepyness. -fell asleep rightaway again-
Another nurse. Are you hurting anywhere?
Yes. But its okay. It like a knife stab only.
Nurse eyes like O_O
I laughed. -gad i regret that hurt more like fuck- I rate pain only 1. Got more pain than this.
Then I cant rmbr cos events like between my  half asleep state.
Then i rmbr rejecting sooo many milo cups.Only ask for more palin water. And the nurse are arguing behind my bed curtains to force milo into me and its a must.
1 more nurse nicely ask i reject again. Then they change the IV drip with another drip.
I want coconut water  -sobs-
I asked that nurse how long I asleep. She said 2hrs. Its normal. But they expect me to sleep longer cos I have a lot of injections and drugs during surgery. My surgery took only abt 1hr tho.
LOL. What happen during surgery? OTL
Then my surgeon and doctor came and tell me I am doing great. Oh we finally got to lower down your heart rate and other levels. Look -points to some monitor that I cant see cos no glasses- they better now. Rest well. You got a lot of injections just now.
Thank you for taking care of me. -again I want to know what happen during surgery-
Stares at monitor. -beepbeepbeep-
Nurse talk that they cant change my time and stats. So all the ppl that come after me will be affected.
Aahh gomen other citizens and patients.

Slowly, I shift to day ward and they observe me from there. Then I told myself need to fake very alert and not drunk drugged -eventho i am feeling liek crap-
Nurse came. How you feeling? Can sit down.
Focus bitch. Talk normal dont slur. Oh I feel great! So much better now. Smiles and laughs -hold in your goddamn suffering- My throat sore like fuck. Must be the tubes they out into my body.
Oh good. we goign to shift you to sit then in abt 2hrs you can go home and I will call your parents.
-I am wondering what time it is now already...and i just realised I am naked and can see the stitches and dotted lines where they cut, but i bandaged so not that unsightly-
Suddenly I am sitting on a chair and did I walked out? Gdi Idk what I am doing really.
Then I saw my parents at the entrance. Then i go to them. Then hey hey we sat... Lol.
And talk and take pic. Hahaha
Then a nurse run abt looking for me. She didnt scold me.
My parents were like... You sneaked out? \O/
Nurse said Oh its okay. She is still under anesthetic. She don't know what she is doing. She will forget abt the operation and all when the drugs wear off ard wed. (Thats why i dragged myself from bed to here to type. Later tmr i forget already ahhaha) She might look normal and alert but actually she is quite like a zombie.
actually true enough... i dont remember what we talked so seriously abt. I know its abt my medications and stitches. ahhaha lucky she told my parents, they can rmbr.

So I seem good enuf to sneak out and i really wanna go home they discharged me yesterday evening.
I want to KO so badly by then and i cant rmbr my locker code at all. Why do they even... if patients cant rmbr after drugs let them choose code  OTL
The nurse brought a master key to open. Then i changed out. I slumped and my mom dragged by by my arm once I stepped out of the wards. Hhahaha then cab came like the moment we Q. Then I slept until today.
I think i ate last night.

Idk how to eat my medications. I think I ate already? Got missing tablets...
Ok i am very tired and in pain again. Cant do much. Gonna find am arm sling. got 7 days MC not even fit for light work.
It hurts to talk, laugh, cough, sneeze and walk. Lie down also some time later will hurt. Zzzzz...

But overall... it was fun and exciting.

Lets see if need to cut my right body too. 31st.
Shit how to watch Gintama..

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Cut and ready to be hemmed. Opps I just realised I havent draft the collar yet.
Shall sew while recuperating next week. Put time off to good use.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Comifest 3

So very different. Before and after. Kai to change out and Aki in bus reaching home. Hurr~

The competition is soo much fun. I want more competition and events!
Today is so fun... and feels
Ahhh my kokoro. That beautiful soul~~

Meet so many new people. And omg now I want a Raideen t-shirt too.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Shoot day CF1

Kai and Kamijou (William)

Uhh so this coser is supposedly infamous? Lol. Idk man. I just feel easy ard him so, idk why I want a pic also. Hahahahaha William help take. Ahh its fun to talk and catch up when the cosplay attendees are like lesser than 20. Well.. excluding 12 of  us competitors.

Suppose I will write abt the shoot today.

Received the confirmation and reporting instructions only like at 2.16am last night. Wtf. So lucky I got up at 7am. Faster get dressed and omg make up took like an hour. Thats only base...
Reached ITE central at ard 9.45 then I wore wig and finish up makeup. I took my bloody own sweet time cos I know I have lots of time! Head to the briefing room at 1040am. And got the student photogs already. Took a seat and then chat with Sonico and another gal, and joey getting dressed. (I am bad with names guys. Must talk to me and keep saying your name then I will rmbr.)
And wait until 1130 then somemore ppl arrives and ppl all finish up dressing. I am sooo boreddddd and tired from waiting already.
Then we draw lots to get our photogs. Apparently, we are subjects for their photo and video competition. But my team damn cool one, they don't care abt prize only for fun. We also have to use the sponsored Canon compact. Like Arios kind... The provided cam is getting on my teams nerve and my migraine is like blasting. Hahaha.
The video... well... actually we didn't shoot finish.
move ard sch, want to find guy's locker and gym toilet but all ashing  OTL
So in the end, Ivan(became feather man) was throwing dranzer feathers at me and Daniel and Boss(sry I don't rmbr your name, but you build the school!!! XDD) got to a corridor, Kai walking. We doing sooo random things... I also lost track what I am doing -pounding head- XD
Then we head to the room for the 2nd half of the schedule.
Suppose to be eating with the guys, but I hold the door while people flow out, and we got separated. Then... I turn ard corner, they gone.... The event girl (hahaha idk what to call her) lucky i hear her shout.. Hey follow the pink hair in front... Hurry and joins... go up to Comifest or now its Gamefest.
Everybody went in with teams and... i stand like duck. Walk ard a few turns, then...
Hahaha hello, i am lost.
Saw the marshmellow guy and i am not lost anymore. Goes into the aircon. and... fml I am alone. wwalks.. stare at ppl play game  -hands twitch- but idk what the game is. Looks new...
Then went up to the audience seating arena.. Gawdd i like the seats!!! and sleepy already. Then the teacher (Mr Ong?) came and... Hey! Where is your team? You really free and easy eh? (I am loling at free and easy)
so i just laugh and.. laugh again. Then he took a pic. Nice... thank you.
Then i watch the game play somemore.. lie... gg to sleep any sec.
i heard.. Kai!
Hey hey Kai!!!
So... finally got my butt up and start a few shoot with other photogs team.
Walk ard and bumped into everybody at the same time, the guys, random 'Hey Kai hey kai everywhere.' LOL
Sentence of the day I feel so much kokoro.. [this bunch of students photogs after all Kai..Kai.. (OTL)]
Hey Kai, thanks man for making me relive my childhood once again.
I am like...  /faints
I feel you all my bros!!!

And we all began talking abt beyblades and what blades we have etc. Lol.

So.. after more shoot, we got to head back at ard 5pm cos the whole event ended. Goes into room... all cosers just took wig off like that in the room. Well serves me right for being last coser to step in.
The stud photogs are like Kai! Sit down!!  ( ;3; You guys.... ) wait why must i sit and you all watch me?
That guy who looks soo much like daesung... says: Hahahha I just want to see how you sit. (I sat and passd his assessment). Then they still looking. -I just undress cos its safe ar-
-wth they giggles- Take off your wig!
I am like the shit? Why?
we wanna see your real hair like what?
Hahahha OTL so cute. So i took out eren's wig from my bag and show them. No way imma gonna take out in front of you guys!  -horrors-
Then help my team to think of a purpose/story for the random videos. Lol. Its bullshit summary we write.
Levi help me get my stage number. Contestant #6. Well okay. Thanks.

And it hits me that I have seen some of the photogs before too. They turned out to be my brothers friends. Their shocked faces and reaction of half the photogs when I told them my brothers name and I am his sister. Dawww you guys..


Then when all is done, I changed out into Eren, and walked past my team cos running after the bus. Ahax.

Now.. I feel so dead tired.

Although I can't seem to like/ get along well with normal people, we all seem okay today. And I kind of wished had keep contact or something. I only gave my card to Daniel and Ivan.

Wow.. I typed soo much w/o stopping. Hahahah my train of thoughts... so sketchy.

Kai again on sunday~
Hope I can win at least 2nd prize. I want the printer dammit.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Finish making lower eyelash. 
Tried them on.

Oh mai gawd. No way Kai going to have lower lashes. Hahah!

Garyuu yes. Or other char. 

Well.. maybe only 1 of the single bit at the corner since all the bladers have...

Tmr is photoshoot and video for comifest.
Still waiting for the reporting schedule.

-claws face- My makeup can't last that long gdi people!   /stabs

Yuri the duck

I treasure my duck bag Yuri so much. Lets go outing on Friday!

If alcohol is legit, I would once have liver damage 10 years ago.
If I can smoke w/o getting caught, I would have 2 black lungs already.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Females are scarier that males

After I changed out into the hospital gown (damn I look good in pink GDI HAHAHAH /le brick), everybody in the waiting room looked at me. I am like.. Okayyy... stands quietly at a corner really aware of each and every pair of eyes. Like quite a lot of people. Not that I am uncomfortable or anything, just aware. All the sofas face each other and there is just a space left for 1 more person to sit. Hell I want to sit.
Walks and eyes follows. My boots thud, thud, thud... -flops- on sofa and spread arms a little behind the aunty beside me. She shift a bit away trying not to look. I am like.. wtf is wrong with this room aura. Maybe I forgot to tone down intimidating aura. -tones down a bit, relax my mind-
Maybe my Dragunov hair is really too elvish and I look epic funnny like what sister commented. Ahhh @_@
Aunty shifts back to near me.
Ard 20mins, I humming some songs, and everybody looking at the floor expect me looking at TV cos I can see disturbing Index and the news reader eyebrows are funny.
Then the aunty on my right got up cos her name was called. Ard 5 mins later, -crosses legs the other way damn cramped-
Aunty 2 seats from me lean in closer to me and asked "Excuse me, you are a girl?"
I am internally facepalming and rolling ard in my mind. Wth really you all thought I was a guy. In a dressing gown sitting in harem now? HAHAHAHA  I could play along host. LOL wtf you all. I wanna laugh until pee at that point already.
"Eh.. yeahhhh." Smile big big. I am totally harmless people.   /headdesk
A few aunties smiled, I smiled back at everybody.
"Oh. Okay." And she shift closer. Now.... everybody shifts and get comfortable.
5 mins later during the commercial and I am humming Be.
Lady: "Oh can I ask if, Are you Singaporean?"
Me: LAUGH. (Yes I actually laughed. Then before I laughed and got carried away and creep out the entire hospital, I stopped lmao-ing.) "Yes I am."
She stares at me. "Really?"
Me: -snorts- "Yes really. Why?"
Lady: "Oh very...oh.... never mind " she looking ard like so awkward other aunties just stare at us. OTL finish your sentence dammit. I want to know. I really really want to know!
Me: "Its okay. I get that REALLY REALLY a lot"
She turn ard. Then a few sec later. She turned back to me and ask what I doing there.. like... in scan clinic. I so young. Hahaha! You don't say... I am trying to make party here? Hahaha.
She then continue to probe me more on my personal life.   =A=;

The nurse called my name and I am saved.

Females are terrible. Like... omg your eyes I can feel them molesting me. -kicks kicks-

After I am done, walked past room... -they stares-
Then faster changed out and go by doctor clinic so they can't see my civilian form. Hahaha.

From today onwards, I will not count how many people ask me that. Like seriously. Secondary school I got ppl ask my race. Am I chinese? No. Oh then you are..? Take a guess.

I told my mom and she told me next time teh next person ask Where I am from? I must say... "Where do you think I am from?"

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Val Night

Should do a T.M.Rev Birthday post!

♪♪♪ お誕生日おめでとうございます~! ♪♪♪

Heheheh went out to eat ramen and cawanmushi finally.

Heine is lagging on gimp a while so I will post a costume breakdown. 
Not SnK but for the 3rd night.


Hahahahahahahahahhahahaha so budget I max out this costume is going to be around $30. Hopefully cloth won't be evil. This exclude wig and boots. But those stuff equals to NIL cos will loop around other character that needs the same wig/ boot style.
Now just let me find my clay. If it hardens, I will have to soften with water or .... find other alternatives. 

My taobao shipping is shit man. Boots double the price. But still less than $30 so its okay. Hold on... haven't arrived yet. no reason to be rejoicing. I hope it fits. If not, I will have to chop off my toes.

Still have ti look for Joui's Takasugi cloth. Just the inner lining saturated maroon/magenta somewhere in the middle. Grrr I hate colours somewhere in the middle. Like the gold for L-elf.
Oh sweet... just remembered that ran out of gold and white gold paint too. FML

At this rate I won't have money left for concert and even the admission fee. Dammit I need a sugar family. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Was going to edit the pictures from yesterday's SnK shoot. Until I saw the Darker than Black folder on desktop. I better get to editing them.

Yin's shot first. Honestly, my skills are so noob and lvl 1. Manage to edit only 3 pictures until now.

Here is rabuly Yin.
Heh. Teaser first ehh... Maybe end of next week can finish DTB. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Duck drum

Thank you Kiyo for the PP sheet which is like MIA at Daisos. So when I reached home, still in work wear, I immediately start on the barrel fro 3DMG. 

 Dismantled the drums

 Cut the PP and fold. Its quite hard. Hahaha cos when top aligned, the bottom half came off. In the end I ask my brother to hold bottom,while I cut duct tape and 'piak' on the gap. Lol. 
Taadaa.. I has a duck barrel. Hahah yellow PP~~ quack quack.. 

Lol. And my new bag is a BIG DUCK TOO. XD
Idk what came over me. If have hippo and turtles, or other animals i wld have gotten them too.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Event log


Day 1:
DTB Hei and my darling Xuyun as Yin. Hahahaha Re-did them from EOY cos, well... make full use of your costumes. EOY we didn't walk around and take pictures anyway XD

Woke up quite early, and finish up packing. Then did make up. And to do normal/ light eye make up is harder then doing elaborate ones. Its still not that 'natural' in the end, but at like Yin say 'Fuwa fuwa' eye as at EOY. Hahahaha. Omg...Good thing I changed out to plain lens after liquid foundation slipped into my eyes and burn   ( 3___3 )
Then met Yin at 1030-ish at Sengkang.
Reached Bayfront and changed at Harry potter toilet, but there are already quite a lot of ppl in it. But don't thinm it could be that bad. But ye gawd! The new generation ppl are sooooooooooooooooo noisy! Put make up they like take forever. Hei and Yin do make up very quiet. On a few sentences to ask/say opinion. Then we decided to eat.. I was worried for Yin but in the end she is okay. Lol Hei as the one who didn't eat since the day before. Che. Had sushi cos its all Q everywhere. GDI.
And yesh had guavas too! Eat and talk until I think very long. Lawl. Went to toilet to re-wear Yin's wig. Hairpin spam and finally it stays. Woo!

Head to event and met Kiyo there. And everything is fluffy and faded. The events now mashed up and remixed in my head. 
We didn't went in, but Yin did. But stuff need preorder. While that, Hei did some shoot. 
Hang around at the Cosplayer's hall. And time flies quite fast. Didn't get to camwhore with all that I want to. And Mika is also dying. Do the usual event thing... And then suddenly need to go off.  Kiyo went home, Yin and Hei stayed a while to do shoot. Gawd, Hei soo noob. Photos forever ugly. 


Then Mika batteries died while we halfway shoot at bridge. 80+ Yin pictures to filter. But I bet only 10 will be nice. LOL

Then we go toilet to remove make up and change out. And head home. Many other cosers also heading home. Hahhhh train is like some anime parody. 

Day 2: Hotsuin Yamato DS2
Solo- forever alone  ;___;
Did eye makeup form home and then head to niece's wedding before heading to STGCC with my cousin and niece. Nobody recognises me. Lol and everybody stares including the waiters. Hahahah and i look so badass in pictures. Rofl.
Anyways, then reached at ard 230pm and change in a toilet cubicle without lock. LOL
Nvm I nothing worth it to look at also. Hahahaha. And tehn walked about a few round and take pics/ exchange cards. Then Kiyo at basement, and Konan followed to see her. Yay! Sasha~~ then she finish up changing and we went up... and same thing... blur of events happening. Everbody MIA from Everybody. Sasha and Historia got tickets and go in to look around. Hahaha Konan let us bunk over Thanks man. Heh usually we just lug bags ard and use them to clear path  >3
And I spazz over some people. Ah I am surprised that there are also ppl who recognise me for me. And talk to many more people also. Make new friends and plan new commitment. Lol idk what I just agreed on with people, then idk cant contact you all. Lawl
I hug the most number of people that day then any other days. DS2!!!!!!!!!!!!! GDI you guys damn cool. 

Hnghhhh and suddenly its almost 7pm.
First time also I fell asleep at event. Really very tired. Hahahaha woke up suddenly got people shoot beside me. Stupid flash at sleeping Hotsuin  >( 

/flying kick
Got up and walk in out and idk how many times slowly round the event. Then then Sasha came back and we all left I think. Haha just feel like cabbing back and sleep till next week. ZZzzzzz...
What happen then?
Ohzz ppl make use of mistaken identity too ;D
Good job Sasha.

Uh i guess thats all. Want to type longer but my fingers damn slow and my brain more fuwafuwa images then proper sentences.
I guess pictures I will upload after test on tuesday. But Wed morning till 5 work so... wed night then. Ahhh how to work when having withdrawl. OTL

Need to buy so many more things, stock low. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

What is this I don't even

Woots~ Just printed out some more cards~ And wtf idk why Gokudera is there. I thought I put 2 Sion. Hahaha predict it will be depleted quite fast. Need some more new designs quick too. Means must have shoot. But but here is the shit thing...

Upcoming, 3 reports due, 1 test, and final exam.

-claws face-

I want a shoot so damn bad. 1 month never cos already. -hyperventilates-

STGCC this weekend, and Day 1: Hei Day 2: Hotsuin.

I think... some other DS2 cosers going to be there too.
Finally finished Hotsuin's coat for real. Oh wait.. I still have the badge to sew on left. Real functioning buttons too. 

Figured the buttons hole stitch on the machine.

Meanwhile... spazzing over makeup

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Break fast gears


More cutting

Inner guard

Then head out to movie~ heh.
My mom's duct tape rocks. My skin came off together with the tape. Lol. Lucky for dead skin layer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Post

Haven't write down the calculations yet.
My mother saw my Breakfast Gears and then she asked me
'When am I going to do the character that she picked ages ago'

Heh yeah I want to. Maybe slowly progress and can start with a photoshoot. More red character OTL
I am trying hard, but not hard enough apparently, to avoid doing red themed character. Well, besides Ginga. Need to find a Wako. But she not in my priority list. UwU

If only my reputation and personality in games can be brought to life...
Damn it. And the gender is still confused in there too.

'Hello sir'

Yes hello. I am a 'sir'
You don't mess with me. Hurr~

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Liver and bones!

Week after cosfest, I was supposedly to write abt cosfest of cos, but i got too damn lazy and just want to do nothing. Hahaha.

Anyways, cosfest was so amazing. Oh sweet, the rainy sky colour now is the same as the building in front and my room's wall colour! Lol off topic. Right cosfest... Day 1 was the opening ver of Ottoya. I was surprised nobody doing same. I thought I could at least find other idols doing that ver. Hahaha anyways I forgto to bring the accessories. But not much harm done -shrugs-
Uhhh got Reika's SnK book. Ahh what book its like a mini encyclopedia of many things. And I don't remember much about what happen of cosfest. But I rmbr the feels. Hahahaha. Its Cure stage day on day 1. Didn't watch the stage cos was roaming ard idk why else also. But got pic taken with Inui and Kotori and Shine and Kagami and wanted to take with Lukai but after take pic with Shine, can't find him already. Changed out at around 5? Cant rmbr. No baggage is so cool.

Day 2... Hmmm did Hotsuin Yamato. Need to redo some parts of the coat. And the badge need major revamping too. Darts and working buttons. The coat is ~5cm too short but i guess thats okay cos i am short hahahaha. Got pics with more ppl. Yay!
Both days SnK spam. Lol. Actually i expected more. But i guess AFA will have 5x more SnK. 

Am still like a dying dog now. No I didn't go to the doctor. Cos it will be like $50++ if I do    :'D
and recently added swollen eyelid. -the teddy bear punched me hahaha-

Yeah eyeburn for the world. Nah it don't look that bad here. Wait till open my eye. Lol again its my left eye.  OTL
Fever still on and off, but the running nose has lessen. Finally... yay.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lag WIP much

Fro cosfest day 1. Ottoya's verison. I totally forgot to make the badge accessories. Ahhahah what a cosfuq... Anyways, its long sleeved cut to 3/4  then fold to half sleeve and added an extension of black cloth from Hotsuin Yamato's uniform remains.
No WIP pictures for Hotsuin though  ;___; Was too busy rushing his things.

And Shinsuke's outer gi. Awesome cloth which I painted on the designs instead of initial plan to get a black base with gold dragon motif chinese brocade. Expensive cloth is expensive. Heh. 
2 1/2m is NOT enough. The sleeve I have to stop the length at 3/4   OTL
That strip at the bottom is the collar. Maximising cloth for the winz!
Used at Cosmo parade~

Whee~ benizakura arc Gintama
Man no nice together pic with zura.  D':

Monday, June 17, 2013

Phantom shot

When memories are disconnected,

Your heart will tell you the path to follow.

Yukio by ZeroCross
Rin by Akiwatari Kai
Photo by Mizurei

I want to watch AnE the movie sooo badly now.
Well, Kiyo, Yukiyo, me and a photog (Gackt) had a shoot last Saturday. The side rant story at my LJ. 

Its the tracks. 
At first no particular reason, and then after rewatching the trailer for reasearch... WE MUST DO TRACKS.
Because the movie is all about train and tracks and festival.  -feels-
Rin exterminating the Phantom Train demon. -more feels-
The tracks in this limited country, cannot make it ar. And shld have gone dusk or dawn to get the near night when Satan and demons rises time of the day.
AHHH I want to learn martial arts or at least gymnastics so can do stance and awesome things for shoot  ;__;

Anyways, go watch the trailer for AnE movie. So feels and now I rewatch, the shoot feels lacking. But it is still beautiful. Shld have taken more fight. Ah I actually feel quite awkward with another photog to do expressive expressive. Cos I looked stupid @_@ Yukio so cool and composed. *__*
Kiyo director with photog lawl.

My fave pic now  D': 

Meanwhile,I am going to revise my plan for cosfest cos I cannot get Ledo wig.
So.... maybe I doing 2014 plan.

Black 3m thick cloth + gold 1" bias tape + 2m gold rope
Black 2m/3m beautiful cloth.

Friday, May 31, 2013

No more wings

And while waiting for somebody to save my ass... I bugged Heine and made some useful things.
not really useful. I just made another of the white mask.

And painted some gears.
I ripped off D's wings maybe it don't need wings. It will have jetpack. Damn cute ar. LOL

Monday, May 27, 2013


Dominator in progress. So far only cut 1/3 of the gun. IDK why I am making it. Because the old one is lost somewhere...
Ahhh curves are soo hellish.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Things to do after exam

- Dye wig to slightly darker red
- Buy lots of cloth (need money first see how)
- Finalise Annual Gathering design
- Get gold ribbon for Shinsuke's outer gi or whatever that works. Paint isn't that bad.
- Sew Hari Raya clothes. Haha!

And many more but these stuff first for June

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kondo and tutu

International Harry Potter Day.
Kiyo's idea sooo enthu about it. Its just disappointing that about half who RSVP-ed turned up. But its alright~ Damn awesome.
Its all cool.
The day was going to rain and yet not but it is. And it FINALLY did. After the 1 minute rain, then the table was set for real.

Have a little bite before starting on the fun activity:
Treasure hunt
Gnome flinging past the lantern bush
Gnomes and robey-cloaks air throw

Where 2/3 of it is uncalled for. Hahaha
As you can see, the house ratio is very fair. Lawl

Next year we should play Quidditch baseball or something.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A-Drei Ledo

Its 3am.
I am suppose to be asleep but here I am. All




I don't know what to do with this overflowing Tran-am. And quanta particles.

A-Drei is having the effect on me. Ledo is having the effect on me.

I have made up my mind that I want to to A-Drei. I WANT. Because of the beautiful clothes and all these feels. I can relate.
Then Ledo. That flute. If Brerra is too smexy to do. THIS IS ANOTHER FUCKING FLUTE CHAR THAT I TOTALLY FEELS. Man I want to hug Ledo. ;___;
Your history. I feel you dude. I want all these mecha. Please please come out in Gunpla. NOT FIGMA ARTS. Actually figma is better quality then when I build it. Hahaha.

Yesh so in summary:

A-Drei default Uni. And blitz! Omg. All the more reason to do. -fans self- -dies and revives-
Ledo plug suit. I want this plug suit.

Note: I have never done char thinking they freaking hot or whatever. Its all based on FEELS(I hope I recall right). Nyahahaha. No point doing cos of looks man. Even if its impt. There is just no...depth. -shifty eyes-
(Well except Motochika. His chest damn -coughs-)






Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Club crawl passed. Missed cosing to school events. so decided to heck down as Takasugi gakuen together with Zura gakuen too. 

Before wiping off eye makeup test for Gundam. I guess this won't work. Need more eyeshadow and fake lashes. Will be using this lens~ No way of buying lens  ;_;

Monday, April 15, 2013

Otoya costest

IMBA costest with Cagalli at the airport. Lmao. Test new lens and outfit for GSD. But I costest Otoya. Wig need to dye darker. Its too orange for Otoya. The eye makeup most importantly seems okay. 
Just edited a few pictures but have yet to resize them yet. So this one first.
Now I wished I had done Lacus instead. The bottom of the outfit is challenging for the entire coordination.

The new Mika lens are alright. But have to got loads and loads of patience to adjust for every SINGLE picture. Hahaha. Vector portrait ftw!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Journey to the deep sea

Tsuitama visit and Aquarium~~ Everything is so jumbled.
Damn school stuff @____@ -confused-

Haru: Mizurei

Yuki: Akiwatari

Natsuki: Yuu

All except 3 of the pictures above are unedited. 

In the end I just combed and lightly tease Yuki wig before wearing and then went out with base makeup to meet Haru who was changing. The toilet floors are different. Yay wooden panels. 
And then Natsu came and changed and we all went to hunt for maki at Cold storage.
Took bus there an ate maki and then took idk random not in character pictures except for Haru and his lure. Hahaha

Then it was bloody hot and finally Q and Natsu bought tix with discount. Yay. And we went in and... 


my head is empty except for 


(* Q *) -drools at food-

There was soo many people in there. The air-con might as well not be on anyways. 

The aquariums are all shooo OMG. SPAZZ. 
The coral and the deep sea with mantra rays etc. Gah!!
Not forgetting the jellyfishies too. Idk why I was expecting turtles and dolphins in the aquarium. 

The souvenir shop is so darn disappointing. Che damn you guys selling shit. At least we turned coins. XD

Then we played water gun until its time to go change out.
and i went school and KO-ed in lecture.