Monday, June 17, 2013

Phantom shot

When memories are disconnected,

Your heart will tell you the path to follow.

Yukio by ZeroCross
Rin by Akiwatari Kai
Photo by Mizurei

I want to watch AnE the movie sooo badly now.
Well, Kiyo, Yukiyo, me and a photog (Gackt) had a shoot last Saturday. The side rant story at my LJ. 

Its the tracks. 
At first no particular reason, and then after rewatching the trailer for reasearch... WE MUST DO TRACKS.
Because the movie is all about train and tracks and festival.  -feels-
Rin exterminating the Phantom Train demon. -more feels-
The tracks in this limited country, cannot make it ar. And shld have gone dusk or dawn to get the near night when Satan and demons rises time of the day.
AHHH I want to learn martial arts or at least gymnastics so can do stance and awesome things for shoot  ;__;

Anyways, go watch the trailer for AnE movie. So feels and now I rewatch, the shoot feels lacking. But it is still beautiful. Shld have taken more fight. Ah I actually feel quite awkward with another photog to do expressive expressive. Cos I looked stupid @_@ Yukio so cool and composed. *__*
Kiyo director with photog lawl.

My fave pic now  D': 

Meanwhile,I am going to revise my plan for cosfest cos I cannot get Ledo wig.
So.... maybe I doing 2014 plan.

Black 3m thick cloth + gold 1" bias tape + 2m gold rope
Black 2m/3m beautiful cloth.