Monday, March 5, 2012


CFX2 last weekend. Updated at LJ. And pictures are up at FB. 

This is the only serious edited picture. Which really mean more than 3 layers in GIMP. Hahah well... besides tsuna's picture. I am so glad to finally have a Tsuna. A tsuna that I know. 
Not some random one that beg/force me to tag along with them. (Not that I really care. -shrugs-)
How I dream of a real KHR team.
This time, I have to say, I put real effort into binding right and secure. 3 types of binding.
1= sports tape
2= binder

3= bandages
The bandages doesn't really count at the top part. 
The sports tape is my first time using one. And I am having second thoughts to using them again. Maybe if I can use a piece of cloth under the tape, then YES I will use tape again.
When removing the tape, I have no idea that it will tear away a generous portion of my own skin along with it. -even though it is very good to use-
Now there are scars and... umm bubbles like chicken pox. 

Going to plan on shoot soon. After exam. AFTER EXAM.
Even though a mini-mini shoot for White day is SUPER tempting. 
I would do....idk who. Ahax.
Its optional anyways...
I really want to sew a Mokun now and give myself the green light to make his outfit and Suzaku.
Guilty crown OST- Bios