Thursday, March 28, 2013


Have tried the first kind of eyemake up that might work I thought. 

Drawn the eyeliner a slight square and below my lower lid. Its suppose to work in theory, then it looks like crap. The end result is, my eyes turned out way too big. Now I guess its not my eyes are too big, the lens are TOO BIG for a natural eye effect. Awww damn. I wonder if Zera's type of sharp ends will work. Or shall I do Shinsuke's. Or try more other options.
Jyeah I think will try other effects. 

Scary man. Totally not Yuki  -sobs-
Kay.. I need to cut the wig too.

This eye is easy. Really like the eyebrows here. Hurr~~ But the eyes are kind of slanty sharpish-yet-not-sharp here too. 

Normal eyebrows here. Omg so...

IDK how this will turn out to look like. Hahaha.
I have never felt doubt of pulling off something before. Only this time... Urgh please work out fine!
I mean, I don't even doubt when I want to do Motochika. Hahaha 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yuki wig!

HAHAHA Totally cxgnugm2 w/o make up. The capsicum is my buddy there hehe.
The Yuki wig that was...
omg I was pissed for a moment. The fringe was trimmed and the seller didn't tell me :'O
So... sad. Because, its not exactly how I would cut my wigs. There is no gradual layer. Its just direct snipping. And M attempt. I don't like those. -flips table-
Straight stuff no layers are very annoying. -cries-
Then again... maybe its not the person's trimming. Maybe its.. idk.. just suppose to be like that. Urgh, you can see its not V. Its U. (The center of the fringe directly on my nose bridge)

Its not the end of the world anyways -smiles-
Now I am going to think of what bag to bring. The army bag will be too big. My casual bags average size and small only. Hmmm... I hope no need to bring lab coat (even though its lab).

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Street lights blinking

Gintama (Gakuen version) Katsura and Shinsuke

This be my favourite picture~! Hahah becauseitssobadassidkwhy

Collected Yuki wig.
I think I am going to get a new Taigong/ white wig. And for variety sake, own a blonde and green wig too. Heh.

I wanted to try Yuki wig, but... damn everybody is home already. Next time then.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Funny belt, funny wig

The hunt for the perfect belt is still fruitless. But this belt is thick and feels good. Not cheap plastic. Its 5bucks above my budget though.

Because the shop lighting was like.. black and really really dark, I really wasn't sure if its white or off-white. So I asked the shopkeeper, if its white or off-white. She looked at me like I am stupid (hahaa!) and said 'Its real white'.
I 'Pfft' at her then took it to the cashier. Its real white alright. REAL. Very funny.

Its not REAL perefct white actually. Just, white so-so.

And I got Yuki wig. Kuso, in the end, have to get another wig for Takuto. Che---

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cara Red lens

Cara Red lens

The under or wrong side of the lens. More yellow and orange. The middle is pinkish red. All these colours are so wonderful! 

The bottle~ Smaller then the normal bottles. 

And the sooo FIRE lens! 
Its looks like its some transparent fire.. Not sure what it will looked like when worn. But I won't be wearing this anytime soon. Only need it in December. All those mix of fire colours, I guess that would make the lens more obvious when its being worn.Again, I haven't wear it yet, I can imagine it being beautiful. Hahaha!
Its just really interesting~~

Edit: Lens when worn 

It looks more to orange-red with starburst of yellow. Very awesome solid colour. 

Cara grey lens

Cara Grey lens

The under or wrong side of the lens. More yellow.

The bottle~ Smaller then the normal bottles. 

And the sooo pretty lens! 
Its grey, but looks like there are yellow too. I guess that would make the lens more obvious when its being worn. I haven't had a chance to wear this yet, but will post what its like when worn.
Idk man... haven't wear it yet, I can imagine it being beautiful. Hahaha

SIlver Nudy

Silver Nudy lens

So basically, this pair was my only grey/silver pair which I had been using for 2 years. OMG
Totally forgot when I got it, but used for Motochika and up till now. Ahax.

The rest of the photos have the lens and etc edited. So... Zera have a nice picture of the lens. Haahha I only edit my face here. The eyes are not. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Progress for EOY

Ginga swords in progress. 
Need to get lots of bubble tea straws and 1 more blue cellophane. Even if the light isn't diffusing that well, I am still going to add them. Hahaha
Ah~~  and the battery pack I think I will put outside. Easy reach area. Woohoo~~

The gonormous Chopper. Seen at Streetfest 2013 at Cathay. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Future full of blue skies

This is pretty frustrating. I really did not intend to lose any weight... but... shit... need to gain back some. All these pants are falling and the belt need more holes. 
Well slimmer is good cos need lesser cloth. But bloody hell, I bought that new pants for Takuto. Then... then... HE USED WHITE PANTS. OMG
and need to alter the black pants. 
I have non-existent butt  ;____;
Hahahaha my mom says so too. Is it because I like to it on hard floor instead of fluffy cushions? LMAO.

Well whatever. 

Hmm now I am proud to say I have a normal... YES A NORMAL muggle problem  HOORAYY
but the problem is not something to be happy/proud off. I have to live with it for 3 years. Until a solution is found. But there seem to be none. I have to give in sooner or later. 3 years man. THREE fucking years.
But lets look at it this way. 3 years to go full blast!!!
Jeez I only have 3 years of my life left~~ Why am I going to finish school anyways? Ugrh, so annoying. 
No, its quite sad actually. 

New designs

Guess what?!!

New card.. I hope the back and front will turn out alright. Hmm I forgot how I aligned some cards. Damn.