Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To the Docks


Because jackets are smexah...

Embroidery draft. Because patches are non-existent. You've gotta do them yourselves. 
On a 50 cents piece of canvas. Which is hell for my thick needle to poke through. The thin needles, misplaced immediately after taking them out. Hahahaha
All the threads. Bought in excess. Hahahah baka.

And cannot find a WIP picture of the jacket. Thought I took some. 

Finally done! I even bring them out to teach and sew during the breaks. And in the train. Also to granny's place. Hahahah They turn out pretty ugly. Lol. Only the star patch I like. Heh.

Zips and metal stuff. Yayy non-functional pockets

Test test test

And the real reason why the rush, isn't for a cosplay event. Its for own personal whim. Bahahaha

Its as satisfying or slightly more satisfying than cosing to event. But the downperk is that no solo HQ pic lah. But but but Duo's quanta phone is sugoi. Hahahah There is Duo and Trowa in fron tof a Zaku 2. Hahah I am missing the Docks very much. (Sobs)

Everybody is rushing stuff for cosfest! I hope can attend both days. Will just be taking pictures. Gotta expect a sudden influx of Touken ranbu coser. Here I am... just kirakira over LoveLive. Honestly I did wanna play it, but then server can log in. So... bleghhh stick to my moprg. Oh ohh ohhh I wanna see Bleach cosers pls pls pls. Gimme Ulqiorra and Girmmjaw gahhh (I bet their names spelt wrong there hahah)
Hope for Bakumatsu and KOEI cosers too. Buahahaha 
I wanna breakfast outside that weekend, but but sis's and bro's birthday man. Remind me to get satay home for them. Heh gonna be a surprise! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Early to mid June events

2 events passed in 2weeks.
Marina regetta to see Dat-baka. Tessie was there too. They did DBS original character. Lmao DBS!

Pictures from Kiyo's awesome Edge.  :'D

Then the week aft, its Funan Anime Matsuri. Dropped by on Sunday only.
Litchi! Because of the backdrop there. So fitting~
Okay I haven't back up pictures to G+ yet.

Next week is Chara Expo!
And fasting month will resume yay.
Must finish Preventor jacket asap.