Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In progress and almost done

Super duper CHIBI. |||OTL

Eyeeeaarrr about done with Seasons. Just finished with wrapping the gifts. Ran out of boxes and 0% waste of Hibari's wrapping paper. Ahax.
Hmm left with the food and packing. 

The cupcake stand is so small. Ugly and pretty at the same time. Solid enough. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let there be nothing

Got around to muster courage to see what the outfit kind of look like.




So basically I only have the problem that it makes me look like I have no waist and... I am even shorter ;___;


oh gosh my shoulder blades looked like boobies. HAHAHA

Saturday, December 15, 2012

All those perfect beings

I really wanted to blog about EOY. But I am spazzing too damn hard on HOBBIT to think or rememebr EOY in sequence.

SO HOBBIT it is!!!

No wait, I have to get dressed for bed then do homework.

I will revive my Middle Earth Kingdom account. Wonder if its still legit. So lazy make new Kingdom account.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Day 1 did Shinya Kougami form Psycho pass.
Thats Thelindra and  Jo InuXBokuSS. And Kiyo FMA.

Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist- Movie Version.
Yay~ Found a Yukio there <3 p="p">
This year, cleared a lot of missions at AFA.
Saturday was like hell. Soooo many people. There are Q lines EVERYWHERE! Omg feel like burning the place down.
Saw Kaname and Reika. Didn't get to catch Mikoto.   D:
Day 2 saw all of them + Yukari~
Kyahahhhaaah they are all darn amazing. -twirl in happiness-

I wish I got the concert ticket. Watching LIVE from Niconico is... still awesome but wish could be there in body.

And so darn broke. I have now $12 for the rest of the year. Yes it includes autumn budget. OTL
Whai I spent 100+ at AFA. ;___;

Oh this is my final outfit for Autumn. Must NOT change again. Ahax.

This one below, was the initial. Since I cannot get soo many chiffon, became the ^
The hair will be the same. Oh the shoes is armor front. And claw blade (Zhang He!!)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Almost done and readyy

Rin's mask. I realllyyy like it a lot! Felt -hearts-
I did 4 masks. 2 for Yukio. 2 for Rin. 
But in the end, only 1 is completed. The other Rin I spill gold paint on the ears. 
My mother saw me wearing this mask.. and she did some neko sound and almost a dance. ROFL. 
Oh yes, I was doing Rin collar, and a do and redo is until I lost count how many times. In the end, I was just going to stick to the horrible collar which I made. As usual, I showed her my final product to ask her opinion. She goes 'NO! NO! No!!  No no no' When she saw the ugleh collar. I told her I forgot how to do it already. And she said, 'I will do it for you. Only a while. Very fast one'
So she did it for me. I sat beside her and study. While my game is playing.
Then she did the frist time wrong. Inside out. LOL.
Then the second time she did it right but one side very very obviously much longer than the other. Haha

The final one is right. (She was frustrated already at the mistakes) 
So Rin is done now except for the last button. Friday night can sew. Thank you mom.
Oh she also hem the remaining area for me. She asked why I didn't sew this part. I said 'No blue thread. But forgot to buy so friday i going to just sew it.'
And then, she did it for me.    (^w^)V

Today I painted the details on. It looks nice in picture. Ahax.

Then I added glow in the dark coat over the design. The colour is now to the greener side.

My eyelids cannot open anymore.
I am...

playing hard. OTL

And also doing the lab questions.

Ah I shoudl type in LJ but so lazy to log in. Lawl.

AFA is sooo sooooo soooooooooooooo close. Rin left with the rope on collar, buttons and the design at the back. Oh yes and the mask too.
Shinya left with the gun details.


Exp token limit up. I am going to sleep now.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post reserve because too giddy to stay up and type post

Sooo freaking tired.

Finally did Lithci today with Kiyo as Kanon. GAhhh My head is still giddy from today.  @________@

Met Kiyo at Ion then to change and cab to location. The driver is so smooth. Hahaha
There were some people shooting there (gunner versionnnnn) and we shoot photo version.
Manage to finish transformin into all of the club members. It is mentally draining. 
Then Yuu joined us later. We had lunch and finished up the last 3rd or 4th chara. 
Note to self: get 7 torches and diff coloured lens filter or something. 
After shoot, cab by magic to Taka and changed out. I am now going to bbring makeup remover to events. 
Its feels soooo bloody great to wash face after tired day with cold water.
Overall, it was a fun fun day. 

Thanks guys~!

Ah this is AFA's progress. Rin outfit.
Collar and lacing left. But I kept the sewing machine already. So lazy to start back to do Rin's outfit. 


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Them circles

AFA is going to be in 2 weeks time (or less!) and I am so not very ready. 

Rin's progress is NOT progressing at all~ still have 40+ semi-circles to sew. And the base lining and the details.


Day 2, probably going to do Psycho-pass. 
Just started on the gun. I accidentally made the base extension TOO big, so I am going to do the 'while it is transforming' mode. LOL
Paralyser---> Lethal Execution.
My shower pipe is the EXACT shade of those glowing luminous lines.   (*A*)  
but of cos' I cannot use it. Hopefully, the glow in the dark paint MIGHT work (still have yet to try it out).

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gira gira

Beware! Ah hey I realised its really bad without make up. But sunlight help to lessen the eyeburn.
Actually its the lipstick!
LOL     /slaps self

Litchi's lipstick. Its quite alright.

Meanwhile, I am fretting about AFA. 

I have decided to do Rin's that super detailed (half)Gi version. 
Need to get cloth and stuff tomorrow. Byebye money. I already told my mother I want money for AFA, so I guess I can spend a little on costume now. (I have $25 budget OTL)

I am so freaking 'rich'

Ahhh still need to get for autumn. Which I will settle after AFA. 

Going to start on Rin's half-mask now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Almost there yet not there yet

Almost there. I tried to make my eyes look smaller. It is not enough. Will improve on this make-eye-small makeup. Rawr its difficult. Don't feel sinister at all. 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Beginning

Watched Tiger and Bunny movie with Kiyo last Friday. It was so cool. The story sort of in a little different way being put but still the same story pretty much. So all fans have to do now, is to wait for the second movie to be released. 
Kiyo's plush :Wild Tiger Jr. watched for free since he is still a few days old. Ahax. 

Got Zera's glasses and Oogami's gloves. But forgot Mao's hide. 

I wonder if Cyborg, Ao no Ex and Stardriver is going to be shown in theaters...  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Star sewn on

Done with the hat modification!

Left to find glasses. If not, will have to use James's glasses an re-bent it to suit 2 characters.

Oh dear, my 'seifuku' is not in Rei's mode. I must shoot Rei first. Holy dung.   >(

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All them buttons

Yo went to Chinatown to get stuff again before school last night. 

I actually bought super DUPER thick green cotton from Sorceress aunty. I didn't want it initially because of two factors:
1) I am making a coat with lining. Its going to be sauna if use that material. 
2) $4/m is $1.50 over budget.

But she gave me $3.50 instead and so I got the cloth. I cut down from 2.5m to 2m because it is 60'' too. So I guess overall it is okay. And the heat I have to live with it. The black cotton I got hopefully will help a little.
In the end, I am $0.50 below budget ^^~  Kyahaha~~

Then got gold buttons. 

$3.80 for plain buttons. ($1.20 below budget)
$1 for 2 star buttons. When I only needed 1. Impulse buying. ($0.50 above budget)

Will have to break the circle circumference. The stars are so nice man!

So I am below budget for once! By so little only. Pfft---

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Defined strike!

Have been ages since I posted here. There is suppose to be STGCC update, but I am still half way through the pictures! About 30% filter left. Nyahhh this is not good. 

Oga is most happy with this picture.
Jajajaja Kotetsu-san! 

If you noticed, in the end, walking the the DIY soles are impossible. They are like suction pads. Hahaha

Some time after STGCC, we went to the Harry Potter exhibition again. That makes it two times. 
This time, we went with more people. Kiyo and her two sisters, Daidaro and Xuyun. I went with both of my brothers. 

Pictures really not edited yet! So next time will continue with the picture update.

Meanwhile, I have been doing Litchi stuff. 
Slow progress. I still need 8 gold buttons and a gold star. Zera's glasses and another guy's glasses.

 The Black star 'flag' is a real pain to paint. SO FREAKING BIG!
Urgh, the gloves for Zera. The most easiest. 

Took ages to find this hat for them. Still need to fix the star and gold buttons at the sides. Its cotton made and the visor thing is not shiny as it should be. Lets see if I can stick a PVC sheet on it for the shine. 
ts only $5! And I only spend 10 minutes in Bugis. (Letting legs bring me somewhere and I saw this hat. And no argument at all Hahhaha)

Also doing Hei's mask. I don't know what to do about the uneven-ness. 
Bought Hei's black coat cloth. After AFA will sew it. Still need the green lining. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


What am I doing?

My own platfroms. 

First I cut the shape according to the shoes, then I stick them together with doublesided tape. Don't use hot glue, it is not flat, and that means lesser surface area get stuck together.

Then stick them all together~ Tadaa! 4 cm high insoles. 
Haha not yet. I am still trying to make it even with the irregular sole of the shoes.
And I need black elastic to test out this 'theory' of removable platforms.   

And I ran out of doublesided tape to complete the left side. Damn.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little progress so far

Kyaha~! I have been lazy and busy at the same time.
Sewing lots of stuff (unrelated to cosplay for real this time).

The only cosplay progress are:

- bought Takasugi's eyepatch (because its time to stop making when you can get it for $2)
- halfway cutting up the flames for Rei
- bought Oga's white shirt to cut (and experiment)
- ask Toky if I can borrow his blazer (I need G2K sale gawddammit)
- 1/3 done with the sword for general use
- bought bias tape for Rei's uniform

Thats all. 

And I have amazing news.




Friday, July 6, 2012

Cosfest night

Cosfest is TOMORROW. 

I am finishing up last costume touch ups and then pack for tmr.
Got to sleep soon too. My eyes are shutting down. But its still 8minutes to Nine! Why am I so tired then? 

Throbbing headache too right after inhaling a lot of contact glue to glue my boots D:
Ugrh, musn't forget pills just in case going to die tmr. Haha~

I don't know why but I am excited. It must be the BIG feeling. Even though its normal. Damn. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The base that is done some time ago. Added the 'waves' and butterflies. The waves took the entire noon till 11pm. Pfft. Sooo tedious, and I redid it twice because I sew it mirror image the first time. Cut the sleeves half of body length. Ah I actually did the sleeve wrong I know. But its... quite not wrong still. 

And it took me 2 days (with a lot of break) to do 3 different stamp types of butterflies. Its BEAUTIFUL!

The final finished Shinsuke's yukata~!
I really really like the butterflies. I omit out 3 butterflies because there is no space. But I doubt anybody would notice. >D

So now, I have to sew the obi and... make the pipe. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gold flutter bys~

Last night... we (Kiyo and I) had a night shoot.
Its 1.23am now and I am not thinking right. Cutting butterflies and wings and the details in the wings to make a stencil. -tears hair off head-

I am going mad.

Ah carry on with the shoot. Night shoot with flash, but in the end, pictures used full Auto mode on Mika turns out better. Sooooo darn lazy to test night on Mika and adjust setting. Ahax. 

Haven't edit the pictures yet. Heck editing, haven't filter even! Hah. 

Giving priority to Shinsuke's costume now.
-claws face- 

Contact lenses are here already. Geta are still on the way.
Zura is nice enough to lend his geta and immortal katana. Wonder how he going to uprise against the government without his samurai soul. LOL.   /bricks

I smell my mother reheating cream and cheese pasta in the kitchen. -stomach growls-

Shall go back to my costume. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


The cloth loot from recent trip to Chinatown. Only the collar's dark dark purple is from zero's plushie leftovers. Nyahahah. 

And the next night after the cloth loot, measureing and cutting up of the main yukata base for shinsuke. 

Well, its almost done now. At 50% completion.
I will have to do the designs and obi then its all set. 

Butterfly gold prints

As in my LJ post. The Harry Potter exhibition is so damn amazing. 
Pictures are up at facebook so I won't repeat posting them again. 

Meanwhile, sewing up Shinsuke's yukata. Done with the base and left with the obi and the designs on the yukata. The sandals, I have placed order at GMarket and wig is due for collection. Hmm the sandals, if it won't reach in time, I will have to loan from Zura. 
BOOYEAH. I have Zura at disposalll- rolls ard- Awww I wish got Gintoki too. I really want the team of the old war. The uniform, I plan to do for next year.
So, I have to get a katana. A general purpose katana. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Growing old

Oh I totally didn't post about Hime sama's celebration.
Setting up didn't take that long luckily. And everything was well. Except that I forgot to bring my blue glass. D:
Its was also supposedly an egg painting session. But only Bright Butler paint egg properly. I broke mine. And Hime did hers halfway.
At 6 its called a day. Its really enjoyable. Maybe because its also not burning hot and we are all under protective shelter.

Yay! And now I should edit the Oga, Rin and Yukio pictures after exam.
I still have to finish up the Snitches. 

And do more things. Soo tempted to make a book. Lets see what I can find at home to re-build.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Long hair don't cut

Another shoot is under the planning stage this week. 
Hahah yeah. Shoot this week, plan this week. with irregular schedule, have to resort to this. 

Aoi allow Grave to borrow her hair. And... Grave have to do much better in make-up. Uh man. I feel so... girly in the long black wig.

HAHAHA ye gawd -claws computer screen-
I don't feel like myself. I never had fringe before! It is usually all the same length. Or very long fringe, at least below eye level. T^T

Oh well... terrible. 

Monday, March 5, 2012


CFX2 last weekend. Updated at LJ. And pictures are up at FB. 

This is the only serious edited picture. Which really mean more than 3 layers in GIMP. Hahah well... besides tsuna's picture. I am so glad to finally have a Tsuna. A tsuna that I know. 
Not some random one that beg/force me to tag along with them. (Not that I really care. -shrugs-)
How I dream of a real KHR team.
This time, I have to say, I put real effort into binding right and secure. 3 types of binding.
1= sports tape
2= binder

3= bandages
The bandages doesn't really count at the top part. 
The sports tape is my first time using one. And I am having second thoughts to using them again. Maybe if I can use a piece of cloth under the tape, then YES I will use tape again.
When removing the tape, I have no idea that it will tear away a generous portion of my own skin along with it. -even though it is very good to use-
Now there are scars and... umm bubbles like chicken pox. 

Going to plan on shoot soon. After exam. AFTER EXAM.
Even though a mini-mini shoot for White day is SUPER tempting. 
I would do....idk who. Ahax.
Its optional anyways...
I really want to sew a Mokun now and give myself the green light to make his outfit and Suzaku.
Guilty crown OST- Bios

Friday, February 24, 2012

Le late Valentines

Oh dear! I didn't update this pic here. Haahahah. It is on FB though.
Why didn't I think of Shion. Until I was at school, then I remembered that he had white hair too. I was initially bent on the brown hair version. I guess that have to be because of Shu's image that my brain repeatedly flashes in my head. But yay~ Shion a little done. Hope to have a proper shoot for him someday.

A Nezumi would be totally great!

CF x2 up next, this weekend. 
I am only able to make it on the Sunday. My brother is going to come with Mika -coughs!-
Not doing anything new fortunately-or unfortunately?-

Gokudera Ring conflict~

Will head back to studying for quiz now.

Listening to: From dusk till dawn

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Temporary lag

I have no idea who I was suppose to be. Thought I had already decided to be Rikogou, but the feeling wasn't right at all. In the end, I still have no clue who I am. 

It felt quite odd to be having shoot, even though the last time I had a 'gathering' or 'event' is on new years eve. Thats almost a month ago. Hahaha I actually even forgot how to do make-up. What the hell. Really...
Need to replenish more make-up stuff too. Running out of quite a number of  things. 

Till next event/ shoot!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Remember the werewolf wig from a LONG time ago. 
Well, it got a makeover. Now it is a normal wig. 
Hahahahaha! I have no idea if the wig is a heat resistant wig or not, so it went under the almost boiling water treatment >D
The wig didn't turned into fur-ball. So I conclude that it is heat resistant. 

Took it to my room and used the old hair iron (new hair iron strictly for HAIR) and began wig rebonding.

Yay~ This is the result. 
No before picture to compare it with. 


After slight trimming. Its really explosive! I meant it need quite a lot of hair pins to pin down the hair close to head. 

ARGH freaking ugly. Like passport picture. EEeee
Right.. pls don't mind the real w/o makeup face OTL
With basic styling, I can now include.. Lots of brown haired character. 
*__* Nice thick wig~ 

Monday, January 2, 2012

RIP 2011 and terrapin dear

Last year, well on new year's eve actually. 31 December 2011, 0A had a Steampunk Mocktail themed gathering.

It was at fort canning. Didn't take many pictures. And sadly... (points above) is the only picture that I took of myself. Hah.

I enjoyed myself, i hoped that the rest pf the attendees enjoyed themselves as much too.

I am really losing the mood to recall the event. 

A really heart breaking news.
My terrapin died. 
My brother and me buried it. 
I am the only one that cried till I swear tears can turn to blood. 
Because its really very sad.
It lies now at the basement of the block. 
I already visited the grave twice since yesterday.

I bought a green stone amulet ring.
SOUL ring I call it. 
It is to remind me of terrapin. -sobs-

I feel like I am going blind.

Pictures of the sad burial you can check them at my LJ. 
Though I think I will post them not any time soon.
Still have yet to post about the gathering there.