Friday, September 30, 2011




Music: Season's call

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This aren't the orbs I wanted

It had been MONTHS since Taigong's shoot. I still have majority of the pictures unprocessed. Haha. 
And I feels like its taking me forever to remember the steps to burn the picture. Lol. 
Well, I really suck at editing effects etc. 
This.... I am still not happy with the 'orbs'. 

How do you edit effects anyways? 
Guess have to learn by trial and practice. Hurr~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


There is a new family member since last Tuesday!

Prince~ The terrapin

Now, I am catching up on my stalled animes. Yay. This feels good. 
Screen shots are no more. Kept forgetting to paste. XD
Yay, Neuhaus is back in Ao no Exorcist. But sadly, he is off again. D:
And I have accumulated 4 episodes of Tiger and Bunny. So... I may watch happily till I must wait for the next episode. Not so happy after all. Aahax. 
Should I consider doing Takuto again. Lol. I just took him off my list. To do Sugata or Takuto.
What a dilemma. 

Progressing with the 80% done Rin. 
Halfway to completing the red bag for Kurikara. Will have to find 4 buckles for the straps. 
Paint some beautiful white motifs on the bag then its all good to go!
After repairing the demon blade, its better but.. still bad. The blade is now.. only secured by a mere piece of paper. Its so flimsy. 

Tomorrow, going hunting. 
Lets hope will progress further with Motochika's. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

To hell

TGX happening from last Friday the 9th till today. 

Went there yesterday to participate in the cosplay competition under request from someone. Lol.
So after visiting my aunt's place, went back home to get stuff. And headed out to Expo. The crowd is.. well.. huge. Since its a games convention, I didn't expect many cosers. The vocaloids are expected. 
Arrived about 2 hours before the competition starts. After putting on Tai's outfit, only an hour is left. Hurr~ It took that long man. 
But I am quite annoyed at the staff there. Not being well informed about the locations and event happening at the convention. I was lead double wrongly to a wrong location to wait for the competition. Haha. What the hell. But thank goodness, some new friends lead us to the right place. All was well. 
Actually I am quite disheartened at the stage and space. If you could even call a 1m X 0.8m space a stage. 
So I used boring moves. The initial planned move set are...sweeping and twirls and turns~ ;D

Oh well. Its a good experience. Kind feel like I am going to turn gasha. And all the balls in the gasha machine are of the same colour and there is no way of telling what you might get next.
Oh but thanks man to Mizu and sarah for dropping by. Haha and them and the new friends for support.

And the public and normal humans for being so supportive. There are people with more positive thinking than me! So glad. 

Side note, I have a complain to make.
Its about physical abuse to cosplayers. I know that you guys probably have heard tons of stories about jiji taking pictures of female cosers in short skirts, where they try to 'get as much from a shot as possible'. I don't know if any would be physically abused (being touched inappropriately etc). Its sounds lame and wtf at the jiji. 
I wonder if having slutty bitches taking photo of you/with you falls in the same category. IT should!
They are more dangerous than hjj. Haha. Well, I have never experience physical abuse before. And actually did experience it...when I am cross dressing OTL -o maybe Tai doesn't count as crossdressing. But he is a guy and all.. ya'know U_U so its still crossdressing-
Before Mizu came, its was worse... They are definitely foreigners. Maybe china bitches? idk. 
I only gave permission for a PHOTO. Not... to touch me everywhere man! Super gross. -cringes-
There are some that wanted to put face close to mine.. when their friend with the camera is standing like...5 feet away. Wth? Lucky got head gear. Those that want to do that, I will just adjust my head so the chopsticks is going to poke their eyeballs. HAHA. LOL. 
But I couldn't accept their retarded actions when there is more than put arm around shoulders. -shifts away uncomfortably- 

C'mon man. I am a stranger. Stupid whores. 

Next time I do spiky amour or something, I probably don't mind impaling some people on it. Hurr~

Didn't take any pictures. No camera. Didn't use Chrome either.