Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Break fast gears


More cutting

Inner guard

Then head out to movie~ heh.
My mom's duct tape rocks. My skin came off together with the tape. Lol. Lucky for dead skin layer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Post

Haven't write down the calculations yet.
My mother saw my Breakfast Gears and then she asked me
'When am I going to do the character that she picked ages ago'

Heh yeah I want to. Maybe slowly progress and can start with a photoshoot. More red character OTL
I am trying hard, but not hard enough apparently, to avoid doing red themed character. Well, besides Ginga. Need to find a Wako. But she not in my priority list. UwU

If only my reputation and personality in games can be brought to life...
Damn it. And the gender is still confused in there too.

'Hello sir'

Yes hello. I am a 'sir'
You don't mess with me. Hurr~

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Liver and bones!

Week after cosfest, I was supposedly to write abt cosfest of cos, but i got too damn lazy and just want to do nothing. Hahaha.

Anyways, cosfest was so amazing. Oh sweet, the rainy sky colour now is the same as the building in front and my room's wall colour! Lol off topic. Right cosfest... Day 1 was the opening ver of Ottoya. I was surprised nobody doing same. I thought I could at least find other idols doing that ver. Hahaha anyways I forgto to bring the accessories. But not much harm done -shrugs-
Uhhh got Reika's SnK book. Ahh what book its like a mini encyclopedia of many things. And I don't remember much about what happen of cosfest. But I rmbr the feels. Hahahaha. Its Cure stage day on day 1. Didn't watch the stage cos was roaming ard idk why else also. But got pic taken with Inui and Kotori and Shine and Kagami and wanted to take with Lukai but after take pic with Shine, can't find him already. Changed out at around 5? Cant rmbr. No baggage is so cool.

Day 2... Hmmm did Hotsuin Yamato. Need to redo some parts of the coat. And the badge need major revamping too. Darts and working buttons. The coat is ~5cm too short but i guess thats okay cos i am short hahahaha. Got pics with more ppl. Yay!
Both days SnK spam. Lol. Actually i expected more. But i guess AFA will have 5x more SnK. 

Am still like a dying dog now. No I didn't go to the doctor. Cos it will be like $50++ if I do    :'D
and recently added swollen eyelid. -the teddy bear punched me hahaha-

Yeah eyeburn for the world. Nah it don't look that bad here. Wait till open my eye. Lol again its my left eye.  OTL
Fever still on and off, but the running nose has lessen. Finally... yay.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lag WIP much

Fro cosfest day 1. Ottoya's verison. I totally forgot to make the badge accessories. Ahhahah what a cosfuq... Anyways, its long sleeved cut to 3/4  then fold to half sleeve and added an extension of black cloth from Hotsuin Yamato's uniform remains.
No WIP pictures for Hotsuin though  ;___; Was too busy rushing his things.

And Shinsuke's outer gi. Awesome cloth which I painted on the designs instead of initial plan to get a black base with gold dragon motif chinese brocade. Expensive cloth is expensive. Heh. 
2 1/2m is NOT enough. The sleeve I have to stop the length at 3/4   OTL
That strip at the bottom is the collar. Maximising cloth for the winz!
Used at Cosmo parade~

Whee~ benizakura arc Gintama
Man no nice together pic with zura.  D':