Tuesday, August 18, 2015


EOY 2015 just passed 2 days ago (last weekend).

Emergawdd the sudden realisation that my keyboard is really dirty! Hahahah brb lemme clean Heine. Oh shit the screen dusty and metal parts rusted. Damn this living by the sea. Rusty salty wind all the time.

Okay back! While cosplaying Gundam is so suitable for Barrage events, the heat and sun gives us BBQ. Not really surprised at the lack of cosplayers presence there. And the variety of series is just sad. Lets just wait for bigger events, more chances of seeing older stuff. I think I prefer EOY when it was still the event at Expo.
Lots of gundam plans huh this year, AFA's still idk gg to happen or not. Shld already be halfway tru if wanna do now ler.

Picture:  Willy Lim
Duo: Mizurei
Trowa: Akiwatari

Whattt... I just pulled out a long strand of hair from under the keys. Eewww.

My horrible short legs and body. ( ; 3 ; )
ok ok ok ok bear with this. /Tank mode on look tru pictures
But yay some ppl recognise GW. Ahhh my first Gundam series, I rmbr watching at computer lab on myspace or some other china bridge sites. Lol.
Heero come to us pls. Duo needs Heero. Relena also need Heero leh. Why main chara always missing. Zzz heheh Duo's nice butt hahahahahah

And thats day 1.
Day 2 was an SnK movie outing and EOY just after thought. To watch the movie a second time M18 this time. The gore and more bloody scenes are honestly disappointing. Just soazzing at Jean and Eren more. Kufufufu~

Sadly most of my camwhores with random ppl are crap. Off focus, somebody either half closed their eyes etc. Lmao.
Hahahh I think this is the first time, I actually tapped ppl shoudlers and ask for camwhore. Well I wld want together full body or smth, but very troublesome if ask somebody take for us. Sorry asking for your time for a pic already killing me inside because I'm so troublesome. Ahhh Im sorry everybody I'm such a bother. Don't wanna do this anymore because its so crap to do this. (sobs)

But movie pic I have a bit I think. Gotta dl from Zephyr first. Tututuduuu /dl-ing/

Yuuchan whai u neh do Mikasa ( ; __ ;)

Siao Armin da ( @ 0 @ )

Ok! And the watch online quality is making eye bleed, sis managed to dl a HD one. OML ily sis! She woke me up By like roaring in my ears in my cage bed 'TITANSSSSS COME EAT!! //ROAR ROAR ROAR ORAORAORA//' Ah gdi my ears quiet already. And my bro everytime come home will make Bert's titan sounds So basically everybody turned titans now.
Hahhaha back to event, ok ate Nasi Lemak. Nth happen on day 2 I really don't rmbr.

Somehow Im ready to quit cosplay. There parents... You all happy? But I will clear off the backlog plans first. Okay maybe not fully quit, but just do room cosplays, just for myself is fine totally, saev ppl from premature brain damage hurr~. Yeah like that is absolutely fine.

Looking at ppl all happy have the same feeling as doing good things for yourself. So no loss there. Baka me just realise this. ;D All I need then is Pingu and Piyo. And the mecha and wait.... lol still the same shit. /shotshotshot/ Like all the gorgeous LL cosers shiawaseshiawase

And I wonder when the Touken will stop. Because what happen to merchandises then? Ish sad.

Still waiting for a miracle Thrandy robe cloth yo. Ikd even where I put all the crowns. Gahhh STGCC drawing closer sia. FML /poops from coffee/