Friday, February 24, 2012

Le late Valentines

Oh dear! I didn't update this pic here. Haahahah. It is on FB though.
Why didn't I think of Shion. Until I was at school, then I remembered that he had white hair too. I was initially bent on the brown hair version. I guess that have to be because of Shu's image that my brain repeatedly flashes in my head. But yay~ Shion a little done. Hope to have a proper shoot for him someday.

A Nezumi would be totally great!

CF x2 up next, this weekend. 
I am only able to make it on the Sunday. My brother is going to come with Mika -coughs!-
Not doing anything new fortunately-or unfortunately?-

Gokudera Ring conflict~

Will head back to studying for quiz now.

Listening to: From dusk till dawn

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Temporary lag

I have no idea who I was suppose to be. Thought I had already decided to be Rikogou, but the feeling wasn't right at all. In the end, I still have no clue who I am. 

It felt quite odd to be having shoot, even though the last time I had a 'gathering' or 'event' is on new years eve. Thats almost a month ago. Hahaha I actually even forgot how to do make-up. What the hell. Really...
Need to replenish more make-up stuff too. Running out of quite a number of  things. 

Till next event/ shoot!