Sunday, May 18, 2014

ACM Day 1 (2014)

ACM Curefest Day 1

Basically, I remembers vividly only KANAME related things on that day. Overwrite at its best. 

The main highlight of Asia Cospaly Meet are the team cosplay competition between the different countries, and more competitions I am not sure if there is a solo cosplay competition. of cos I came down in the end for KANAME.


Woke up pretty late because felt damn odd and tired. Then the rest of my siblings are going out too. So... I might as well go out on head down to Marina. Deciding between Allen Walker and Gokudera. Hmmm Allen will need to open the new grey lens. No thank you, saving that for later part of the year and more important events. 
Gokudera Hayato reporting! Wardrobe cosplay again but hnghh is missing doing Hayato very much. Dig for a white top, old black cardigan and the blue tie. Found the belt chain and accessories in normal day out wardrobe. Bathe and took down the wig box, out you go Goku wig~
Got dressed quick and didn't even use concealer and highlights. Hurr~ So simple. Then sms-ed Kiyo at some point. She also suddenly going. Hahahah and Kitty BAR OUT AGAIN TODAY~ So happy. 

Ate lunch then dashed out only to come back and dig props box for Dunamis and take new Mika's batt. 
Grabbed Zera's cap and dashed out again. 
All the train came on time, slept the journey till Bayfront. 
Only when stepped out then realised that I have no clue where it is. Suppose to exit via Exit E. All I see is Gardens (must take Tulip shots later) and fields under construction. The other side however, tents and mass of youths. So there it must be. Walks walks walks and nope nope. They are all muggles and bgi sized people with boat paddles. Walks back to MRT station. Hahaha then texted Kiyo for some hope and courage. While walking around in circles deciding, a girl obviously going to the event looked at me then put her phone into her pocket and walked behind me. Omg I think she following me. I can do it! Lead the way and brave yourself for a follower. Lmao. It is so uncomfortable to walk past massive amount of big people. 

Finally reached the real event. Went to the stage area, and have to take off cap, mp3, lanyard take out dunamis cos that was a fast request for pictures. Lol bring on the KHR rabusss. Hurr~
Then Cheryl was beside me. But want to talk kept getting interrupted. In the end before I forget, I asked shamelessly for Gacktt's chocolate. Hahaha. Then she gave 1 for me and Kiyo too. Daww so nice of her. 
Then Skrei as Hanji came and hugged. Hahaha -dazed for a while- I forgot what event is like. 
Bump into more poeple, then they go to their camp area, I hunt around for fun things to look at. 

Thats when.... I saw KANAME queue-ing at the Bungee. Holy chance!!! Why I no doing Eren then can do some twin poses etc kayy nvm nvm nvm. My soul just exploded and making multiple spontaneous decisions and I don't know what else I was thinking off. Oh gosh. So, I approached him then waved shyly. Then an ang mo came and asked and handed him something. Apparently he can speak japanese, so he got stuck to holding KANAME's stuff when he is going up that Bungee. He became the translator too. Lmao. Last change just ask for a picture, suddenly I feel confident of my non-existent Japanese language skills. Asked him politely if a picture is okay. 
Ok this is it, I noticed with KNAME, his eyes is so big that eye contact and lock is soo easy. I feel like I am looking into his very soul. Lmao. He is such a fun and easy person, them eyes can tell you a lot. He smiled big big and say in broken but so cute English: Please wait (while pointing at the bungee behind him). I said OKAY!
Somehow just hearing him speak and talk like that at face to face proximity makes me feel quite pleased. 

Moved to the side cos have a feeling he will be on that side, and right on. But got back view pfft. But but he kept turning backwards to omg and waved at my camera. Dies dies. Kind of scared like Eren in SnK will flip 360 degrees on the Bungee. Lmao. But his 'whoa' when the device lift him up and he lost balance for a moment. Hnghhh go go EREN FIGHTO! Hahahaha. Then mass of other people began. He got off the bungee and decided to make way for him. Cmon guys he still wearing back his shoes and jacket looking for that ang mo guy, you all never make way. I feel like KANAME need a few bouncers. He is too nice to say no, however he did finally say he will go to the tent to sign and take pictures. I didnt even move, and turn 180 degrees to the line. Then a few minutes later, Kiyo an Kitty arrived. 
The Q is moving ever so slowly. Kiyo helped take a few shots of him in front, then we moved off to scout for people and maybe interesting things.

LOOK At the 'Q' behind me!


It seems like School Idol Project seem to be popular. A couple of AKB48 too. I miss cosplaying so much. 
Saw more SJCC peeps and then Sakiko and Ryan, then hmm who else. Oh yeah Stanley and Hong Zhu. I am sure there are more. But my cotton candy memory is... all fluffed. 
More walking around.
Walk walk walk
Walking towards the food ares I think or the water boat area, to see.... KANAME walking towards the stage. Omfg. I am just brain dead stare stare stare, then Kiyo shook KANAME's hands and then I held out mine mindless less dying inside, then 'Kaname-san shashin iidesuka onegaishimasu!' AHH THERE goes my broken hahah meant to say Isshoni shashin otottemoii desuka. But he undersatnd and he smiled since the hand shake. Ahhh big eyes people I can see your feeling better and clearer, maybe he is just open and plain and honest too thats why(fuwafuwa). /my kokoro dear he accepted 1 minute to the ang mo (Lol). Passed Mika to Kiyo or somehow Kiyo has Mika and Idk what to do he put his arms ard me then pat back vgxbugbvxnembxwcbeewj My right hands cant even find my pockets.
GDI SMILE FOR KANAME AND FORGET ABT YOUR HANDS. Thus I look so aho in the picture. Ahax. 

Then just bowed Hontoni arigatou gozaimasu! /Jeez i feel so formal and uke. Crap. 

Ahh ty Kiyo. Okay the rest of day in wonerland. 

Suddenly we at Gong Cha and staring at Avalon. 

Won't be going for Day 2. Though I really wanted to go. Need to rest more from the durian, full day work makes it more tiring. Monday another full day and 2 jobs. I am so greedy, but what to do, need the cash for expensive city. Such sadness. 

It didn't rain! There were only dark clouds floating about in the sky. It rained heavily however on Day 2 today (from posts on dashboard). 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Post #5418

Schrodinger Experiment:

Berthold: Katou
Christa: Sarah
Eren: Akiwatari
Hanji: Ichimonji
Jean: ZeroCross
Levi: Xuyun Heichou
Ymir: Yuui
Rico: Mizurei
Sasha : Yuuki (Member but not in photos)

I hope I didn't miss anybody out. New post here instead of updating the old blog post. So yeah... just some pictures thrown here. Kufufufufu~~

The last photoshoot had was about a month ago. Got to edit these few and then got them lazybones again. So... the solo edits are still... well... unedited. 

^ This. Is. My. Favourite. Shot. ^
Because Bert is so... badass yo!


Some weeks ago

Hosting is really really tiring. But happy people and smiles from people are so worth it.

The previous 'Yakuza' gathering was just an excuse to eat cake and drink tea while the public frown upon us, and the heavens really cried.


Just that week I was obsessed with pinwheels   OTL
Pinwheel orgamis all over my study desk. Pinwheel drawings peeping out from random page corners. And I drew a pinwheel at the back of the bus seat. Heh~
This inactiveness is making me lazier. Oh gosh. Quick need to start on something.
But I don't know what...

Kiyo made me watch AKB0048. I finished both seasons the very day she asked me to watch it. I liked the show but but... I still find large number of girls crying and being helpless very annoying. Leaves me frustrated and gritting my teeth. Lmao. The war fights (well I exeected a Gundam Wing-ish or Macross Frontier-ish war) are so so too. Sorry man. I only liked them when they are singing. Yesh I am seeing a red and blue main again. -wink wink- Overall I still like AKB0048 anime. No Name are damn kirakira, while the sucessors are damn cool.
I am surprised I am not leaning towards doing any one of them. Instead, I really wanted to do Rei Kon now. Where is this coming from. Oh crap. 

ACM Curefest will be this coming weekend. Still unsure if I will be dropping by or not. 

Decisions decisions decisions

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Black or white?


No stress for school. Clean and clear face. hahaha sorry eyeburn. No makeup at all. Them eyebrows and eyebags. Black or white for Yakuza? Leaning towards white, but black matches more. Gdi.

Not so sure how the overall outfit will turn out to be.