Monday, February 24, 2014

SnK cape

Haven't been sewing nor making cosplay related stuff for some time already.
But made a few pJs and home shorts from scrap cloths. Shall made harem pants or skirts soon also.

Meanwhile, just had time to do the cape trial. Doing mine first so.. if fucked up, its okay.

Its... very long. I think this is size L already. But maybe after hem will be alright for M. Today good day to sew, but... I got period cramps and the vomitting routine and sleep spell starts. Just woke up from KO-ed.
Urghhh. wasted. Things are not meant to be.  -shrugs-

Tmr... or someday shall continue this. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tour weekend

Kiyo having her turn of solos. Jio at work~

And I fool around with the trees and wind.

Just showing Jio(Gacktt-kun's buddy) around Fort canning before he heads back to The Philippines, and we walked all the way to Bugis to have some lunch. Took train ride to Orchard later on for ice-cream sandwhich. Since its supposedly a fashion shoot, he was happy to be at Orchard and took real models pictures. Lucky they are around. I feel so hopeless. Hahaha!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

GSD: Beach trip


Mizurei did Cagalli and Yuui did Athrun.
Okay forgot to edit Haro's eyes. This Haro ran out of power.
We are all just wearing casual home clothes and piak chara into. Haha

Bloody sun baked day. Heavy editing on my face cos makeup melted while before went to beach. Hahah whats new man whats new.
Miss the beach already. When can go again?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

/strums strums

Dynamite explosion from Fire Bomber! Hahahaha~

Have to start saving the pics from Urban shoot and most recent 'shoot' random tour takes. and back up ALL to Avalon. Haven't done so for quite a long while already.

Was clearing up cards, and discovered like... a lot or coscards. Hahah means the later half of the year only uses up so little.