Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scouting Lemon XD

Today will be my 2nd last day of attachment! Woots. Finally, i will be sent to hell for Final Year Project. OTL

And, the Investigator team treat me lunch today. I feel kind of bad. Im only there for 3 months, and they are making it sound as if i had been there since dinosaurs roam Pluto. Lawls.
So, we went for lunch at Secret Recipe. (i feel worse.. its expensive there bah) Rachel drives us there. And i see shining-ppl car. *__* Stalking mode up >D

Oh, RedHill area is good for photoshoot. There are nice estates around the Anchorpoint. Plus!! Its near Haw P
ar Villa(spellling?)~

Tomorrow is my last day of attachment... Homg. Finally.. wait.. i already mention this.

Ah, and when people say i have nice eyes, im not really flattered. Its so-so... But when shining-guy says that... Im flattered U__U
Like really.. i can talk forever.. (yeah, sometimes i can talk, sometimes im just too lazy to talk)

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