Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hmm well, wasn't feeling that well since came back from the tea celebration.
Ah thats Yuu's birthday surprise. Im glad that she like the gift we made and the tea we inclube inside the bag.

I shall post the pictures from the celebration and the Ringu conflict pictures;also on the 2nd CC day in another post.


So, this evening my sister return home from school. Hahah and she had NTU;s letter in her hands.
Passed it to me.. and I realised that it is bloody thin. Opened the envelope, and peeked in. 1 piece of paper spotted. Hmm... If it is acceptance, it would be thicker actually because there should be more details stuff and info etc included. -sighs-
Here goes nothing; reads the letter.

Blah blah for the first few para __|__
wtf, beat ard the bush. If want to say reject then put it in the first para lah damn it.
And the 'reject' is soo nicely put =w= Rofl.
It appears in the 2nd last paragraph. OTL

So, now with the dreaded letter arrival. I have no more aim in life.
My pareants are fretting about it. What is my next step etc~
Im like... 'Find a job lor'
They stunned and like... 'eh cant work. Must sch as long as live allows
Wth.. =A= now application close already leh...
and if i want to take art or something, its not like you all will allow. Hah!

So, I guess I will look ard for a job.

Meanwhile, I shall finish some things I am halfway through. Hurrhurr~

Emotion- Rie Tanaka

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