Sunday, August 1, 2010

Must-quit-toes? HAHA WTH

Lol I was laughing my ass off wehn my mother told me that our neighbour thought there are more of us kids in the house.
Reason is because, they sometimes will bump into me going out in costume/different characters or going home...
and its cannot possibly be me. Im soo normal ;D
So they conclude that there is 1 more daughter and son hiding and rarely seen in the house.

Wow. Im now more then 3 people. OTL
Seriously, its really amusing.

There will be all 3 of my favourite char =///=
And the trailer looks alright. Wayyyyyy better than Avatar:The Airbender.
I have nothing against the visual effects etc, but I have a HUGE problem with the cast D:
Poor Zuzu~
Oh that reminds me to try the avatar meal from KFC.
I have a feeling that I mUST get it. But for god knows what reason. -shrugs-

and I will need to shop for,
1. yarns
2. cloth- to sew bag and costumes
3. sewing machine- because I destroyed my current one OTL
4. trinklets- cos my sister wants to open a hand-made jewellery blogshop.
5. shoes- yes, current pair is in a state of emergency!


Oh man~ tmr is going to follow my mother out to go hunting.
damn lazy to drag self out at 7am. =.=;
Uwaa~ But I really cannot sa no to following her, Huurr~ if i did, then she..or they(both father and mother) will complain that how come im soo fired up and enthu about waking up at 6 for Cosplay.. but not biddibg their orders. There you go...
Is a long term investment XDDDDDD

hmmm... definately will go to Dhoby to check out gashas too...

Oh and for Halloween, I need to think of something.

Nothing scary. ^^;

Ah damn, and my sister aleady got teh Lucifer album and SHINee poster with it too....
Nvm nvm... i rather get BigBang *__*

Go! Go! Go! >D

And also waiting for more ABDGSBS * w *

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