Wednesday, September 21, 2011


There is a new family member since last Tuesday!

Prince~ The terrapin

Now, I am catching up on my stalled animes. Yay. This feels good. 
Screen shots are no more. Kept forgetting to paste. XD
Yay, Neuhaus is back in Ao no Exorcist. But sadly, he is off again. D:
And I have accumulated 4 episodes of Tiger and Bunny. So... I may watch happily till I must wait for the next episode. Not so happy after all. Aahax. 
Should I consider doing Takuto again. Lol. I just took him off my list. To do Sugata or Takuto.
What a dilemma. 

Progressing with the 80% done Rin. 
Halfway to completing the red bag for Kurikara. Will have to find 4 buckles for the straps. 
Paint some beautiful white motifs on the bag then its all good to go!
After repairing the demon blade, its better but.. still bad. The blade is now.. only secured by a mere piece of paper. Its so flimsy. 

Tomorrow, going hunting. 
Lets hope will progress further with Motochika's. 

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