Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lag WIP much

Fro cosfest day 1. Ottoya's verison. I totally forgot to make the badge accessories. Ahhahah what a cosfuq... Anyways, its long sleeved cut to 3/4  then fold to half sleeve and added an extension of black cloth from Hotsuin Yamato's uniform remains.
No WIP pictures for Hotsuin though  ;___; Was too busy rushing his things.

And Shinsuke's outer gi. Awesome cloth which I painted on the designs instead of initial plan to get a black base with gold dragon motif chinese brocade. Expensive cloth is expensive. Heh. 
2 1/2m is NOT enough. The sleeve I have to stop the length at 3/4   OTL
That strip at the bottom is the collar. Maximising cloth for the winz!
Used at Cosmo parade~

Whee~ benizakura arc Gintama
Man no nice together pic with zura.  D':

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