Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy lunar new year 2014

Who knows hair braiding on wig is so much more easier than real hair. Reason being; real hair is too 'soft' as compared to the 'more textured' and stiffer plastic of wigs. Maybe its just bad quality wig. 
Hahaha and I didn't know Gokudera's wig was heat resistant. 

So got to did a trail for A-drei. Urghhhh okay I ugly. But I like the wig and contact lens. Hahaha 

Ran out of eyeliner and grey eyebrow pencil. I had to use eyeshadow. That reminds me to wash brushes too. 

Hahaha while at it. Happy Lunar New year~
Man I want to put this up on fb, but i so ugly i can cry    ;__; lest spare ppl from unnecessary eyeburn. Hahahaha

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