Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some weeks ago

Hosting is really really tiring. But happy people and smiles from people are so worth it.

The previous 'Yakuza' gathering was just an excuse to eat cake and drink tea while the public frown upon us, and the heavens really cried.


Just that week I was obsessed with pinwheels   OTL
Pinwheel orgamis all over my study desk. Pinwheel drawings peeping out from random page corners. And I drew a pinwheel at the back of the bus seat. Heh~
This inactiveness is making me lazier. Oh gosh. Quick need to start on something.
But I don't know what...

Kiyo made me watch AKB0048. I finished both seasons the very day she asked me to watch it. I liked the show but but... I still find large number of girls crying and being helpless very annoying. Leaves me frustrated and gritting my teeth. Lmao. The war fights (well I exeected a Gundam Wing-ish or Macross Frontier-ish war) are so so too. Sorry man. I only liked them when they are singing. Yesh I am seeing a red and blue main again. -wink wink- Overall I still like AKB0048 anime. No Name are damn kirakira, while the sucessors are damn cool.
I am surprised I am not leaning towards doing any one of them. Instead, I really wanted to do Rei Kon now. Where is this coming from. Oh crap. 

ACM Curefest will be this coming weekend. Still unsure if I will be dropping by or not. 

Decisions decisions decisions

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