Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How a detangle a wig

Before, pretty messy after out from storage. All those waves and devil knots.
After, glad to say that its smooth and tangle free~ 

I find it best to comb out your wig when its quite damp from the wash. I no longer uses a metal brush to comb out wigs. Use a wide toothed plastic comb, which is also what you would to comb out real wet hair. 
Hahaha then part the wig into sections. Start untangling from the bottom and work upwards. When a section is untangled successfully, use a hair iron to iron out the entire section. Now its smooth and ensure that the frizzes (if any) is also straightened. Mind the iron temperature! I set mine to 150 deg Celsius. If your wig can withstand up to 200 or more by all means set to what ever temperature that is convenient. No idea what temperature this particular wig is able to withstand actually. When all is smooth, I sprayed silicone lubricant onto the wig. This will act pretty much like a detangler. Comb the area to even out the lubricant and the finally iron out the section after lubricating. 
Taa-daa all done! Well for this particular section of the wig. Proceed with the rest of the wig. 
Obviously a LOT of patience is required here. I took 6 hours for the entire process including the wash. Of cos, the time varies with length and severity of the wig. 

Ps:  Air out the wig after you are done. The silicone lubricant have an unpleasant odour. Don't inhale the fumes too. Do it outdoors or something, unless you don't mind dying at a young age like me  ;D

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