Monday, September 29, 2014

Event COC

Capital of cosplay

These small events are good for costesting and just costesting. Ahaha. Suddenly decided to drop by in next plan costest after bumping into Xuyun adn she said that she have school on the very day of the event we planned to go to. But the 'casual' words aren't taken seriously and she was quite unprepared. Aahaha sumimasen.

I tried Heichou. Okay the triple eyelids are creeping me out now. Need more contouring, and eyeborws need to IDGAF more. eyeliner corners... something is wrong also. 

Wow we even have make up on. HAhahaha small costest much.  ;D
She is adorable as Armin. Gahhh so excited for the upcoming shoot. Hopefully.

UNIQLO power lighting. Kiyo did Petra. Xuyun as swag Armin. No particular version.

And smaller younger adorable Petra and Levi! Kufufufufu~ 

While everybody is hyped at the guest cosers, I am dying of boredom. And many other people also came by after they are done with their photoshoot.
I rabu blazers yo.

Very broke. Hahahaha /weak laughter

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