Monday, February 2, 2015


Getting most headache choosing a wig for him. Look at all the difference in colour under different lighting. In the end got the bottom set pic right most. Even though I really like the thickness and versatility of wig no. 3.
 Well, if its lighter, can always dye it darker. Hmmm...

Quatre. Hurr~ No. 1 is nice and stylo. Hahah Not suitable of cos, lazy to search tru the pages again. 

No. 1.

I like no. 5 and 4 a lot. But but... I cannot get them. No. 2 it is. Hello Boris <3 p="">
Hnghh tempted to get the glasses for him too. 

With these... there is much damage to wallet. Die lor.
Cloth to get also. Ehh I need to clear awat my old wigs too. It just keep on pilling. There is no turnover. Hahaha

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