Thursday, March 12, 2015


I've meant to get a hot water bottle or at least a tummy warmer (are they even called that), for eons ago, but still have yet to grab them into shopping cart. The times that I actually went shopping lately (Daiso and cloth trips don't count) decreased exponentially (HAHAHA) eversince taobao search bar magic intruded my life. So now basically, I almost always at home. (Wipes my glasses). I firmly believes that the internet was created (or desperately founded) by a dude who is actually deep deep inside his kokoro an extreme hikikomori. The sites founders are the same too.
But, only those social games that requires interaction or pleading with other player for resources and help are schemed by hikikomori outliers (Ahahahaha).

Actually i totally forgot the of this post. Damn it.

Tumble and out.

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