Thursday, October 15, 2009

In times of boredom...

Pardon me if anybody eyes are bleeding.
I was thinking, since I don;t thnk anycreatures would cross over to this blog, I might as well do anything I want here. ^___^

The very reason why Gokudera is better as a dog?wolf? and not a hare/usagi like Rabi....

Took a picture of what someone would look like in hare ears. Short black wig an the hare ears will probably be the hair-set for the tea party soon. Still have yet to decide on the top. I wish i have a blouse. Stab me for not getting anything from the previous Bodyline batch.

Aye, those horrible undead things is me alright. Needs more manliness >(
hahah... oh man. im screwed. =A=

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